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(gentle music) – Donors are very important to
help us sustain our mission. Without the St. John’s Hospital Foundation we wouldn’t be able to be as innovative and excel in as many areas because they fund a lot of programs, technology, equipment,
remodeling of units. – You know, we pay for the
Child Life Specialist Program. Every great Children’s Hospital has a great Child Life Department, and donations pay for that. – Without support of the community, we can’t have good
hospitals you know, no way. – We’re so blessed that we are
part of a growing hospital. But it’s really the foundation that helps us accelerate that growth. – There is no donation that’s too small. These donations, no
matter what the amount, are pooled together. So the people who give
to the greatest need, that money goes into a
fund and we can use it. So, we will buy a piece of equipment. You can actually give in
any area that you want. A lot of people give to
the Children’s Hospital, the NICU, the Hospice Program,
the College of Nursing, simulation lab, Prairie Heart,
professional developments. There’s just any number of opportunities to give and to help the community. – And so, you know, our
office works directly with people who want to give back, for all of those reason. And we help them really match
a cause that’s really near and dear to their heart with
a priority that we have here at St. John’s and that’s
when we get the two together and great things can happen
through philanthropy. – Everybody puts little
bit money we can make the hospital so beautiful and make the Springfield
beautiful, you know? – I really want our community
as a whole to realize the valuable hospital that we have within our medical community and that
because of their donations that we are able to stay
up on the latest pieces of equipment, the latest
medical technology that our physicians and that our nurses can be highly educated. That some of these funds will help them with their professional development. To keep up on the latest and the greatest. – Well I’d like to thank the donors that already have given
money to the foundation. And I can assure you
that we use your dollars in a very meaningful way. And for those of you who
are thinking about donating, there are so many ways that
you can support St. John’s. It can be through technology,
it can be through programs. Your dollars will
immediately be put to work and without it we wouldn’t
be the great hospital that we are today.

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