IAEA Acting Director General expresses deep regret over N. Korea’s continued …

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meanwhile the chief of the UN’s nuclear
watchdog is deeply concerned as activities as some of the nuclear
facilities in North Korea appears to continue or is developing further and
since the continuation of that program is a clear violation of relevant UN
Security Council resolution the IAEA has also verified that Iran is preparing to
use more advanced centrifuges breaching the nuclear deal is signed in 2015 our
kim eun-sun has more on this report acting director general of the
International Atomic Energy Agency Cornell Furuta expressed regrets over
North Korea’s continued operation of some of its nuclear facilities in a
statement issued on Monday he stressed that the reduced nuclear activities
remain a cause for serious concern he added that the continuation of the
program is a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions through to
urge Pyongyang to fully comply with its obligations under such resolutions and
cooperate with the IAEA to resolve all outstanding issues meanwhile the UN
Atomic watchdog also confirmed that Iran is moving ahead with preparations to
begin using more advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium it explained in a
statements that its inspectors have verified new centrifuges including 30
advanced ir6 centrifuges this is a further breach of in 2015 nuclear deal
Iran signed with world powers as a use of advanced centrifuges to enrich
uranium it’s completely banned by the deal the IAEA chief called on Iran to
promptly respond to the agency’s questions related to the country
safeguard declarations he emphasized the importance of full and timely
cooperation by Iran kim moo-sung arirang news

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