How To Protect Black Car Paint – 2014 Audi Q5 Chemical Guys

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This is Greg right here in the Detail Garage, and today we’re gonna show you how to protect
and maintain a black 2014 Audi Q5! One of our customers brought in this brand
new Audi, and he wanted to know exactly how to protect
it to keep black looking its best. Now black is the hardest color to maintain, and the hardest color to keep looking good. So if you purchased a black car, you want to keep it looking great from the
beginning! We’re gonna be working with our Chemical Guys
Second Skin 6, our advanced hybrid protection coating, and then we’ll top it with our Chemical Guys
Classic Paste Wax, which is a rich, pure, ivory carnauba paste
wax, for the best look. We’re also be using two of our black UFO applicator
pads to apply the product, and we’ll be removing it with our premium
microfiber towels which are extremely soft and will prevent any scratches on the surface. These tricks right here will help you maintain
any black car, or any new car that you buy. But if you have a black car, you want it to
look wet, you want it to look deep, and you want it to have that best look possible like you bought it off the showroom floor. We’re gonna start right from the beginning, and protect it with the best products possible. We’ll start off by applying our Chemical Guys
Second Skin 6. Second Skin 6 is our advanced hybrid protection
coating to give the most durable protection on the planet. We’ve tested a lot of coating technologies
here in our Chemical Guys Detail Garage, but we think that Second Skin 6 protects to
the highest level using the newest technology. The unique resin inside Second Skin 6 is gonna
give a full 2 years of protection. We’ll place it on the black Audi paint, and we know the Audi will be protected in
winter, summer, spring, and fall. All seasons out of the year for a full two
years. Second Skin 6 is really easy to apply, and the small bottle does 4 – 6 full-sized
vehicles. Once you apply it, you’re guaranteed the best
protection on the planet. I’m gonna grab our UFO applicator pad. You can use a foam applicator pad if you like, and the UFO gives great coverage. I’m gonna take my UFO applicator pad, and spray three sprays on my applicator pad. There we go. Now I’m gonna spread it right on the vehicle. Second Skin 6 has a type of technology built
in that allows maximum bonding to the surface. So you easily go ahead and spread it right
in lines, and it’ll bond to the pores of the paint. This is great for all types of paints, new and old, and it works on ceramic and nano clear coats. This is a great product to protect any vehicle. This applies to all surfaces, it can be applied to glass and plastic as
well. I’ll apply it to the headlights because these
Audi headlights need durable protection so they do not fade
or discolor over time. I’m also going to apply Second Skin 6 to the
glass as well. I’ll give a nice spread right on the glass. This way my glass will be protected, and water
will sheet right off the surface. Once you apply Second Skin 6, you only need
to wait a moment for it to bond. You need to remove it within 15 minutes. After I’ve applied it just like so, I can
easily buff it off with a microfiber towel. It gives a brilliant, beautiful shine. Before you apply Second Skin 6, you want to wash the car thoroughly, and use
a Chemical Guys clay bar for the best results. You can find our Chemical Guys clay bar and
all of our top-grade shampoos at our website: I’ll buff off the glass… I need to protect the rest of the car too
to get the best results, so I’ll apply Second Skin 6 to the rest of
the car, and I’ll see you in a moment. I’ve gone ahead and finished the Second Skin
6 application on the headlights, glass, and painted surfaces. Second Skin 6 is gonna give that durable protection
that everybody’s looking for. If you want the highest level of protection,
apply Second Skin 6. Second Skin 6 will protect against water spots,
discoloration, fading, and any type of paint damage that can occur
from natural substances like the sun, or weather. If you’re looking for the product, you can
check it out on our website: to purchase Second Skin 6 and all the accessories. Now I’m going to apply a paste wax. If you follow our detailing flowchart, you’ll
know sealants go first, and then we top it with a paste wax for the
best look possible. We’re gonna use our Chemical Guys Classic
Paste Wax. Classic Paste Wax is a unique ivory carnauba, so it combines yellow and white carnauba to
create a rich, bold, brilliant finish. It also has natural citrus extracts that are
grown right here in California. The unique citrus extracts give a unique orange
smell, a smooth wet look, and easy on/easy off application. Let’s pop the top. I’m gonna use another UFO applicator pad to
apply our Classic Paste Wax. Classic Paste Wax is blended by hand here
in California, so you know you’re getting the highest level
of paste wax of any type of product. You can pick it up at our website: I’m gonna take my applicator pad and swipe
it right on the paste wax, we’ve got a nice amount right on the applicator
pad, and I’m gonna apply it right on lines over
the vehicle. Classic Paste Wax applies over Second Skin
6 with no problems, and adds a bright, brilliant look! You want to apply in lines like I am to get
maximum coverage. If you’re standing in a different position,
you can also apply in lines that go up the vehicle too, and it can be applied to glass and plastic. This works great on all colors. Classic Paste Wax looks exceptionally well
on black and dark vehicles because it brings out the depth and warm shine
everybody truly loves. I’m gonna let the paste wax sit here for 20
minutes while I do the rest of the car, and then we’re gonna buff it off to show you
the rest of the shine. See you in a moment. Now we’ve moved on to the last bit of the
car. We waxed the whole car with our Classic Paste
Wax, and now we’re gonna remove the paste wax to
get the best look. I’m gonna take my microfiber towel and gently
buff off the wax. Classic Paste Wax removes extremely easy. It goes on smooth and removes super easy because
it’s a premium blended wax we make right here in California. You can check out Classic Paste Wax on our
website: for the world’s greatest detailing products. You want to use premium microfiber when you’re
buffing off any type of wax or sealant, that’s how you
get a nice scratch-free, deep shine, because microfiber
protects the surface. It’s also great for cleaning wheels, headlights,
interior, all surfaces. I’ll buff off this headlight as well, and now we’ve buffed off the entire car for
that fresh, amazing look. I love the look of natural carnauba paste
wax, the citrus extracts really bring out that
black warm depth so we’ve got clear deep reflections in any
environment. It just looks fantastic! Now we got the look that we want, and now
you know exactly how to protect and make a black car looks its best: with our Second Skin 6 advanced hybrid protection
coating, and our Classic Paste Wax, a rich ivory carnauba
paste wax blended with citrus extracts. You can check out all the products that we
used in this video at our website: for the world’s greatest detailing products. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel where we have over 500 videos on how to detail
anything from Audis all the way to Ducatis. You can also check out our Facebook, Instagram,
and Twitter for more news on the Chemical Guys Detail Garage. Always remember: Have fun, stay clean, and keep on detailing!


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