How To Protect Freedom From “Anti- Freedom Loopholes”

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hello there this is Kirsten joy Weiss and today I want to talk to you a little bit about a very important topic and that is the topic of freedom and how to protect that freedom against anti-freedom loopholes now what do I mean by anti-freedom loopholes well they’re phrases and compromises that seep into our freedoms and effect and infringe upon our basic human rights before my friends abroad tune out thinking this is just a message for America it’s absolutely not it’s a message for all of mankind it’s for Americans and our friends abroad to emphasize my point there’s a quote from Thomas Paine and his letters of common sense and he writes the cause of America is in great measure the cause of all mankind many circumstances have and will arise which are not local but universal and through which the principles of all lovers of mankind are affected right there you can see our forefathers in America intended this to spread for all mankind but we have the fertile soils for freedom to grow right in this country so let’s talk a little bit about freedom our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence which was an act of treason these men gave away their fortunes their families their lives when they sign that document they knew that it was that they signed it anyway because they knew the value of freedom they knew it was worth sacrificing their lives for now what kind of freedom were they willing to sacrifice their lives for? was it barbecues and fireworks and mel gibson yelling freedom well maybe Mel Gibson little bit but but they knew the value of the freedom that they were trying to create here was the value of protecting human rights endowed by our creator that we have when we are born because that is what true freedom means and that is what our founding fathers in America meant for this country to have and protect also many of you watching might be familiar with the fact that my channel is a gun channel it promotes the positive reality of shooting but i’m not going to focus completely on the Second Amendment even though that is extremely important to our freedoms and protecting human rights in general our rights in the Bill of Rights they live in a freedom ecosystem they all support each other so we can be disarmed in ways that are not just through firearms all the arms that you can think of because guess what arms aren’t inspire arms our freedom of speech can be disarmed we can be disarmed in small ways it doesn’t have to be taken away all at once like frogs boiling in water we have to be aware of the small ways that we are giving away our freedom any act of limiting a right is an infringement even if it’s a reasonable compromise even good-hearted intentions can corrupt something we already have infringement on our rights right now and we really need to reverse that because when somebody with a corrupt heart gets into power they can take that little rot that happens with infringement and they can needle it and use it to their advantage King George the third when the forefathers were around he used clauses to take away English citizens human rights for example the English bill of rights in 1689 allowed Protestant citizens to have arms but suitable to their conditions and allowed by law well what’s the anti freedom loophole there? suitable to their conditions and allowed by law so why did king george do? he just changed the law and bam you can’t have arms anymore your condition well that’s subjective isn’t it and subjectivity is the first step in taking away human rights for those who are corrupt and would use it against the people to gain more power so I know what some of you are thinking you’re thinking 1689 that was so long ago it’s not up to date please we aren’t like that we’re enlightened citizens we have nothing to worry about well then let me give you a more up-to-date example that should sear this in your mind now I bet only a few of you have heard of the Weimar government in Germany before i get into Hitler and all those buzz topics i want to focus on the Weimar government now I can’t be the judge of a man’s heart but from what i read the weimar government was trying to protect its citizens by enacting gun registration and gun laws it says Germans could possess firearms but they were required to have permits seems reasonable right because they were worried about political extremists groups but the law restricted ownership of firearms to quote persons whose trustworthiness is not in question and who can showed need for a permit so subjective a lot of times well-intended compromises and infringement can seep into our own country as well it’s interesting because the leader of the Weimar government at the time when he gathered all the registration and put it down in books he was like this is so powerful of a registration that we must be sure that it doesn’t fall into political extremists groups *cough* Nazis *cough* when Hitler came into power nobody suspected that he was a psycho and he took this registration and use it against the people and he deemed whether somebody was trustworthy or not trustworthy and he deems Jews were not trustworthy and he deemed gypsies were not trustworthy eventually he also deemed polls were not trustworthy and he took away a lot of different cultures right to bear arms because of that anti-freedom loophole then yes eventually he lifted gun-control bands some of them but he only lifted them against the Nazi Party and those who are sympathetic to the Nazi Party because why? the anti-freedom loopholes! they are subjective and they are insidious and they must be protected against that is what the Founding Fathers sought to do when they wrote the Constitution they had grown up under tyranny they were well educated men they knew what it was for cultures to give away their freedoms whether that’s arms whether that’s free speech whether that’s trial by Jury take a note from the founding fathers read the original documents because that is where you’ll find the truth not in someone spouting off their opinion not in commentaries that tell you oh look at the semantics they didn’t really mean this well that’s BS because you have to look at the original source and within context you will find the truth but what do once we do once we find the truth? how do we act? even in the Declaration of Independence the forefather said mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed so what they’re recognizing is that we get accustomed to evils like frogs boiling in water we slowly get accustomed and we say now that’s reasonable ok I can compromise there. I’m all sorts of wonderful all honorable things that can be used for corruption it goes on to say governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes so this isn’t something they were just like hey we don’t like being taxed we’re going to overthrow the government no no this is something that’s very serious they sent Ben Franklin over to King George to reason to have a peace treaty with King George the third (who was a crazy person) and King George didn’t have it and just put more sanctions and took away more human rights and that was the last straw so they did what they needed to do and sometimes you just have to do that but first peace and so much can be accomplished in America especially because we have rights established already Constitution only recognized human rights that we already have it does not give rights it recognizes rights and that is the key we have the chance still to hold strictly to our constitution some people say its flawed it’s only flawed because we haven’t held to it we’ve allowed things to corrupt it George Mason one of our forefathers argued that to disarm the people that is the most effectual way to enslave them as the Sun sets will you be a slave?? or will you choose leaders that uphold the Constitution that uphold human rights and civil liberties but more than that will you choose yourself because leaders can only do so much you must represent yourself you can’t wait for somebody else we must peacefully stand against corruption and anti-freedom loopholes the most important thing to remember is that corruption and infringement is often wrapped in the guise of reason so we must be vigilant and we must use our heads and keep our heads in the game and speak out so I’ll end on this instead of gazing at each other with suspicion and doubtful curiosity let each of us hold out his neighbor the hearty hand of friendship and unite in drawing a line thank you so much for your time I really appreciate it let this sink in it’s a lot to chew on but unite with me aim true and enjoy your freedoms


