how to setup video surveillance security camera system with free software ispy

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what's up guys bleeding planets here and today I'm going to be teaching you how to download install and setup a program called I spy a spy is a free open source video surveillance platform links will be in the description below without further ado let's get going and they get started we're going to we're going to want to go to I spy connect comm and it's going to bring up a little download link just click download and it's going to give you the option of using a 32 bit or 64 download like and you're going to want to click on 64-bit if you have 64 like I have um some people will have a 32-bit depends on your windows operating system version you're going to press save file click ok and after that downloads open up your downloads folder and if you press save file like I did you're going to want to right-click on the file to download and extract the files extract all the files you can use a program like WinRAR to do that but you can extract them and I'm going to put them on my desktop ok and they're going to start extracting and after they do a little window pop up with I spy 64 or 32 depending on where you downloaded a Windows package installer and double click on that let's play press run and I'm going to cancel that because I've already downloaded it but you're going to keep pressing next the press next next next and follow the prompts but I've already downloaded it and installed it so I'm going to back out of that I'll let you guys do that by yourselves all right after the program has installed you're going to want to plug in the USB camera or cameras that you're going to want to use make sure you've installed the device drivers and download the software that came with the webcams or whatever you're using on you're going to want to check to make sure the cameras already work on the computer in their standalone software that came with it so for example if I'm using a Logitech camera just check to make sure it works in the Logitech software um if it works there it's going to work here and then we're going to want to go to here to add and you can use any kind of camera with this you can use a wireless camera like an IP camera then there's that you can use a microphone if you want to just like spawn the audio of the room it even has the option you use cameras and microphones from other computers so say you have a computer upstairs that's on your network and it also has cameras or microphones you can set this up on this software's develop to be pretty limitless as far as the amount of cameras that you can put on this you can use more than one USB camera as long as you have more than one USB Drive and even so you can use a multi adapter USB hub if you want to plug in like four cameras on one computer but for now I just have one USB Logitech webcam simple cheap love $15 camera plugged into my laptop right now so I'm going to get a local camera and that's where your USB cameras are okay it's brought up the integrated webcam right here excuse me the integrated webcam but you can that's because I have a laptop and it has a camera in it so I'm going to click a logitech webcam because like I said that's when I plugged in so click on that and click ok and you see a preview of it over here with my dog sleeping down there and this is your camera edit from here you can check and set your frame rates you can use picture on picture which is really cool but you click Next down here in a good period of motion detection this is where you set how sensitive you want your emotion affection to be so you know if a leaf blows by you want it citizen sitive that it picks that up you can set it like that or if I can person walks by um you can change it there but I used to use these cameras on my window near my door when I lived in a rough neighborhood and I just set it up so when it was so sensitive that a person walked by and we turn on set an alert and it would start recording um which we'll get to right now alerts are the next tab up here say the camera senses movement from the motion detection sensitivity just set um you can set it right here with these dots you can click here and um for how many seconds does the lure go off but you can set it so um you can add actions right here like to play a sound a sound through the camera to make a beep whatever you wanted to do when it senses action for you to be like oh my camera just picked up something because I just heard the alert but you can set that here you can go over to recording and this is where you can set it to record when it senses movement that's right here it's on we set so you know if the camera senses someone walks by it's going to start recording um and that's pretty cool I really like that that option because even if I'm not at home if something walked by my camera that's you know looking at my trailer outside with my equipment in it then it's going to pick it up and record it and um it's pretty cool because with this with this software you can go on iSpy connect comm and download plugins for like facial recognition license-plate recognition you can do all sorts of stuff but um you can also set it up to you know every so while when the intervals like every five minutes take a picture so if Gracie down here is laying down here and I'm watching her you know every five minutes I can have a picture taken and then I can you know go on my computer and go on the software with them away from home and check to see this pictures every five minutes um or I can have it take a picture every time there's motion detection right here um yeah it's just whatever you'd like to do and you'd have them located here and FTP your images that it took so you can check it you know when you're away um this is where you do your cloud storage you could have it set as your Google Drive and it even has YouTube and you can have this camera scheduled to turn on and off at certain times so you can click here at schedule camera and I wanted to start at let's see noon 12:30 with you 12:30 on Mondays Fridays and Sundays cuz that's when we're not home because we're at church or something I don't know and um you can have it stop and start there um and then in the storage this is where your videos that record when the motion detection is detected if you have it set on record on motion detection right here this is where your files are going to be saved so but these dots here it's going to bring up it's going to bring up a place where I can click you know my desktop that's the folder I wanted to be in so there's okay and that's pretty much it you can set you can do the storage management see you can say I don't want to record so much on Macs hours or 72 next folder size you know home but then when that camera set up you just press finish and so here's this one camera right here and si has turned red that's because it's sense motion because I put my hand in front of it a really cool I'm going to add one more camera so I can show you guys one more thing so I'm going to add local camera and say I plugged in another camera um then I'd picked down from here logitech camera 2 or whatever so I'm going to pick the integrated camera on my laptop don't press it ok and now it's on and here it is over here it's kind of a poor quality but it's not the programs for laptops fault so get to the same same steps as I did on the first one you know all this stuff and then I press finish so now I have two cameras set up I have this one on the right my webcam and then this one over here my dog can okay after that we're going to go to grid views we're click manage we're going to click on new I'm going to name it Dell and I'm going to click to on the column since I have two cameras if I had four cameras I would set them of the quadrants and just do the columns and rows accordingly on display I'm going to click on display two since I have two monitors going and repress it okay um where it says add object here I'm going to click on the word add object on the left and I'm going to select camera 0 that's the dog camera over there press ok and then I'm going to click add objects on the right and I'm going to click kimber one because that's the skimmer over here and okay and then if I wanted to I can right click and click full screen and that's about it guys for eyes by hopefully this again you started and if you would please let me know like and subscribe to my channel I would really appreciate it I hope you guys have a great day be safe and take care


