How to Set Up a Secure Wireless Internet Connection : Setting Wireless Internet Options in Windows

August 14, 2019 posted by

OK, now let’s go onto the next segment of
it and let’s go in and try to set it up through the system. So we went and hit start, we’re
going to the control panel,
now in our control panel also you can see here that is has a wireless network set up
that Windows offers but we already have the cards interface to help set up the particular
networks. That’s what we used. But we’ve got to go in to the internet options and kind
of make some changes. And as you can see here, the different tabs for the internet properties.
You have your security, you have privacy, content, connections, programs and advanced.
We’ll get into advanced in a second. But we want to make sure we secure a proper connection
for the internet.

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