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  1. christianoutlaw says:

    YouTube's decision to demonetize this video has pushed forward my decision to increase my level of contributions to Kirsten's worthy cause. And I hope that others will do so in order to convey the message that we will not be silenced; America still stands for liberty and justice and we stand in solidarity behind that truth. Anyone that wants to help out a truly worthy cause and wonderful person please follow this link .

  2. Papa T says:

    Gunners unite !

  3. Joseph Harrison says:

    Thank you Kristen for this most basic most important message. Describing how our rights
    are lost every day by so called do gooders. It’s time people learned whats really happening
    in our society our so called democratic government. The truth is not always told. Rather
    the truth is bent and mangled so to say something totally different. Please continue with
    you’r efforts to enlighten the citizens of our country . Before freedom to speak is against
    the law. You make the perfect moderator you have what it takes. Thank you

  4. D. B. Kurtz says:

    This vid was so good I could watch it again… I think I will.

    Even better the second time.

  5. Keith Plymale says:

    I also regret I could do only one share of this fantastic video. Give a like and even more importantly share it. And post a comment that if others watch, like it and share it as well. As I write this we are a week out from one of the most important midterms in decades. As a historian Kirsten was correct in the examples she gave. In the twentieth century over 100 million men, women and children were killed by there governments in time of piece. And the first thing done in every single case was to use the counties law to disarm the targeted population. Then the slaughter could begin.

  6. ricorust says:

    The best explanation for me to date, thank you for taking the time to make this video. Much appreciated.

  7. World Traveler says:


  8. Owen Bell says:

    well said Kirsten , wisdom beyond your rears, oh i wish there were more like you of your generation, a+++ young lady, regards 🙂

  9. 雷霆 says:

    Why you are so lovely?

  10. reb1 says:

    Wow, this is an awesome message.

  11. Jonathan Hassler says:

    Well done Kristen.

  12. George Ward says:

    This is a remarkable video that has a real inspiring overall message as written by our founding fathers and explained by a True Patriot !

