How To Tie A Secure Knot In Braided Fish Line

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[Applause] hi Cal Kellogg did the fish different magazine here today I'm actually cleaning up my boat I just got back from a delta fishing adventure where I was throwing topwater baits like this is are a spook for stripers and largemouth bass and I got to thinking about the tackle we use these days and it seems like everybody's using braids and there's a lot of advantages to use in breeders no doubt about it but one of the questions that often comes up is what kind of knots are best for braids no there's a lot of guys that tie exotic hard to tie knots and they say these won't slip and braids and stuff like that but when I'm out fishing maybe the boats pitching maybe I'm excited the last thing I need to do is try to remember how to tie a really complicated knot now I use a simple knot with all my braids and I've never had a problem right now I've got a yeah I can get a hold of it I've got a spool of fins 30 pound test braid and I'm gonna show you the knot I use for tying on lures and hardware and stuff using braid all I do is I I take my line pretend this is coming out of the rod tip and I double the line over they double it over and then I just tie a really simple knot we all know how to tie and improve clinch knot that's what I use when I tie it with the lining double so here we go standard improved clinch knot make my wraps pass it through there it is a little short trouble doing this but get a hold of this pop it through there pull it down wait a little bit I'll hold this up to the camera what I've got there is just a standard improved clinch knot with the line double I'm going to go ahead and trim this off here make sure I don't cut the wrong one over here yeah trim this off I'll leave a little tag in which really doesn't scare the fish at all and that's it an improved clinch knot with the line double now I've been using this setup for a long time jigging for linka throwing topwater baits you know whatever it is I've never had a braid knot tied like that slip it's easy to tie it's easy to remembering out in the heat of battle we all know how to tie that clinch knot so give it a try it's reliable it's not gonna fail on you and it's gonna make your life a lot simpler than learning some exotic saltwater or not for tying on your braid


8 Replies to “How To Tie A Secure Knot In Braided Fish Line”

  1. big steve says:

    my go to braid knot is the double palomar never failed on me and I fling 8 to 12oz weights with my 11' surf rod about 80 yrds

  2. Brad Nickel says:

    Thank you!!! I'm a newbie to braided line and it's been extremely frustrating, because of the knotting essence of the braid. I actually despooled a full rebel and replaced it with mono, because I was getting so ticked off with the braid knot failing, even though I was tying the "better" types of knots for the braid. I've been trying to find a SIMPLE knot as you stated and this is the one. Excellent! I've been tying the improved clinch knot for 40 years – THAT I can do!! LOL!!

  3. Dean O says:

    Good information, thanks

  4. J McHatton says:

    Palomar Knot for me!

  5. Italian Troutaholic says:

    Ever try the San Diego jam Knot ?? has 2 locking mechanisms built into it .

  6. B C says:

    Cal, clinch knot, improved clinch knot…. would this be called the “double improved clinch knot”? 😂

  7. in motion says:

    Iv never seen that I always use the one were you fold it in half and then over hand it and go around the bait dam if I cant remember the name but it's right there but my brain wont get it out just got off but I like this one its seems easy as well.

  8. KowboiK says:

    OK, but how many turns around the mainline do ya start with? THX.

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