47 Replies to “How To PROTECT Your TESLA Model 3”

  1. TfGamess says:

    How much does this cost?

  2. Boutsoderma says:

    Expect north of $6000, just the film itself to do the whole car is at least $5k.

  3. Sache0190 says:

    Video over at 0:25

  4. Jason Harris says:

    Looks amazing but I wonder how this work via insurance. Say the car gets damaged or in an accident…does insurance cover the additional cost to re-apply the wrap and such?!

  5. Internet Commander says:

    Nice Job! I need You in Germany! 🙂

  6. Joe Russell says:

    Any recommends for the Los Angeles area?

  7. Estrella Hernandez says:

    What was the total cost of this? I have the same model and would love to get everything this Tesla got. How much was this?

  8. Jay O says:

    How much will all this cost?

  9. K Sas says:

    What’s the point of me watching if price is not in your video description

  10. Killa Quansta says:

    What song was playing in the background?

  11. Knokkel knokkel says:


  12. Rafał Maliszewski says:

    How much was the whole process?

  13. AL says:

    How much it cost everything

  14. Ray Wong says:

    very nice work!

  15. Luyen Dao says:

    One thing no shops tell you upfront is how much it costs when PPF gets damaged and needs to be removed, or replaced. Poor quality films will also turn yellow over time.

    I think PPF is amazing personally, but there’s a lot of marketing around it and ceramic coating and it’s a lucrative business.

    Get all points of view from detailers to what happens 5 years down the road or in the case of major dings.

  16. Joseph Nguyen says:

    How much did all of this cost your client?

  17. M B says:

    Expensive for sure !

  18. Gabriel G says:

    what a waste of good film

  19. Ryan Hewitt says:

    Looks fantastic but damn that's some $$$ to drop

  20. Luis Espinal says:

    How do you get that printer, and where do you find the specs for each vehicle to print out exact measurements?

  21. mscolli3 says:

    I thought it was illegal to tint the windshield?

  22. M.A. M.R. says:

    5k to 8k dollars is way too much, might be worth it if the car is over 100k.

  23. T DB says:

    Doesn’t it matter if u do tint before or after wrap/cc?

  24. Gopi Manne says:

    Did you put anything special on the wheels?

  25. M 205 says:

    Anywhere you'd recommend in texas?

  26. FXR Parlour says:

    @Chicago Auto Pros
    I noticed you used a single pieces over the rear spoiler area – do you not experience "crinkle" or film failure around the curve of the spoiler? Does the process change if you use stealth in-terms of monolithic pieces vs creating seams?

  27. Ed Berger says:

    we may buy 1/mo

  28. Silver Charm says:

    Thanks for this video. I'm foggy on the in's and out's of all this, but learning more. What is the standard life span of ceramic coating? Correct me if i'm wrong, but ceramic coating is similar to waxing the car, except eliminating the need to wax and buff the car……this kind of coating seems like a "must have", like a top coat over the paint to keep it shiny and safe.

  29. Alexander Doan says:

    Talking with chewing gum in his mouth, Should we listen to this guy?

  30. themaxx7000 says:

    Could you give a rough estimate of what each detailing item cost?

  31. T DB says:

    Why do u choose Xpel over the competition?

  32. air butchie says:

    Wish you guys were here in the SoCal, Los Angeles area… Would've brought my Model 3 to you guys to do this kind of protection on it..

  33. Dep1x says:

    You forgot the screen protector.

  34. ewillden says:

    Dude! Awesome video!! Only wish you were in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area! 😉

  35. Christopher Justice says:

    this was a very good video. thanks for posting it.

  36. pwrshots says:

    in ten years the paint will be brand new and you'll need new batteries and electric motors. nice work

  37. Mr Gone says:

    This very good
    but I have few doubts like we can remove it again …?
    If you we remove any damages to car…?

  38. Bryan Channell says:

    Great stuff bro!

  39. x x says:

    know anyone in LA who does this?

  40. Dean Winton says:

    Jason, I am taking delivery of my red model 3 in about 3 weeks. I spoke with a person I met at a Supercharger yesterday who was driving his white model 3. He tinted the glass on all four sides but did not tint the rear window at all. I have seen it tinted and of course the correct way is to do the whole 55" rear window coming down and tinting over the top of rear passengers all the way to the rear to make the job look right. I've never thought about not tinting the rear window at all. Your thoughts? Also, I have 3M Crystalline on my current car which is 7 years old and it still looks great (a bit of a bronze tint even though supposed to be neutral). I have seen other brands like Photosync and the Llumar Stratos you use here. Why do you recommend Stratos oner the others? Thanks

  41. Rick Simmons says:

    Where do I go in central NC for a service like this?

  42. skep says:

    Don't forget to mention how illegal it is to fully tint a front windshield at any percentage.

  43. Ronald Fish says:

    Awesome video beautiful car👍🏻👍🏻

  44. Edwin Stewart says:

    Like he said in the video…"OverKill"…Let a pro "Detailer" do it every so often and save tons of money. 😛

  45. chris nemat says:

    God I’d love this but I live in California and I fear any shops here wouldn’t be as detailed as you guys.

  46. Edwin Aguayo says:

    Guys, super impressed with your set-up, workmanship and detail. Your prices are worth every penny! If I lived in the Chicago area, you would have my business. Any recommendations you gave give for a similar quality place in the Tampa, FL area or central Florida?

  47. Dean Winton says:

    Looks great…however, I had a new Lexus back in 2011 and there was a company called Autobahnd that did a protective clear front protection on my car. They said it had a 10 year guarantee too. After about 2 years, and road debris like bugs hitting the front the clear protective film looked like garbage. It had a couple spots that were coming up from this debris. The car was taken care of by me (washed regularly and detailed). When I tried calling the company, they were no longer in business and nobody including the dealer that used this company to install the "clear bra" wanted anything to do with it. After paying a company a few hundred dollars to use some heat method to take it off, you could see the line where it was on my car. I swore never to put anything over my paint for protection ever again. The ceramic coating seems like a great thing but I would never use a clear coating over the whole car. You think today you are doing the right thing but in a couple of years…try getting someone to warranty your clear protection on your car.

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