  13. Russell Robinson says:

    Penalized for exercising her constitutional rights..ACLU should step up! Thanks for speaking out! Blessed is the one beside you!

  14. Max Sand says:

    Thank you kirsten for your passion and speaking the truth of our history.

  15. Jeff Nelson says:

    This should be taught in every school at every grade level! It is BRILLIANT! Well done!

  16. Jesse Hayes says:

    Well done Kirsten!

  17. Perry Lee says:

    Intelligence and beauty and can shoot! Give me liberty or give me death! Patrick Henry

  18. Leonis Drafyr says:

    You have given me more to think about. I have just posted this to a Discord server I am part of to hopefully spread the word to more people.

  19. Pompano Gators says:

    The kindest of truths; thanks Kirsten!

  20. Fred VANCEK says:

    Great !!!

  21. asapsealcoating says:

    So very true are your words and I love every bit of them

  22. ranee gierer says:

    Kristen joy you are a very special women luv your vidioes

  23. Raymond Mathewson says:

    Thank you.

  24. UserX says:

    Kirsten Joy Weiss you are extremely well spoken. I have been watching your videos for the last couple of days and admire your poise and extensive vocabulary skills in all of the videos. You are obviously very intelligent but that alone doesn't make someone a good speaker. You really should run for office. Any office. In the mean time keep spreading your love of shooting, freedom, and clearly education. I'll do the same. It's the least we can do. God bless.

  25. Keith says:

    My favorite statement about the Second Amendment is: "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." (This was written by Thomas Jefferson.) Liberty is fragile and can be easily lost. In 2018 there are now only about 38 free States remaining. We need to stand against tyranny and laws that take away our freedoms. Recently about eleven states now have "Red Flag Laws" which are nothing more than legal gun confiscation which is a complete violation of citizens' 2nd, 5th and 6th Amendment rights.

  26. rockytop wrangler says:

    Very well said,,I would like to know that a copy of this video go to..'EVERY' American History Jr.and SR. high school class as required content….

  27. MOLON LABE says:

    I love and agree 100 percent with what you are saying. Unfortunately most of the sheeple in America care more about their electronic devices and keeping up with the Kardashian then lose of freedom 🤔. The water starting to boil and no one jumping out.

  28. IndependentThought says:

    If guns are taken away, make a bow. It's a better weapon anyway.

  29. Gojiralover 1954 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like she has vampire

  30. Steven Kennedy says:

    NRA member. Proud GOA member!

  31. mushroomcloud1 says:

    No wonder Gunny Ermey loved you….

  32. David Lehrer says:

    Hello…I grew up around guns and have enjoyed shooting my entire life. Many, if not all, of my friends do not. And every time some psychopath goes on a mass murder spree like the guy in Las Vegas or the in the nightclub in Florida, or Sandy Hook…my friends use this as evidence (and somewhat persuasive evidence) that we as a culture should not have access to guns. I am guessing that you have friends like these. I would love to know…what do you say to them?

  33. Retaile23 says:

    The founding fathers were ahead of their time and the Constitution of the United States is truly a work of genius. Those who swore an oath but instead labor to subvert it's sovereignty are never held accountable. Society as a whole have been dumbed down. The ability to hold back subversive factions is a testimony of how great our Constitution really is. However a growing mob rule is steadily eroding the law of the land. Your video is encouraging and needs to be kept fresh in the minds of future generations. Citizen gun ownership scares those in government who seek to strip us of our God given rights to protect ourselves and our freedom. Keep up the good fight Kirsten, you are a voice in the wilderness.

  34. Cláudio Chiarelli Exterminator says:

    Meu Amor….😘

  35. Angus Modron LeFay says:


  36. Harry Cordell says:

    Thankyou So Much.

  37. Richard Daz84 says:

    Great educational video for anybody watching that doesn't know the history you shared or understand why our 2A is so important.
    We all appreciate you and your channel.

  38. Tom Jefferson says:

    Thank You Kirsten for pointing all this out. These are Things I know, but many, many are so misinformed it is Sad! All one has to do is READ the Constitution & Declaration of Independence and READ History books to Learn THE TRUTH! Shut the Main Stream Media and Liberal Talking Heads out! You truly are a Patriot!!!

