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I don’t pretend to be an authority on trip sitting however I do have a lot of personal experience being a trip sitter and I do thoroughly understand the concepts necessary to make a good sitter I will do my very best to articulate the necessary components so that you can be the very best baby I mean trip sitter that you can be a trip sitter is someone who is called upon to be present and sober while either an individual or a group of individuals undergo a psychedelic experience now when I say to be present I mean just that often your job as a trip sitter is to just be present as a safety net just in case shit is going to hit the fan you don’t necessarily have to think of yourself as a shaman or a guide in order to be a good trip sitter in fact a good trip sitter does not interfere with the tripperz experience at all a good sitter doesn’t push their own views and philosophies and you know ideals of what tripping should be on to the one that is tripping a good sitter is simply someone who is there to tend to the tripperz needs and to help make the experience as positive and comfortable as possible arguably the most important part of being a trip sitter is thoroughly understanding the substance that the tripperz will be consuming you need to envision yourself as the one who is ultimately in charge of the group you need to understand that once the tripperz are under the influence of the psychedelic drug they will not be able to properly communicate any concerns they have or they may have concerns that just aren’t grounded in reality there is a massive amount of people every year that go to the hospital after smoking weed now these people aren’t actually in any physical danger but because they’re tripping out probably harder than they anticipated all of their fears and concerns just aren’t grounded in anything real and they don’t know the difference whether they’re okay or not okay that’s why as a trip sitter it’s your job to know when someone is okay or when someone actually does need medical attention for this very reason it is your job to make sure that everyone has tested these substances that they plan to be consuming don’t agree to be a trip sitter unless everyone who’s tripping agrees to be as safe as possible test kits are cheap we are talking less than $20 cheap I will include a link in the video description so you guys can pick up a test kit in case you don’t have one now these test kits will not tell you 100% what substance you have but they do a fantastic job of telling you what you don’t have next you need to know full disclosure if the person or people that you are trip sitting have any pre-existing medical conditions you also need to know if they’re on anything like antidepressant SSRI medications often SSRI medications can interfere with psychedelics and it is usually advised that if you are on antidepressants to just not trip it all in to stay away from psychedelics in general finally you need to be aware of the dose that everyone is taking and the effects that said dose can create if you’re sitting for a group of people who are taking LSD or shrooms then you can rest assured that after testing the substances they will be physically safe no one has ever died due to an overdose of psilocybin mushrooms or LSD but many people have died due to an overdose of nbme which is often sold mistakenly as LSD that’s why absolutely vital that you test everything on the other hand if the group is going to be consuming something a novel research chemical then you need to know extensively what the effects of said chemical can be on the tripperz body for example is the substance known to raise the resting heart rate is it known to cause flushing is it known to cause physical discomfort such as nausea and vomiting is it going to make their body temperature fluctuate all of these things you need to know ahead of time so that if someone does exhibit what might be troubling symptoms you can say okay this is a common effect of the drug and you won’t rush so much the ER just because they feel nauseous now if people are going to be consuming more than one substance at once and they’re going to be mixing substances for example it’s very common for people to mix MDMA and LSD then you need to be well aware ahead of time what the precautions need to be when mixing said substances for safety information on drug interactions check out this website I know this is a lot to expect out of a trip sitter especially if the person that you’ve asked to sit for you has never tripped before ideally you want to have a trip sitter who has some personal experience on the substance you’ll be taking but I also understand that not everyone has this luxury if your sitter doesn’t have any experience tripping or any experience on the particular substance that you guys will be taking then it is your job to make sure that you print it off a fact sheet for the person who’s sitting for you or you can just have the information easily available on a mobile phone or a computer so that they can access it if they need to the fact sheets should include notes on what they can expect your behavior to be like it should also include a list of physical complications that should raise a concern and it should include a list of general effects that should not raise a concern you can also just have your trip sitter you know watch this video I know this has been beaten to death but it must be mentioned set being how you personally feel and setting being the location of your experience need