Huggable Security Video Brochure Home Raised Personal Protection By Protection Dog Sales

June 2, 2019 posted by

one this way so you got to finish that loop forward protection dog cells with our largest provider of home raised personal protection dogs in the world over good our puppies are raised in foster homes they are not raised in kennels so they grow up having the benefits of living in a home with small pets and cats and children and noise and all of the you know hubbub we hand-picked our breed stock for genetic traits that make them much more tolerant to the stress that everyday life puts on these dogs hey guys let's go let's go yeah well they're all special but there are the standout once in he seems like every three or four years there's the standout one and it just so happens this year was Island but he's just one of a kind I lurve on proving pudding he is a young sable male German Shepherd what makes him very unique is the devotion that his puppy raiser had in training him it really excelled him passed his other litter mates you know he's DS exceptional Adamson's he was about seven weeks old and I didn't really realize at the time what he was going to be the dog has balance and by that I mean he has the defensive edge the serious edge he has prey Drive which builds confidence and allows us to develop and train with him he can be seriously protective in real life he can put on a great demo a great show and on top of that he's a great house dog he has the ability to play both the gladiator and the politician so well sit spin down over top sit down sit shake shake brook stay that balance is what's missing and most of the dogs that the people are selling out there they're all defensive – serious – edging can't take those dogs out in public you guys having fun today yes just having a good time look at the dog look how pretty the dog is hey hey hey wait that's okay he's friendly you can pet him if you want you guys want to come pet in he likes kids his name's Euler he's great with kids he's phenomenal with public settings but he's also very effective and lethal Guardian when he needs to be oh it hurt and has a 310 pound guy I got my butt whooped nobody would want to take a dog like that without obvious safety equipment it's a powerhouse protection dog anyone can make a dog aggressive make an aggressive dog is not hard making a confident naturally protective dog that's capable of defending you and protecting you is the challenge that's what makes this dog so valuable we're going to see how i lurk and handle severe predator situation we got some crazy absolute violence going on in this room and I'll er its supervising the violence amongst these children the children of any home in America are going to be acting like this that's any given time and yours I'll are going holy moly what is going on with you crazy kids so it's just daily life and the life of kids all right guys let's hop on the couch and let's see if I wants to snug over a little bit okay buddy come on up here oh come on great kid dog naturally protective fun inquisitive super dog so I can go on and on and on about the benefits of having a companion a well trained obedience companion who is naturally protective as well hey there how calm he is he's calm he's cool he's collect he's not a threat to me but then at Casey's discretion and it's a change of my behavior go on get out of here we have handled this dog from the day he was born tens of thousands of hours literally a lot of blood sweat and tears actually have gone into him people by dog from us they want a protection they want to add security to their home but what they find after they make the purchase that the dog brings so much companionship and joy to their lives the nice part about him he makes it so easy to love him people that don't know him he wants to curl up and cuddle with them he wants to roll over and get belly scratches and he is just to me that makes him the ultimate dog the biggest compliment we get is the fact that the dog becomes a family member so quickly I'll tell you one thing when he sells I am going to have a very like sad quiet house for at least a couple weeks he's safe he's fun he's a companion he's a friend he's priceless when you get him you've got it all he's pretty much the whole package so if you're serious about a dog like Eyler and this is a big investment so be serious about it when you call give us a call and we will interview you and take you through the process and explain the value of a dog like allure you


43 Replies to “Huggable Security Video Brochure Home Raised Personal Protection By Protection Dog Sales”

  1. Bruner Wes says:

    Definitely need to be seen as a 10 year insurance policy for people who have alot of something people are interested in and looking to take …. You'll spend way more for a conventional human body guard …. and not nearly as loyal as this

  2. Wesley Hempoli says:

    You are smoking some pretty good crack if you think anyone is paying that kind of money for a dog with a 10 year life span that is already 1 year old. Thats 9 years, of which only 5 or 6 of them will be quality years of high alertness and quality service. Thats an average of $1644 per month. Factor in food, dog stuff,vet care, etc and we are at about $1750/mo. For that price i can hire an armed body guard for 40hrs/wk. stay off the drugs, sir. They have rotted your brain

  3. E M says:

    My neighbor has a beautiful black long haired German Shepherd that is big boned and he paid 3K for it and imported it from Germany. It’s very protective, obedient, and friendly. This man wants 10 – 100K for his dogs LOL. I guess there are dummies who will purchase that, since there is a market for everything.

