How To Safely Load & Secure a Vehicle for Transport & Towing in TFL4K

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hey guys guess what it's time for another I gauntlet video but before we do that we thought it'd be fun to show you how to properly and safely load up a car on a trailer and we've got our mr. truck Ken something to help us out with that but before we can even start loading up the car we have to get the car coming over here it is that's right it's our old 1968 Ford Bronco that we will be restoring this year but right now we're just using it as ballast so hopefully hopefully it will start up we can get out of the garage and actually get it over to the trailer so we can load it up this is the thing about classic cars or trucks in this case there's always something opening now the question is well the Broncos start keep your fingers crossed you we're here with one of our test trainers from lo trail and Jayhawk trainers this is a low profile car hauler 22 foot and it tilts so to tilt it all you do is pull out this one lever that is the locking manual lever in the middle that holds the bed down and then you release the hydraulic valve and now it's ready to tilt and it will actually raise this up lower itself as you drive on so it's a lot nicer than happen to get out and move things I'm just going to push it down then we load this classic Bronco 2 it will tell forward okay it's a Bronco not a Bronco tomorrow I'm sorry you know your have caps dude it's a Bronco the front end is just a little that way but I don't think it matters a whole lot ok mentioned that we were last time yeah ok well that's cool how they just tipped right back down and we lock you in place that's the manual lever that actually locks it down lock the hydraulic valve now we're set on this tilt trader there the axles are replaced a little differently you're used to like a regular trailer car trailer there'd be two-thirds back and a third from the tail end of it this one is only a foot forward of the center and they do that too because of the tilt to get all their angles right which means also that we can move the vehicles forward and adjust our tongue weight because we can put more tongue weight on straighter like this so there's ten there's no real science tying down a car right or in this case the truck I mean you just you just kind of got to work with what you have and do the best you can that's true and I'm a fan of chains but last time we tied it to the frame so we had to pull on the suspension of course the suspension moves we didn't want anything to come undone so we were careful about how we hook the chains and overlap the chains this time we're going to try straps and go right on the differential on the front axle there won't be as much movement yeah because you know the problem is if you go on this right you're going to compress the suspension yeah and then when the trailer goes over a bump there's no suspension to the to the half cab right and you can damage the in this case truck well the suspension tries to move anyway right even with the tight and if it does move and compress itself from a bump it'll loosen whatever holding it down yeah that's the big dangerous part is coming undone and we're trying not to come on been on the road so we risk our straps so easier we had chains across here because we had this was a plow truck so we could do it the problem with chains of course is you can damage the car or pickup in this case right well yeah right you're right because we were concerned about the you know the groan yeah bumper and we didn't want to get that all scratched up so the other way you can do it of course is you can have straps across the tires right that's another way luckily this trailer has a lot of different tie down points you've got one here you've got on the side I mean it's just a plethora of places you can actually hook stuff to right and we're wrapped around the axle so we're not on the suspension so while we are suppressing the tires a little bit and that should not give us much movement so we should see this wiggle less going down the road and it's on the cast iron axle so it's a long part there's just something cosmically right about a ford towing a Ford that's a good look yeah it's like look in here it's like a kid's toy right if I were a kid I would love to have this as a toy right the new f-150 doing the old Bronco oh sure you see myself you know loading it up and yeah it is strapping it down with like like a shoelace hey guys I just want to give a quick shout out to Jayhawk trailers right here and lo trail which are the companies that provide us with this trailer and of course most importantly our sponsor duct tape right duct tape this is important stuff and any occasion it's in the MacGyver MacGyver handbook yeah we have to use this the tire straw our excess strap each together so we don't flying in the wind we use it for just about everything sometimes use it for gag orders so thanks to our trailer company of course duct tape brought to you by 3 M 3 M or whoever else makes it just kidding anyway as always this is rhomin and mr. truck saying thanks for watching and check out TfL truck comm for more news views and of course old truck reviews ciao


25 Replies to “How To Safely Load & Secure a Vehicle for Transport & Towing in TFL4K”

  1. Rowdy Train says:

    Waste of time

  2. pencilvester says:

    They said they tieing it down to the diff. Looks to me like they did it to the prop shaft. Smh. I would have just done it to the axle.