to be properly planned out having these two things in check is absolutely vital for creating a positive environment for those who will be consuming the psychedelics unlike stimulants psychedelics don’t necessarily create an artificial mood enhancement instead they work by boosting how a person already feel setting being the location of your trip has a direct influence on how people will emotionally feel when on a psychedelic all of your emotions can be heightened to the max so tripping in a very comfortable and relaxed environment is very important with most psychedelics paranoia can be a common side effect for this reason it is best for those who are new to psychedelics to take them in a familiar safe comfortable and clean environment everything can feel exaggerated while on psychedelics very clutter filled messy environment can impact the tripperz mind in a very negative way you also need to be aware of safety concerns simple things like making sure that the door to the balcony is locked you should also have an adequate supply of water most people who are tripping don’t necessarily feel hunger but they will be thirsty if you’re tripping indoors it is important that the location feels warm safe and cozy it’s not uncommon for tripperz to just wrap themselves up in blankets and lay on the carpet be sure to plan for any interruptions that may occur I mean is someone coming home later are they aware that you’re going to be trip sitting for someone I mean you don’t want an angry housemate coming home and interfering or even worse a non understanding parent if you are going to be tripping outside you have even more of a responsibility make sure that no one is carrying any drugs on them and if you are sitting for a group of people and you’re worried about the potential of losing one or two from the herd what you can actually do is write down on a little piece of paper exactly how much of what substance everyone has taken and make sure they put it in their pockets I’ve personally done this before when I’ve gone out alone and I was worried that someone might you know find me in like a catatonic state I wanted to make sure that if they check my pockets they could see exactly what I was on in case I needed medical attention if you’re going to be trippin outside you need to be aware of how to get back to a safe and private place as quickly as possible I like to call this your safe zone be aware of where your safe zones are at all times you don’t know how someone is going to be affected by a psychedelic even if they have tripped before even many times no two trips are exactly the same sometimes people do freak out and often the best remedy for someone who’s freaking out is to take them back to a safe and familiar place if you’re at a place like a festival the safe zone can be as simple as just your tent or a car in worst case scenarios just find a public washroom that you can go into to just chill if you really need to calm down for a bit I’ve actually done this before one time I spent a whole hour or more in a public washroom because I was tripping alone at a museum and I couldn’t figure out if everyone around me was speaking English or Chinese and it just started to really freak me out yeah I pretty much spent the majority of that trip in various washrooms music is also very important under the effects of many psychedelics music can be heightened to almost euphoric levels music also has a secondary purpose it can be used as a tool to save the tripperz mind from negative sometimes people tripping can’t be rationally talked out of a bad headspace sometimes what you really need to do is just play a familiar song for them that the tripper has chosen ahead of time which can help just get them into a more positive mindset finally always plan to be available for longer than you have to if the drug is known to last 8 to 12 hours make sure that you have at least 14 hours with the person or people who are tripping you don’t want to rush the people that you’re taking care of you want to make sure that they’re comfortable as possible and for them to be comfortable as possible you have to be as comfortable as possible for this reason creating deadlines is just not a good idea remember it is your job to facilitate everyone’s safety and well-being even though it can be fun and exciting to witness your friends experience profound shifts in consciousness keep in mind that their needs are more important than your own mentally and emotionally they are in a very suggestible state you need to understand that even the slightest suggestion from you can cause a drastic change in the direction of their experience it is your role as the trip sitter to allow those who you are sitting for the emotional freedom to express themselves and just feel comfortable being themselves sometimes when Tripp sitting you’ll have a friend who will just not let you go they’ll either maintain physical contact with you constantly through hugging on and off or through holding your hand I’ve had both of these experiences and sometimes you’ll have someone who will cross your own personal boundaries of what you deem as acceptable and other times you’ll trip sit for people who just want to be left alone they may even ask you to stay in a different room than they are they might just want you there in case they you know desperately need help it may seem that they’re being rude at the time and you know you took the time out of your life to go and trip sit for them for hours and you’re not even spending the time with them but just know that they