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  1. Bang Duck says:

    Didn't cover the non-intuitive motion detector trigger sensitivity. I suspect you could use some kind of sync files/folder option and upload to a storage location you may trust more. I'd like to know if anyone has success with two or more usb cameras, because some generic naming conventions used by the manufactures may make them indistinguishable to Ispy. Kind of like buying bluetooth earbuds that have the same name.

  2. Mamdouh Tawadros says:

    Excellent video, Thank you.

  3. BIg al says:

    3 days, still trying…

  4. Crystal S. says:

    I don't know what it is, but you sound so enchanting 😉

  5. Roland Farmer says:

    Good info. Thanks. Say hello to the Mutt

  6. Егор Смирнов says:

    I prefer my free Xeoma edition

  7. Studio124 says:

    how can i setup creative VFO820 ?

  8. Dale Hammond says:

    Why do they all make this so confusing? Some day a smart company is going to simplify all of this for the average home computer person who only wants a job done….not study computer programing for several years. I'm at the point of trying to get my Wansview cam so I can view it outside my WiFi coverage (anywhere). It only took me 6 hours of misery to get it to work off my WiFi (which it does very well). Now I figure another week of misery and maybe I'll finally by accident figure it out. One day the company who makes this all easy will make a fortune.

  9. Insect Catchers says:

    This Is Amazing!!!!! SUB!!!

  10. TechyRodsWire says:

    crashes, its crap!

  11. Deano Essex says:

    USB "surveillance security camera" wtf are you on pal? Since when has a webcam been a surveillance security camera?? PMSL……….

  12. St0rm Ranger says:

    Free version only monitors for 2 hours max. Don't waste your time.

  13. kodi guy says:

    can you hook up 4 cams

  14. Notta Trwoll says:

    This software sucks dick

  15. Jason Phillips says:

    Like the video, I would like to know if I can set up my camera and mic on my laptop to record while I' m sleeping, because I have a jerk next door who's banging on the wall and waking me up, so I need to record the audio and video of that happening, a little advice on setting that up. Thanks.

  16. Ken shogun says:

    you took this video by poteto?

  17. Mika Cotty says:

    This shit is crap,. Don't download. Won't find shit. Not one fuking camera.

  18. Mika Cotty says:

    Wat the fuk. What kind of crap are you pulling man. I put the software in and tryed to turn it on. Its said. I must 1st make a movie of me taking a shower with the shower curtain open.. Ok I did. Thin I checked and it deleted the made movie and text back. OK of your wife, Girlfriend or Mother is she is HOT. WTF. kind of software is this.

  19. Caleb Hoffman says:

    When you configure the storage settings to save video for 72 hours, for example, once it reaches that threshold, will the "outdated" video be deleted and new video will take its place or will it just stop saving the recordings?

  20. Lily Liang says:

    thank you so much for making this video and sharing this information! I was wondering if I record with my camera of my laptop would the screen be on?? because I just want a spy camera instead of surveillance so I kinda need the screen to be off but still recording is there a way I can do that?

  21. Malcolm Price says:

    Grate video info this is just what I was looking for to setup my IP Camera.

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