  39. JKKuffaar says:

    Thank you for putting such a well mannered video like this this. God Bless you. And keep it up!

  40. A. Smith says:

    Intelligent, beautiful & talented,,, I'm in love 🙂

  41. Tea EarlGrayHot says:

    Good on ya, girl. I am with you on this one. With love from Australia.

  42. Old Veteran says:


  43. Old Veteran says:

    GREAT video!

  44. LocutusofSciFi says:

    "A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie" – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

  45. Dustin Archambeau says:

    I love the message and you’re right on target. Especially with the constitution “recognizing” our freedoms. One thing… we should never see our government employees as “leaders” they are our representatives… nothing more. We pay them to do represent us.

  46. swampwhiteoak1 says:

    You made a very factual, impressive, and persuasive presentation. You have a very nice “presence”.
    I believe that many non-gun people will be surprised by your position and presentation.

    Thank you for making this video. It is outstanding! I bet your parents are very proud of you.

    I would really like to spend a couple hours with you watching your precision shooting and hopefully learn some precision methods.

  47. Roberto Paisano says:


  48. Wayne Grogan says:

    God bless you Kirsten and God bless the United States of America! ♥️

  49. Robert Luchs says:

    Fantastic message!

  50. Der Kanal Mit Dampf says:

    In Germany it is totally crazy with the Gun law from Weimar until Merkel. Many bad things could not have been happened if all people had the right to wear guns. They cut down our freedom more and more every day and they do it in a way that it would only be possible to get the freedom back with weapons. The other big problem is that so many people don't notice what happens and they even defend the people that take our freedom because they don't see what they really do and what they're plans are.

  51. Saul Villalobos says:

    Hi Kirsten been watching you with my Daughter who is a up and coming crack shot at 11 years old. She owns a 10-22 and a Sig 22 Pistol has gone through a NRA sponsored safety course and looks up to you. I a veteran, retired SWAT officer started to watch you on Locked and Loaded with R Lee God rest his soul. Just want to let you know I have paid all my dues to the NRA and always vote for those who respect the 2 amendment. But even in Texas the 2 amendment is being stepped on by Cabela's of all companies. I saw it as age discrimination, as my Daughter had saved up money to buy a shotgun , the clerk at Cabela's who was trying to sell a Elderly lady on a 2 inch barreled semi auto 45, decided to enforce a company rule on us. The guns at this Cabela's sit out on racks, my Daughter along with me were looking at a 410 when the clerk started to yell at us to put the gun down as she was not old enough, I picked the gun up checked it then I handed it to my Daughter. This is when the clerk started to yell at us. The manager who was close by watched I told him who we were and he would only say YES SIR. using sir as a derogatory term. We need to be on the offensive rather than on defense, liberals are always on the attack wanting to take things away. I say we need to put politicians on notice and give them only 2 terms.

  52. Mike W says:

    I watched this again. Loved it again. Thanks for speaking out Kirsten. This message is even more important now than last year.

  53. David Wilders says:


  54. Brian Chernecki says:

    Agreed, I stand with you.,

  55. Darryl Wallace says:

    Well said young lady…

  56. James Roberts says:

    Good lord, it's so refreshing to see enlightened people that aren't jaded by society. Kirsten, you are amazing and we need more women like you. Keep up the great work you're calling is evident!

  57. Just Browsing says:

    Load up ya guns and MAKE freedom happen guys!

  58. whiteraven7777 says:

    Smart, well read, and stunningly beautiful. You nailed it. Nebulous legislation is dangerous.

  59. Jason Wulff says:

    You are a good person, im sure your parents are extremely proud of you.

  60. Roger Davies says:

    well said

  61. Kai Gottwald says:

    God bless you sweet Girl! May you always prosper and be healthy and free. You have done well to come forth and use your influence to speak out for the most precious thing life has to offer. And you are right: Freedom of any kind has come into great peril in our time. I see this development here in my native Germany everywhere. And those who strip us of our freedom are so sly and insidious about it and my people are so dull and indifferent about it. You see how even Youtube reacts to your contribution now… instead of being glad to further one of the noblest causes of mankind – they sanction you. I bet they even think they are doing somthing good!
    Please don't stop speaking out for freedom! We must put the world back on its rightful course!

