How to Replace a Stuck Safety Valve on a Steam Cleaner

January 6, 2020 posted by

Hi I”m Matt from eSpares in this video I’ll show you
how to replace a stuck safety valve on a steam cleaner. Many steam cleaners
have safety valves just like this one to prevent you from opening the steam cleaner
when pressurized to prevent scalding. If yours has failed you may find it very difficult
to remove without watching this video. Safety first: Always ensure your unplug an appliance
before carrying out any work. When faulty the safety cap will turn freely
and not engage with the valve so will not unscrew. If we have a look at a new safety valve assembly
you can see that the cap is engaged with the body meaning it’s locked into place and can be unscrewed. It works by pressure building up in the machine
entering this hole pushing a piston inside which makes the cap spin freely
and ensuring that it can’t be unlocked. Over time limescale can build up inside the hole
meaning the piston cannot re-engage making it impossible to unscrew. To remove the safety cap what I’m going to do is grab
a flat headed screwdriver and work it in to the holes that you can see on the new one there
on my old safety cap. I’m going to give them a little bit of leverage
just so I hear a click, and that should safely remove the safety cap. Now the screwdrivers in place
I’m going to work my way around the safety cap just ensuring that the flat headed screwdriver
goes under the lip of the cap there and not the base there Now I can feel that the screwdriver is nicely
in place in one of those slots I’m just going to give it a little twist to help
ease the cap off. Now I’ve used the screwdriver all the way around the
safety cap but it does seem to be on particularly stiffly. So what I’m going to do
is move on to the second parts of the plan which is using a small hammer to give a glancing blow
to the safety cap releasing it and hopefully be able to lift it off. Now do remember that the safety cap has to
be replaced anyway so it doesn’t matter if it gets slightly damaged. There we have safety cap removed. With the cap removed here we can see the spring
that pushes the clutch down and the clutch itself. You can see if I put the clutch back
it’s not engaging so what I’m going to do is take a thin Allen key or a small screwdriver to push
the piston back down so that re-engages,
replace the clutch which now spins with the valve. put the cap back on and take the whole assembly out. With most of the assembly out I can get the cap
out of the way and the clutch and spring and remove the rest by hand. Take out the ring
that we broke earlier with the screwdriver. Then I can pop in my new safety cap assembly. With the assembly in place you can see that the safety
cap is locked and can easily be removed for refilling. So there we have it one stuck safety valve assembly
removed and replaced on this Karcher steam cleaner. Remember spares and accessories for steam cleaners
and every other appliance around your home can be found on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

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