really do appreciate you even if they’re not showing it at the time they appreciate you being there let the tripper be free to decide what they want to do I mean it is their experience but at the same time you do need to make your boundaries clear I have trips at for people who wanted me to cuddle them and hold them if you’re not comfortable doing things like this then it’s absolutely okay to decline maybe you can offer them a long hug instead but just do your best not to be rude to them you need to keep in mind that they are not their normal self right now and sometimes they might act in bizarre or embarrassing ways just don’t judge them for it they are under the influence of a very intense substance and sometimes people will transfer their own energies onto you I once had someone I was sitting start talking to me like I was their long dead brother now if you’re dealing with a manipulative person they might start behaving like everything you say to them has some kind of an underlying meaning to it that you are trying to manipulate them in some way basically they will be treating you like you are a mirror for their own insecurities I’m actually guilty of this one myself in the past I’ve been convinced that everyone around me was secretly out to get me and we’re trying to manipulate me in some way I didn’t realize at the time that I was just seeing my own manipulative side and everyone else and I was projecting my own feelings on to them if this starts happening to you and you know people start thinking that you’re one of their dead relatives or they start projecting their insecurities onto you the best thing that you can do for them is to just act like a mirror just let them reflect onto you and just make sure that you let it all bounce off without letting it affect you try to question them try to in a non arrogant way get underneath the surface of these issues that they’re bouncing off you and and don’t get mad at them for it just let them do their thing understand that they don’t really think that you’re trying to manipulate them unless you are trying to manipulate them but um let them think what they want to think and let them come to their own conclusions this is easier said than done because it can be quite difficult to push your own ego down and to let people literally just bounce shit off of you but in regards to these unique situations this is the way to help them the most if you find things are really starting to get out of hand you can do the good-old move them to a new location trick or try changing the music you can suggest that you guys lay down and close your eyes for a while you’d be surprised just how easy it is to snap someone out of a negative headspace because again well on psychedelics people are very suggestible this is suggestible to positive notions and negative notions when dealing with psychedelics you often get the experience that you need not the experience that you want this means sometimes people are just going to have a challenging run and it doesn’t matter how cozy or comfortable you’ve made the environment for them sometimes bad trips happen when someone gets stuck in a negative thought loop they might start saying the same sentence on repeat over and over again or asking you the same question over and over again once they become aware that they are in fact acting like a broken record they may not even know themselves how to snap themselves out of it other times people can have bad experiences because the psychedelics can show them something in their own life that they’ve been running from the trip can take them underneath the lies that they’ve been feeding themselves and it can make them face their own problems head-on or a bad trip can be sparked by something as simple as just following a nasty thought they might get paranoid and think that their life is in danger or that they’re overdosing when in fact everything is perfectly fine regardless of what their reason for having a bad experience is you need to know what to do to help them get out of it first if they are in a nasty thought loop try changing the physical environment you might not be able to logically talk them out of it so grab them by the hand and lead them to a new location change the lighting change the music if you’re inside go outside if you’re outside go inside it might be time to go back to that safe zone that you picked out earlier sometimes them just knowing that you have some direction and that you’re going and doing something different and new sometimes that can be enough to change their mind onto a new path now if someone is screaming at the top of their lungs that they need help what you should do in that scenario is check their vitals check their heart rate check their temperature act like you’re you know making sure their physical body is okay and reassure them over and over again that everything on the physical level is okay remember to speak very calmly to them it’s not your fault that they’re having a bad experience just know that you can’t know what exactly is going on in their mind it’s very important that you remain calm and speak in very reassuring tones if you yourself start to exhibit anxiety it can reassure to the tripper that there actually is something that they should worry about try to get them to breathe intentionally in my own personal experience breathing is my go-to for helping me get out of nightmares practicing deep and controlled breathing exercises can help verify to a tripper that they are in fact alive and that they do have some control of their basic