  62. Jeffrey Sanford says:

    Best video I have seen in some time.

  63. Kenneth Kustren says:

    A gun channel ??
    I don't understand.
    A gun channel tears down unique firearms, disects techniques of manufacture, use, and maintenance of firearms.
    I see your channel as AMERICAN CULTURE.

  64. Kim Jong-un says:

    Mmmmm I love it when you talk about freedom to me 😉

  65. Abigail Vella says:

    Yes it is worst to day in EU thay are taking freedom evry day

  66. Noboil Frog says:


  67. Joseph Mullin says:

    As a Veteran I took an oath to defend this country and the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. There is no expiration on that oath and noone has ever relieved me of that oath.

  68. angermgt1 says:

    that quote at 4:55 is pretty much exactly what is stated to have a ccw in California . imagine that

  69. Kraylo Adaraan says:

    <3 The world needs more people like you.
    <3 The world needs more women like you.
    <3 True feminism and true freedom.

  70. John Leahu says:

    I absolutely adore you and your work! You have an amazing level of knowledge and skills, I should say, You, Kirsten Joy Weiss are a national treasure! Keep up the good job! God bless you richly!

  71. apollo8132 says:

    Kirsten, you really are my goddess. I love you.

  72. Richard Maxey says:

    Thank you Kirsten Joy Weiss It is all about knowing what is right 🙂

  73. Don Brock says:

    We should support Kirsten with this message of freedom and the second amendment. Our freedom hinges on the preservation of the 2nd amendment. Free men don't have to ask permission to own a gun. If you fear guns now? Wait till only the government has them.

  74. Wout Moerman says:

    Thanks Kirsten, i love your videos! Living in the Netherlands I live in an almost gunfree country. I don't feel enslaved at all by the restrictions on owning guns. A good and strong democracy shouldn't need arms to protect the democracy or civil rights.

  75. lahokc59 says:

    Most of your videos are mostly entertaining even though they always do their part to promote the 2nd amendment and encourage people to own and use their firearms which is good. This video is important and powerful and not only am I proud of you for making it , I would encourage you to make more videos that convey this important ideology. Shall not be INFRINGED is timeless and it needs no interpretation , it need only be voiced vehemently and observed stringently….
    GOD bless you and yours Kirsten and may our constitution forever stand among the important documents of freedom….

  76. Pig Head says:

    Your middle name really is Joy. Your attitude of JOY is infectious! Your happiness melts my old cold heart, which hurts but also feels good.

  77. Bill Kerr says:

    Wow moving lady wow thanks for taken the time to do such an Video really thanks your spot one lady God bless you

  78. Don Wyatt says:

    So glad there are decent people reminding others to get involved and wake up. Thank you Kirsten for being a true patriot.

  79. ray Sabastian says:

    Very well done and are a True Patriot .you know what real freedom means as a human safe stay ready and GOD BLESS YOU IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

  80. Galen Nitcher says:

    Thank you God Bless you

  81. sorry sonnenschein says:

    What are your hobbies ?