  4. Chris Kibodeaux says:

    Wish I could afford this training exactly what I want for my German Shepherd!!!!

  5. Paradox 420 says:

    These dogs are pathetic just like your training methods

  6. 4T1K5O says:

    Yeah but can your 100,000 dollar mutt stop a 45acp and keep fighting? No? Then get a real job. Fucking hippies.

  7. Andre Garcia says:

    $100,000???? Give me a fucking break

  8. Leslie Sinclair says:

    I didn’t realize these dogs were so expensive. I’ve been thinking “ one day “ I’m gonna get one. However, I’ll never be able to afford one. 😔

  9. Nathan Davis says:

    Hmmm should I get a house or a $100,000 dog

  10. rollercoasterXYZ says:

    This popped up as an ad on recommendations. I almost scrolled passed, smiled at the dog, scrolled again then stopped and saw the price of it. Was about to keep scrolling then was like. God damnit I gotta see why

  11. Ray Webb says:

    Dogs best thing on earth.

  12. astralz the says:

    Should take this to shark tank

  13. Franky Flowers says:

    I thought this commercial was going to be about 100k insurance if my dog bites someone.

  14. Cool Story says:

    Damn living the dream

  15. Andy Riggs says:

    What happens if the dog dies while protecting us? Do we get a replacement for free? Or are we just fucked

  16. Darrell Logan says:

    "I'm a 310 lb guy …" Well, I'm only 170 lb guy, 58 years old, and I will bare hands kill any of these dogs. Want to bet? How about, if I win, you pay me the 100 grand. Put your money where your mouth is.

  17. Katie Roman says:

    3:45 🤦🏼‍♀️OMG 😮that was a good build up of doom!!! Lol 😂 then that music 🎶 LIKE just for that !!!👍🏻and the 🐕!!!

  18. Self -Deprecation says:

    I don’t like the idea of using dogs as tools but if they’re happy I’m ok I guess

  19. Ashley Job says:

    My dogs need to step up their game…

  20. Natalie Mitchell says:

    Ok so if a kid comes up and takes their moms purse,will the dog attack??Because some(most)kids do that.Not trying to sound rude,I’m just actually wondering 😂

  21. Jhigh Tutntup says:

    I thought it said personal prostitution sold…

  22. Joshua Roberg says:

    I lost my best friend was my black 😭 lab he was my companion! Great to see this but it be hard to letem go!

  23. Joshua Roberg says:

    I need dog like this wut I'm looking for. I got paralyzed racing mottocross but to be honest I don't have much money any more!

  24. Marco Femto says:

    Those are more like Demon Shepherds. Scary but awesome looking dogs

  25. Monique Jones says:


  26. Courtney Shoemaker says:

    ( I love to rescue humans)!! Love my rotten rottweiler's

  27. Britni Okay says:

    As a very small and petite female I would love to have one of these dogs for safety.

  28. Augur Cybernaut says:

    5000-8000…..ok 100k…? Ouch.

  29. mark spannar says:

    Great training. You can tell the trainers know what they are doing and they respect the animal. The price tag of a 100k is Lil steep unless the dog can stop bullets.

  30. Yo Mama says:

    My aunt got one after her home was broken into but the damn dog was so paranoid he bit my sister when we visited.

  31. TheReelDon says:

    Until this kids actually do start fighting and the one he is protecting starts crying… I would love a dog like this but got to be careful with any K9 around kids… Amazing training though

  32. Shaq Dillon says:

    What breeds do u use??

  33. Jay Gasper says:

    Awesome dogs, I love when they protect the children.

  34. bearded tiger says:

    Great dog great training but the price is killer. An I’m not talkin shit I just wish I had the money for him lol

  35. Whitley Beaver says:

    German Shepards are the best

  36. Whitley Beaver says:

    People need to teach their children how to go up to a dog. That boy could have gotten bit I know it was staged but still

  37. dead mouse says:

    Omg i want one there beautiful how much they go for

  38. Rand Thompson says:

    Love seeing smart working dogs.
    Thanks for posting this.

  39. Brit Frazer says:

    That intro song actually bops

  40. Marci Miller says:

    Bet he really changed and lost confidence when the person/ people he loved and trusted who he thoughy were his people sold him and sent him away from what he thought was his home.

  41. Larry Hardy says:

    do they poop gold

  42. Breakthrough Vegan says:

    Forget the dogs, Casey is super cute.

  43. Good_ Commentary says:

    Why do you think your dog is worth hundred thousand

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