How to Wax Your Car for Maximum Protection with Meguiar's – 2011

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waxing your car regularly is a must when it comes to protecting your paint finish from the elements and with the variety of waxes available choosing the right one can be a bit confusing if you're looking for our longest lasting most advanced protection Meguiar's ultimate wax is definitely your solution if you're looking for a proven synthetic wax with deep gloss McGuire's next-generation tech backs 2.0 is your answer if you're looking more for a natural carnauba paste wax we recommend McGuire's gold class carnauba plus and McGuire's cleaner wax remains an excellent choice for cleaning polishing and protecting in one easy step our liquid waxes offer high-quality protection in an easy to use liquid form if you're looking for that feel of a traditional paste our paste waxes offer the same quality of protection as our liquids for an even quicker and easier result Meguiar's ultimate quick wax is your best choice before waxing wash and dry your vehicle thoroughly and make sure it's free from any defects or bonnet contaminants if not you'll need to use our smooth surface clay kit or one of our paint cleaners like Meguiar's ultimate compound to properly prep the surface before applying a wax when applying a wax best results will always be achieved when working in the shade and on a cool surface if you're working by hand apply your favorite McGuire's wax onto a foam applicator and spread the product over the surface creating a thin uniform layer continue working around the vehicle until it's covered in a thin even coat if you are using our dual action polisher attach our black foam finishing pad and set the speed dial between 1 and 3 apply your favorite McGuire's wax directly to the pad and place the pad flat on the paint turn the machine on and begin buffing with light pressure in an overlapping pattern while keeping the pad flat against the paint at all times reapply the wax to the pad as often as needed until the entire vehicle has a thin even coat of wax to determine when the wax is ready to be removed swipe your finger across the section if it smears it's not ready however if it's clear then it's time to remove the wax when the wax is dry use our supreme shine microfiber towel to easily remove it to extend the life of your wax remember to always use a wash design specifically for car finishes like Meguiar's ultimate wash and wax for additional detailing tips and techniques call our surface care specialists or visit McGuire's Comm


23 Replies to “How to Wax Your Car for Maximum Protection with Meguiar's – 2011”

  1. Waande Awam says:

    I heard for best result we should leave ultiamte paste wax applied for 24 hours then wipe it out. I don't know how true is it

  2. Alex Skoda Rapid says:

    Еле нашел где купить… будем пробовать

  3. kristian A says:

    Silly question here. Do u use dry or damp microfiber towel for removing the wax? Thanks

  4. Harr32xis says:

    A cool surface? So I can’t wax my corrola then, damn

  5. Freedom Writer says:

    It's a new car

  6. Cameron Stevenson says:

    Wax or compound

  7. Neil Kaplan says:

    Meant to say x press spray wax when working on a small area of car

  8. Neil Kaplan says:

    I use the ultimate liquid wax when waxing the entire car and spray wax when just working on a small area, ie bug or bird droppings.

  9. Admiral Akbar says:


  10. Krema Morasses says:

    1:48 is that daddy Derek

  11. Lucky Strike says:

    Sell sell sell

  12. Red Bull says:

    I have a dent on my car,does anyone has any idea how to fix it, without spending too much $

  13. khouma Soayman Jarrika says:

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  15. Human Being says:

    One big add!

  16. Raftika says:

    Do I need to polish my car before I wax it? Or is waxing the same thing as using polish? I will defiantly clay my car before waxing but I want to know if I need to polish the car after claying it and then wax? Wash, dry, clay, polish, and finally wax? Or just wax once clay has taken out all the deep dirt and grime?

  17. Eddie Runcorn says:

    All that circular waxing motion will produce swirls won’t it.

  18. เคน KhunFon says:

    I use straight lines when applying polish and wax to prevent swirl marks

  19. Myles Hejmanowski says:

    Come on Meguiars you know better. Waxing or doing anything in circular motions is a bad idea. Same with compounding/polishing by hand, shit’s useless compared to using a machine. You’re better than this.

  20. static clutch says:

    Anyone else reconize the music in the background as the music that plays on the dune buggy game from miniclips?

  21. SEVEN SIX says:

    I use the Myogi method. Wax on . . . wax off.

  22. Riasat Khan says:

    Do you ship to Canada?

  23. Rofiqul Islam says:

    Hey guys/gals, I have a question.
    Can I use Meguiar's Ultimate Polish and Meguiar's DeepCrystal Carnauba Wax on my bumper which is plastic? (note: bumper is same color as rest of the car)

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