  82. Claudio Martins says:

    Taking away your rights over guns is only the begining

    I found this channel just a couple of days ago and I'm following you ever since. I am brazilian and there is something I would like, humbly, add to your statement: you don't have neither to go that far in the past nor to cross the Atlantic to mention a forbiden-to-bear-a-gun nation; we are here in South America (here at the USA's backyard) and the time is now. Yes, here we have very, very limited right to have a gun and carry one is absolutely forbiden.
    In 2005 we, the electors, had to vote in a referendum for the law wich would stablish a severe gun control over the country. And more than 60% of us said "NO" to the law. We have showed our wish to keep our guns and keep our right for self-protection. But it simply didn't work.
    Politicians, compromised to who knows what cause, made their way to approve it. And here we are: no guns.
    After that, the stage was set for a lot of corruption, robbery and more of these things you talked about in this video.
    I will give you just one exemple on this: farmers are allowed to have guns, but they are to be used only to protect their houses – they can't carry them when they are walking through the property, for instance. If they see someone invading the land, or they face a dangerous animal, all the right they have is to run home and hide themselves.
    But there is more: here in Brazil we have a left wing movement called "Movimento dos sem terra" (landless people movement) that uses to invade properties – wich they say are unproductive (hardly they are umproductive). Once they are installed in the property it's not rare to expel the residents, asking for a "land reform" to be made using that land. But in fact what takes place is a ransom negotiation. They ask money to leave the farm and head to another property to invade it.
    In the last year's polling we ellected a new president, whose intention is to re-stablish our right to have and bear guns, but our congress men and women are so commited to God knows what, that it is beeing a very hard task. Not even the farmers' right to carry their guns when inside their properties' fences was allowed so far.
    That's why I tell you, from a South-American to all of you North-Americans: to take off the rights over owning and carrying guns is only the begining. A citizen without the right of self-defense has no voice. Has no life. Has no freedom.
    Please, don't allow, whoever might be, to take off your right to have and carry guns. Your freedom will be the next one.
    Thank you.

  83. Rafael Ortega says:

    I am with you Kristen! I am a patriot and will always fight for aware freedom and aware constitution. 🇺🇸

  84. bernard buhrs says:

    The path to Hell is paved in good intentions.

  85. Ernst Fischer says:

    Wir sind keine Nazis wir sind nur immer in den Krieg gezwungen worden .Hitler war ein Arschloch genauso wie unsere heutigen Politiker das Volk ist nicht am Krieg Schult es sind immer nur die Herscher eines Volkes egal ob hier in Deutschland oder in der USA oder sonstwo niemand hat das Recht uns Nazi zu nennen .Kirsten Weiss ist ein Deutscher Name es gibt viele Deutschstämmige in den USA sehr viele meine Schwester Lebt seit über 40 Jahre in Amerika Florida Venice und ist Glücklich mit ihrem Mann und ihre Drei Kinder die selbst schon Kinder haben .

  86. Tomek Godek says:


  87. B r says:

    Amen sister

  88. Michael Madden says:

    Why would any American organization demonetize a video about human rights? Thank you Kirsten for being you.

  89. Jeff Rasberry says:

    anyone who would block or demonotize this all American girl is a commie

  90. Rich Weatherly says:

    Thank you Kirsten for sharing wisdom beyond your years. I wish more of your peers had such well founded values and knowledge of history and government.
    We are now at a crossroads when too many politicians are challenging our Constitution and attempting to subvert its intent. Keep up the good word and never hesitate to stand firm in everything you stand for.

  91. Lin Riniker says:

    Outstanding video.  Excellent analysis of our Constitutionally protected "Inalienable Rights".  Keep them coming, Kirsten!

  92. David Cardillo says:

    Posted nearly 3 years ago, and here are very high production values, like multiple camera angles and editing, lighting, presentation, and your enunciation is precise as is your shooting style. As I enjoy the recent videos, I see no depreciation of those production values. Surely, you make youtub some money…. 😉

  93. Robert Abell says:

    Thank you Kirsten for your knowledge. Get er done little lady all day long

  94. Wayne Ivey says:

    Thank you for speaking up!

  95. scott putnam says:

    your absolutely correct, thank god there are only a 114 un-likes compared to the 5k plus, keep up the good work!

  96. dmc31405 says:

    Great video. Very informative…

  97. John Henthorne says:

    I will be periodically re-posting this video.

  98. James Sparhawk says:

    It's 8-17-19 and we are losing freedoms. Hate speech and free speech is determined on which political side you are affiliated with, along with hate crimes. The republicans seem to be willing to pass more gun laws do to all the far left, their media outlets, and fascist groups like Antifa. If they ban assault weapons, start mandatory gun registrations, 3 day back ground checks on all firearms, or any other new laws-we will be repeating history. But this time the Jews will be Christians, straight white males, and conservatives. It is time to stand up to the far left before it is too late.

  99. David Padilla says:


  100. old_spice80 says:

    I'm Pole. Free Pole with firearms!

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