How To Protect Your Car From Keyless Theft

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hello welcome to this video where we’ll be showing you how you can protect your car from keyless theft we do have subtitles available on our video for the region seen here if you’d like to enable this feature simply select your region from the settings below with cars becoming smarter and more advanced they are also becoming more desirable unfortunately this has resulted in a number of vehicle owners fallen victim to car theft you may have already seen footage in the news or online of people using sophisticated relay equipment to gain entry to cars this is achieved by one thief standing near the car with the transmitter and another thief standing near the victim’s head with an amplifier attempting to get within range of the key fob inside the house the result of this process is the car believing it’s being unlocked with the genuine key which grants the thieves access allowing them to drive away there are a number of ways to prevent this from happening through the use of physical barriers such as steering wheel locks driveway parking locks and will comes another alternative comes in the form of RFID blocking accessories RFID protection works by stopping signals to your belongings such as car keys or bank cards it creates a barrier keeping what’s contained inside safe we see a lot of wallet phone cases with RFID protection but now Alex I’ve created a pouch that can protect both your keys and cards on first impressions I thought this was a great little accessory it’s lightweight and doesn’t feel too bulky which is surprising as it can hold quite a lot the velcro strap here is a nice touch too as I can close the pouch and be confident that my keys and cards won’t fall out another addition I really like is this chain inside it adds extra security for your keys keeping them attached to the pouch at all times I find this to be very practical as it can hold both my keys and cards at the same time keeping all of my important items in one place with easy access if the pouch been very portable you can take it everywhere you go it can just fit inside your bag or pocket ready for when you need it at a moment’s notice overall this is a great accessory to have it keeps your cards and keys safe and helps to prevent the theft of your car I think it’s incredible how something so simple can improve the security of your belongings all while sporting a sophisticated and stylish look that’s all we have for this video if you’re interested in reading more about how to protect your car from careless theft you can get more information from our blog post which will leave a link to below for more information or to even purchase the elixir pouch links will be in the description and comments of this video [Music] [Music]


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    Here's a better option: Use a key that requires you to press a button to unlock, something that a lot of cars already have.

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