22 Replies to “ICE Raids Begin Sunday – Here’s How To Protect Yourself”

  1. Bryna Waldman says:

    Thanks for doing this clip. I shared it on my facebook page to get the word out.

  2. caty moonlight says:

    what happen to the usa i learn about as child in germany about the country who fight the nazis who hold up human rights whats happen to your people and your beautiful heart it hurts to see this for me america was a countrys it was cool as child now i dont know anymore if i want to have anything to do with it are you still a democracy because it does not look like you are. i worry please stay strong with love from germany

  3. kbo6612 says:

    Unless there's something I'm missing, the people targeted are those who've had their day in court, and, have been ordered to depart by a judge.  I can't see how anyone would oppose this, being that they've had their due process.

  4. Steve Hirsch says:

    Never thought I'd live to see a horrible situation like this… Makes me wonder who are the going to target after the immigrants…

  5. Liesbeth de Vries says:

    In Hitler terms: the SA is coming.
    Der Polizeistaat
    1 Abschaffung des Rechtstaates 2 Sondergesetze 3 Ermächtigungsgesetz 4 Berufsbeamtengesetz 5 Gleichschaltung = one party state = police state
    Source: Hermann Vinke "Das Dritte Reich", 2005
    ISBN 978-3-473-55390-7

  6. AirgiodFeochadan says:

    ICE is going to get themselves shot. I hope. We used to shoot Nazis, right? How is this any different? Door to door rounding up "illegals" (used to be Jews), to put them in concentration camps.

  7. Karen Bishop says:

    First don’t answer the door…make sense. It is like vampires they can’t enter unless you let them in.
    This is another page from nazi Germany playbooks.
    Horrible times in USA history.

  8. Rick H says:

    I am so over this shit. If you’re over in this country illegally you are breaking the law. Just like a bank robber or murderer or rapist child molester is breaking the law.

  9. Brian Jones says:

    We the Patriots have already put out a call
    To arms…we own the guns that you are trying to eliminate…we ALL .. are locked and loaded waiting on POTUS COMMAND TO MARCH ON WASHINGTON AND TAKE OUR REPUBLIC BACK…read the Declaration of Independence
    We have every right.. legally to do so
    So keep spreading your BS hot air.. all you do is talk.. well guess what ?? We’re getting tired of all this pussy talk…we shall see who wins in the end ❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😮😮😮…chew on that for a while..!!! Bitch!!!

  10. Brian Jones says:

    So , tell me how I can get out of paying my speeding tickets… I broke the law..
    they came in illegally and we are enforcing the law… please explain the difference…???

  11. Benny G Mooneyhan says:

    Arrest all those Americans that aid these criminal…. like this man

  12. Patricia Lessard says:

    These people came to ask for asylum. That doesn't make them criminals,it's legal ! They ask for asylum,fill out paper work, and come to court to have their petition heard later. They should not be treated like criminals or put in concentration camps.
    The only one who is committing crimes is The Moron who thinks he's Putin and you're making it possible. Ye of little brains.

  13. Truth Seeker says:

    This pecker head is a traitor to America 😡

  14. FHINNY FIN says:


  15. Claire Mercer says:

    I have a feeling these Ice bastards will simply start breaking down doors.

  16. Nepocrates says:

    I hate the advice get a GOOD attorney. If I need a lawyer today for anything I would have a hard time at best to determine who is and who isnt a good attorney

  17. Avery Wilson-Hannah says:

    If they are legal immigrants leave them the fuck alone if not you need to go back good or bad and come back legally

  18. Uncle Freddy says:

    Here's how to protect yourself from any law enforcement showing up at your door: Don't break the fucking law. Illegal means illegal. Cousins, you're a real joke.

  19. Marvin Gonzalez says:

    😔😔😔I be helping my family 100% I will protect them everything I have even if I use my body as shield

  20. Patssight says:

    Interesting, watching this video on my Roku. This channel came up top of my home page. This video was the 4th video I consecutively watched in a row from your channel. This video was 95% finished and I backed out of to watch next of your videos. Your channel disappeared with Recommended Videos at top of home page. Went to subscriptions to finish watching videos from this channel. Normal behavior so far. Your channel was on the subscription list but only listed videos from previous subscribed channel. Checked other subscribed channels before and after and they worked fine. I can now only access your channel from my history. This all just happened 15 minutes ago.

  21. bill says:

    I thought this is only for illegal immigrants that has committed a crime? Isn't this a good thing?

  22. Laura Beaudoin says:

    These disgusting "brown coats" from Heinous Hitler history – are a PLAGUE from the past! Slimy creeps out to destroy decent people – in the name of racism! They are destroyers – they LOVE their jobs! They are beyond deplorable! Take care people. Thank you Farron – I don't live in your country (Thank God) – but I really appreciate people with integrity, like yourself!

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