  3. Fraser Wing says:

    Skip to 3:50 to get past the bullshit, then skip out at 5:30 to miss the closing filler crap.
    The video consists of two minutes of barely useful info from the old boy, side yapped by the host who's only skill (using that term loosely) is filling the enjoyable silence with noise.

  4. wild bill says:

    Not only is the way you tied that TRUCK down wrong but very dangerous… I've towed cars commercially for over 12 years and I'm not trying to be mean by my comment but you shouldn't specify the title of the video by saying it's the proper way because it's NOT.. I'm sorry if I came off rude because I dint want to but this is embarrassing

  5. redradiodog says:

    Well you showed everything except how to secure the Bronco.

  6. Edward Duran says:

    Is the truck a 1500 or 2500 ? I have a 2015 ford expedition and i was trying to tow a cadillac fleetwood just like this and i was told it wasnt safe any advice?

  7. Mr Frog says:

    They are doing it wrong.

  8. Jester Mclarpet says:

    Your Ford Bronco is a bloody ripper.

  9. Mike Egidi says:

    i searched the internet everywhere and for whatever reason i cant find an answer to a question i would think would be easy to find. If i trailer a empty car trailer 500 miles …would that be a problem?

  10. ezupmarketing says:

    Is a CDL required to do this type of hauling? Thanks

  11. AbundantFun444 says:

    That's the song in this video?

  12. Roger S says:

    I cant believe what I just saw ! That is NOT that the way tie down a vehicle ! ! !  There are places on the frame where you hook to. The way you did it is very dangerous especially if you are pulling on curvy road . I have haul 100's of vehicles and I know the right way. If you would like I can show you the right way . You are just setting yourself for lawsuits by showing this video.    

  13. EightQuaterCustoms says:

    For as many towing reviews as y'all do, can someone spend the $200 for a proper set of Mac tie downs with hooks and axle straps that have the proper safety features and load ratings. Those Tractor Supply Co open hook straps have a working load limit way lower than you think..

  14. crazy wheel says:

    Good looking Bronco Sir

  15. lawnboy81SMS says:

    I love the load-trail brand of trailers. Awesome trailers 🙂 

  16. Vintage and Antique Automobiles says:

    Could you guys please do a how to video more often, for instance how to change spark plugs etc.

  17. TheTEXASryder says:

    Please, If you are gonna say car say car, if you are gonna say truck say truck.  got annoying when you kept saying "…car, in this case truck." we all know what you mean by car.

  18. samus989 says:

    would be a good idea to chok the wheels on the trailer, and if you have wheel straps use those.  Not sure how well a pinion yoke holds to side loading, but if you can't lift the vehicle's weight with it, you probably shouldn't secure it from a point like that. My 2 cents.

  19. Mark Mason says:

    hey guys, another great thing for towing that I've used is axle straps… and they are unbelievably awesome! Keep the videos up, I wake up and look for them every day! 

  20. JPorkins88 says:

    Zip ties instead of ducktape.

  21. ih1206 says:

    The car haulers I've talked with take a strap and loop the end through the loop in the hook and put the loop around the tires. Then ratchet them down until the tires squat. That way the tires stay planted, but the suspension can still move with the bouncing of the round without working the straps loose.

  22. Marks of Distinction says:

    What happened to the diamond in the rough ?? Did you scrap the car ?? I would finish something before you start another project

  23. martin renteria says:

    Nissan pro vs GMC 2015

  24. Brandon Borges says:

    Its 5:44am up here in Wintery British Columbia. Im up early for work as i always am. Surfing youtube for my Favorite Tfl car and tfl truck videos. I gotta say, there is nothing better than waking up and seeing some new tfl truck videos. What a great way to start my day! I love the show guys! Keep it up!

  25. martin renteria says:

    Jeep 2014 vs truck GMC 2014 4*4.

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