human functions when experiencing ego death sometimes people feel like they are losing their breath remember when you’re under the influence of psychedelics time can be experienced in a very different way what for you might be 10 minutes for the one who’s tripping could feel like 40 minutes or even longer this time dilation can make them feel like there is something wrong with their breath and there’s too much space in between each breath making them feel like they’re not breathing properly just remind them that they are breathing normally and everything is absolutely okay speak in a reassuring tone and yeah just try to tell them that time isn’t moving as slowly as they might think it is usually them just knowing that you’re a sober helper is reassuring enough and it can help them calm down sometimes certain individuals will feel anxiety displaying a weakness it might make them feel like they are less of a man or less of a person if they show you a vulnerability just remind them that exploring the depths of their own consciousness is a very brave undertaking remind them that it’s okay to experience moments of weakness because strength needs weakness the same way that light needs darkness to define it in the rare event there may be just absolutely nothing you can do to help someone if this does happen just sit beside them lovingly and wait it out with them you can remind them that they are in fact on a drug and that with time the drug will leave their system and they will return back to normal just stay by their side until the waves lessen and it passes over them it will pass eventually and in the even rarer circumstance sometimes tripperz do get violent and threatened to hurt themselves or others or just start smashing things violence is where you should always draw the line as soon as someone appears to be out of control to the point where it looks like they could hurt themselves or others this is when you need to call for either another friend to come and help you or if it’s serious you you need to call the paramedics or the police calling the paramedics might seem like the absolute worst thing you could do to the person at the time but it’s a lot better than them potentially hurting you or themselves try to make yourself available to talk the days following their experience sometimes people’s memories can become fragmented while tripping and it’s important that you’re there for them to talk to them in the days following just so you can help peace they’re experienced together if they had what they perceive to be a negative experience try to remind them that sometimes what looks like a negative experience on the surface is actually just what they needed to grow as a human a common question that I get a lot is if it’s okay to trip and to be the trip sitter at the same time if you are the type of person who can trip alone and has countless experiences under their belt of tripping alone then I would still say no when you are trip sitting someone you are there to take care of them you are there to put their needs above your own I don’t care how experienced you are if someone is heavily under the influence of a psychedelic substance and they’re displaying destructive behavior you are the most apt to being able to help them if you are sober that all being said I do need to contradict myself and say that if you are in fact a very experienced tripper and you can trip alone sometimes it can actually be beneficial to take a smaller dose with them something like a half dose I’m suggesting this because by being slightly altered it puts you more mentally in tune with the mentality of the person tripping personally when I have trips at for people before and say taking a half dose with them it proved to be a very beneficial experience for both parties it almost seemed to enhance the experience for the people I was tripping with because it was easier for me to get into similar mental states and to have really in-depth conversations that I just wouldn’t be able to have in a sober state but remember this is entirely dependent on the circumstances if it’s just you and say a really close friend and say it’s their very first time tripping it could be beneficial to take a half dose with them because it might entail that you guys have a very deep bonding experience together but say you’re watching a group of people and it’s at something like a festival or even just in a park you should never consume any psychedelics at all if your trip sitting for a group you’re responsible for more than one person at once there and even sober sometimes it can be really difficult to keep track of everybody it really just comes down to having common sense unfortunately common sense is not very common so as a rule of thumb if you are not extremely experienced in psychedelics always be a sober trip sitter anyway if you guys are interested in learning how psychedelics personally saved my life then follow the link here to the video this video is being featured on my new personal blog channel called swim this is the channel where I’ll be posting all future personal stories life experiences and you know philosophical content if you’re interested in watching more personal types of videos from me then be sure to subscribe to the new channel and thank you to all of our supporters on patreon it is thanks to your continued support on patreon that these videos are made possible a special thanks to everyone in this annotation right here if you guys want to learn more than check out to next time take care everybody and remember be safe


