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Today we’re going to have fun. We’re going
to be talking about four different kinds of gloves from Ironclad. And we’re going to
be making some Avengers references, you know, Thor, Ironman, all those people that kind
of save the world in the Avengers. Well we’re going to making some references within the
video about them. And in the end, we also have a really great surprise and giveaway.
So don’t miss out on that. Let’s jump into the review right now.
The first glove we’re going to be looking at is the Exo Project Pro Glove. This is for
a medium duty work around the house or for different kind of projects. The nice thing
about is it has a, on the thumb here, you can wipe your sweat off your brow, which is
really nice ‘cause if you’re busting your butt, you want to have something like that.
There’s a pull on it, so you pull the glove on here. Just simply Velcro it over. And then
the knuckles are nice and padded. So where you would use this is if you’re hammering
in on something or you’re delving maybe a bathroom. This is a perfect glove for that.
Nice padded palm here. It’s fantastic. So which Avenger do you think should be wearing
this? Personally, I think this is a Captain America glove because you’ve got the padded
knuckles. When you’re punching somebody, you’re not going to hurt your hand. And
it just kind of look cool, and hopefully, you know his uniform gets cooler over the
years, that’s why I think this will be perfect for Captain America. And it would be good
for you, too, if you’re doing some medium duty work around the house.
The next glove is Exo Project Grip. Very similar to the Project Pro, only it’s got a grippy
hand to it. The grippiness of this glove is perfect for if you’re going to be operating
tools that you just absolutely cannot drop. So like a circular saw, maybe you’re using
a diamond blade with a grinder. You really need to hold onto that. This is perfect for
that kind of a job. Maybe you’re doing some tile work with a wet saw, and you don’t
want to drop the tile like this heavily glazed tile here. Again these gloves will be perfect
for that. You’re not going to hurt your hand because this is padded, and it’s got
the stickiness to it, which allows you to grip things like wet tiles.
Again you have the pull tab right here to pull the glove on. It Velcros over your wrist.
You have the terrycloth to wipe the sweat off your forehead. You have the padded knuckles,
and the grippiness of this glove is perfect for those projects where you just cannot drop
something. Which Avenger should be wearing this glove?
I think Hawkeye because when you pull back the bow and arrow, you got have a really great
grip. And if it’s raining outside, and you’re using your bow and arrow, honestly this is
the glove that you’d want to use, right? So this is a Hawkeye glove right here.
I almost forgot the cool bonus that you get with the Project Grip Glove. You get this
little light with it. And this is nice because you can put this around your keys, which totally
comes in handy in the winter time when it starts to get dark at like 4:30 / 5 o’clock,
especially here in Pittsburgh. All right, let’s keep this train rolling.
The next glove is the Vibration Impact Glove. This glove is great because it has gel pads
in the palm. You can use this in the garage—let’s say if you’re wrenching down on an engine
or you’re doing breaks—this is a really nice glove for that because it’s also got
DuPont technology in it that makes it resistant to oil and water.
Now if you’re going to be using this for a DIY work, it’s perfect for if you have
to use an impact driver or a hammer drill—in particular, a hammer drill, if you need to
drill through brick or mortar. That can be very heavy vibration on the hand, and this
will be a fantastic glove for that kind of project.
Again you have the terrycloth wipe here. You have the pull on the bottom to pull the glove
onto your hand. Easy on and off, too, because it has the Velcro strap on the wrist.
Personally, I think this is a no-brainer in terms of which Avenger should be wearing it.
Thor. Because if you’re wielding a hammer that size, you got to be wearing something
like this. Now, okay, if you’re a god, maybe you don’t need a glove. But let’s just
say that he wants to protect his beautiful hands. This is the glove that he wants, the
Vibration Impact Glove. The last glove is my personal favorite. It’s
the Ironclad Touch Screen Glove. This glove has conductive synthetic leather in the fingertips
and the palm. So what does that mean? What it means is you can turn your smartphone on
and get inside of it without taking the glove off your hand, which is way cool. Because
if somebody is calling you and you need to really get in touch with them, you can answer
the phone without taking your gloves off. Way cool, right?
This is a light duty glove. This is something you would use to install drywall, cement board,
insulation. You basically just want to protect your hand from those materials. It’s great
because of the flexibility, and there’s wonderful dexterity in it. So you can pick
up things like your smartphone. You have the terrycloth wipe here. You can pull it on and
off real easily with one hand. I’ve used these gloves before. They are wonderful for
light duty work. This is a Tony Stark glove. This is something
I can imagine Tony Stark wearing underneath the Iron Man suit. And he’s a techy kind
of guy. So if you’re a techy kind of person, you would probably love this glove, especially
if you want to access your smartphone while you’re doing projects. So check this one
out. It’s always fun to talk about the Avengers,
right? Now I missed a lot of the characters in the video. So if you have your own opinion
on which character should be wearing which glove from Ironclad, tell me down in the comments.
I think it’d be fun to explore that. Now here is the other cool part. We’re going
to be giving away some of these gloves back n over at Home Repair Tutor. So go to
to enter into the random giveaway to win some of these gloves. I will actually put the link
in the show notes so you can just click on over to that.
We want to thank Ironclad for giving us the gloves today. We’re partnering with them
to bring you this video. And there’s something you should know. We don’t really partner
with everybody that approaches us. We actually say no quite often to reviews on tools and
materials and supplies. But we already use Ironclad gloves, and that’s why we’re
doing the video today because we truly believe in what they make. And we feel that it could
make you a better DIYer. That’s actually the question I ask myself when we do review.
Will this make you, our fan, a better DIYer? And if the answer is yes, we do the video.
If the answer is no, we don’t do any video, and we don’t really work with that company.
So I just wanted to let you know about that. But many thanks to Ironclad for sending the
gloves our way. We actually requested them, and they were nice enough to say yes.
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care, and have a great day.


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    So which glove would you choose to protect against cutting off a finger? I frequently use a miter saw and the idea of leaving a part behind scares the bejesus out of me.

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    Nice video

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    What about Gloves for warehouse setting.

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    I give you a good review because you did a good job…. But MAN UP we don't care about are brow lol we want something that last strong ect and you did cover that. BUT MAN UP

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