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    I recently had a friend come over to my house late at night, he had taken very strong acid before hand, but it hadnt kicked in yet, a few hours later (after midnight) he started running into the walls and having short bursts of uncontrollable violent behaviour for around every 30 secconds in an hour, I had no idea what to do and I couldnt let my family wake up. He started mumbling then screaming a girls name. I later found out it was his ex girlfriend who had just broken up with him. It got really bad and he got naked and started peeing on himself. I had no idea what to do and called his mom at 4:00 am to pick him up. What could I have done differently?

  63. Peaceful Commie says:

    This might be Adam's best video. Truly helpful, and extremely interesting.

  64. Stonerboy says:

    Gonna trip sit my friens they are going to try magic mushrooms any things i should know?

  65. Amanda Nelson says:

    And make sure your trip sitter doesn't find bones that resemble human bones . Because they will dig them out and try to find the ducking skull and want to take them home to anonymously turn in the bones because they have warrants out for their arrest. That shut me down for a week. I took 5 tabs of lucy it took 4 hours for them to kick in. I thought they were weak because 3 tabs the week prior that did nothing!

  66. Tatiana Martinez says:

    How to make it safe with nutmeg? any recommendation?

  67. eduard karpoev says:

    Yeah just reading the communist manifesto to them while they are tripping

  68. Achondroplasiaphobia says:

    Am i high or does his house look like a green screen

  69. BANG will be remembered says:

    im trip shiting right now while watching this!

  70. Hailie-Marie Sutherland says:


  71. Video cruzer says:

    Trip sitters are awesome. love you guys thanks again.

  72. James Phelps says:

    We were on shrooms once and my wife friends husband knew we were tripping and we thought he might come over and we completely forgot and then we here a knock on the door and we were like what the hell. Scary for a minute but then once we knew how it was okay made the trip that much better. Important information in this video.


    I’m gonna trip sit my friend

  74. friedrich Nietzsche says:

    My best friend is going to take shrooms next saturday for the first time, so i must be prepared for that.

  75. rallokkcaz says:

    Thank you sharing information, especially about novel compounds. Remember to always test dose your drugs, especially when they're more potent. Take 1/10th of a small dose, or less! This depending on the dose per weight.

    Great video! Don't trip in crack houses or in the woods alone!!!

  76. Nicholas Borden says:


  77. MrChase115 says:

    Can I make money doing this? I’ve tripped enough to know the basics, like, never telling someone that they took too much. That’s important also,..
    The last thing you wanna hear while coming up, [ searching YouTube for Cheech & Chong’s scene from (Up in Smoke) “You just did the most ACID”
    *good movies,
    *The original “Harold & Kumar

  78. LittleFluffy JellyBean says:

    I wish I had you as a trip sitter!!!!!

  79. Reine Souris says:

    I only trust my boyfriend when I’m high or tripping, I feel like he’s the only one who understands and loves me even if I’m talking to the pink elephant with a monocle that’s in the corner 😅

  80. lia alik says:

    Enlightened human beings may be jast trip siters of reality

  81. Achraf Lmimouni says:

    If you wouldnt cuddle someone that is under the influence of psychedelics to make them feel safer and more comfortable youre a shit human

  82. pastel rave says:

    Is it ever safe to caffeinate yourself before and during your trip sitting duties? I'm just wondering.

  83. mark lewis says:

    do'nt feed ém noodles,

  84. StraksCS says:

    My mate going to be tripping in a few days, wish me luck

  85. Loko8 says:

    99.99% Like to dislike ratio with almost 750k views, very impressive.

  86. MBCsi says:

    Just trip with cool people and you can all enjoy the experience together. As long as one person stays on a low dose and there is no animosity towards anyone in the group then there shouldn't be any problems. I would stick to small groups though.

    I've only ever had a tripsitter once when I did shrooms for the second time and they weren't event doing anything to look after me or even acknowledge me really. I had a medium dose of liberty caps so the trip wasn't that strong but my tripsitters (my bro and his friend) were just playing Bastion on the PC and smoking weed. I ended up going for a walk on my own at night around my block and it was amazing. with the stars out. They trusted me to go alone and I had a great time. Came back and ate a load of smarties. It was so cool…

    The only time I've ever had a bad trip is when me and my friend came out of a peak and carried on eating mushrooms (Golden Teachers) as we were in a retarded mind set, he started having a bad trip and projected it onto me. He's the most seasoned tripper I know but had some issues. The bad trip taught me some valuable lessons anyway. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy but sometimes the mushrooms have to teach you a lesson if you don't respect them.

    I'd always recommend having someone there for DMT, especially if you break through. Mainly just so you can share your astonishment with them afterwards 🙂

  87. Wlad Roderick says:

    thank you for making this type of content bro this plataform really needs more people like you …. love ya vids

  88. Hate Is Love says:

    Always yell to people who are afraid. Berate them, then hit them in their insecurities.

  89. Oitnb Oitnb says:

    I thought this was gonna be about how to trip on salt

  90. An Account of a User says:

    I love how in this video the tripper is portrayed like a baby.
    Which seems to be a very accurate portrayal

  91. Alec Bradley says:

    Gonna be a trip sitter for 2 friends tomorrow night, they're doing LSD 🙂 Hope they have a good time lol

  92. Don't sub says:

    my trip sitters are THE best, i “go to the bathroom” and come back tripping BALLS and they think i’m just acting goofy and have no clue i’m tripping, it’s the best.

  93. Ben Carrigan says:

    I had a friend who got in a taught loop and no matter what I told him he wouldn't calm down he keep shouting ambulance and hospital and I couldn't get him to sit down I keep reassuring him that he was fine and that he was safe and he wouldn't calm down no matter what and he started to become violent and kept trying to hit me I had to hold him down for 4 hours to keep him from hurting himself and had to just repeat that he was ok amd he eventually came out of it

  94. Claudia Guerra says:

    Do you recommend testing shrooms for psilocybin?? Is there even such a thing?

  95. Jake Paul says:

    Idk about tripsitting on nothing, if i witnessed the mental ward my house was when i wasnt tripping balls i would need therapy

  96. Temptation Gaming says:

    If anyone needs a online trip sitter hit me up

  97. Christian Porter says:

    If someone is on SSRI's for anxiety and OCD, should they take psychedelics?

  98. Isobella Parsons says:

    By far the most important substance to have a sober sitter for is opiates. Having multiple doses of naloxone (narcan) on hand is truly a matter of life and death, and must not be neglected.

  99. Cárter_Bruh says:

    Dude you blink a lot, what you on

  100. David Arndt says:

    Why are you admitting to everyone on YouTube that you've used drugs or even done anything else illegal?
    You don't know who is going to watch this. For example: Police, FBI, DEA. You might have a DEA agent living in your neighborhood, just a block away! Maybe they watch your videos all the time, they know where you live and maybe they don't like you, they are watching you and trying to get a warrant to arrest you! Just keep that in mind!
    With that said, if someone does have to go to the hospital, HIPPA, prohibits Doctors, Emits, Nurses, hospital Secretaries, Janitors and literally every other person working in hospitals or Doctors offices from telling the police, a patient's friends and relatives and anyone else who doesn't work in that Dr's office any details about a patient's condition without either a court order or that patients permission in writing.
    I am not really into drugs, except prescription medications from a Doctor, which, for me, includes Marijuana.
    I have never Trip Sat for anybody. But, I have had to Drunk Sit for people a few times. That's not much fun. Drunk sitting involves the same type of things you talk about on here.
    I had a friend in the Army get so drunk, he passed out in bed. The fire alarm went off (false alarm). He wouldn't get up to leave the building. I told the fire fighters about him. They took him out on a stretcher to the ambulance. His Heart stopped on the way to the hospital. They used the Defibrillator to restart his Heart. A few miles down the road, his Heart stopped again. They used the Defibrillator to restart his Heart again! When he woke up in the hospital, several hours later, he had Seven (7) IVs in his arms!
    The First Sergeant was not very happy about that! He said, "If I find out alcohol was involved in this, you'll be in a lot of trouble!"
    Luckily the First Sergeant never found out that he was drunk that night.

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