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hey hey what's up guys damn what's up friends and cold what's up you see he John D Mexico citizen what's up you know if you need any know what's up people didn't eat no beanie nope I always mess up your name sort of the sort of the spirit what's up guys I Rea what's up man I was watching your videos today irate like we can't get enough of your videos man that quality is kicking my ass so we have some allied Universal security guards here I'm just documenting this in case anything goes wrong or if they end up calling the PD out here I know who what a complain about we got three guards out here they came out told me that I couldn't be here on the public sidewalk I see street utilities I see a crosswalk right here and and because I'm standing here they're telling me this is private property so now they're just gonna stand there and and be you know observing reporters what they're supposed to do but they did come out and tell me I was on private property try to tell me that uh that I had to leave so and they were pissed off because I was I was being silent and I didn't want to talk to him and when I called them out because he said he was just gonna go ahead and call the sheriff's and I gave him the I told him he was number one and he's in and then he got mad and said why why do I have to disrespect them and give him the finger and I told him because he wants to put me in jail he wants to call the cops out here so they can do something about it I think that's a little disrespectful be calling the cops on people for doing absolutely nothing wrong out here on the sidewalk guys out here on the public sidewalk here on the public sidewalk this guy wants to approach me and tell me that I can't be here and then threatens me with the police and then he gets mad when I call him out on his bullshit told them that he's a security guard he should be observed and report and if he wanted to ask elated any further he needs to call the cops you know and he got mad because I called them out on his BS allied Universal guys Ally Universal so we're gonna state stay tuned guys we're gonna see if anything goes down here see if they meet the criteria call for help you know a lot Universal is famous for making the crybaby call they call another man to do their man business so check it out thank you guys for joining me I just I'm out here by myself tonight in the city of this is uh I believe this is still City of Industry or the beginning of Whittier over here across the street from work near Mill Road and peck peck Road is the cross intersection right here and this is across from Rio Hondo Matthew thank you appreciate it autopsy Oh what's up thank you guys for joining you guys are always here for me I appreciate it William what's up cream reefer Thank You philosophy and appreciate the support thank you so much for guys being here guys not really what's up Raymond plus a proposer what's up queen bee hey you guys check out our ray channel make sure and stay on top of his content I think he has the best content when it comes to cop watching to a rat just ran by you guys see that make sure and stay on top of my reach channel guys look it what we got here we got here what we got here guys look who decided to show up I said let's go call him out on his bullshit yeah I knew you were gonna call another man who do your members with my little boy my little baby boy you're gonna learn the lesson right now a helicopter to come check it out guys they don't know SUV news this year the sheriff's know me very well here so they know that I'm not here to cause a problem they know that for a fact yeah I already trying to educate him before they call the cops and they still went ahead and made the crybaby call guys I'm gonna put up the video these guys got educated I told them that we have the right to be here anything I can see I can film from a public sidewalk and he's still decided to make that nine one one call and waste the sheriff's time coming out here so there it is now we've got a second unit responding hey go get educated man welcome to the school of hard knocks man you're about to learn a lesson welcome to SUVs college bro when you graduate you'll never call the cops again fucking coward later see look at that guys that's the fucking respect from the sheriff's right there guys they didn't even if all they said was hi huh what happened what happened you fucking cry-baby now I got no respect for your bitch ass now you're just a little punk bitch fucking cry-baby that's all you are yeah close that door haha Wow look at that guys I fucking knew it I fucking knew it you're on your own you're honest hey you Hasan you pause but you couldn't blow me away bro sorry you gotta go home and read that story again hmm who came out fucking huffing and puffing telling me that I had to leave I was on private property and look at now he's just sitting there very upset very upset I guarantee you the sheriff's went on the live went on YouTube and said let's see who's over there and said yeah it's SUV news don't say anything to him when you get there bye bye bye hey fuck you guys for calling the cops on me you guys are a bunch of cowards you guys are a bunch of punk-ass cowards you suck you suck at being a security guard you guys suck at it I'm sorry maybe you should learn about First Amendment before you come out and try to regulate people on the sidewalk yeah there it is guys there it is hahaha thank you Jason Eric thank you for being here Elvia what's love louise a lungful what's up guys aha the Michael Maloy so what's up you guys visit Michael Maloy show oh yeah hey guys I was trying to tell you guys about our a channel man I fuckin love this guy he's I think he's the number-one cop watcher howl here in California there's nobody that doesn't like him he has the best quality video guys he has the best frame the frame you know his framing is perfect he's always getting the perfect shot and he always has good content guys please check out our rate I support that guy forever love them that guy's awesome check out our reproduction guys make sure to subscribe and hit the bell so you guys could be notified when he posts new videos he posts them on the daily he posts them on the daily oh yeah he's a beast he is a beast guys please visit our channel and if you love what he's doing for the community make sure and support him by his t-shirt guys support the guy subscribe to his channel share his content tell a friend about them the best support you can give any of us out here is to to tell a friend guys Jennifer and tell your brother tell somebody that would appreciate the content whoo there it is whoo there it is oh that's so sad it's so sad they hate the silent treatment the first guard came out guys the first guard came out and I told her absolutely nothing she got on the radio right away called for backup and the little guy said I'm on my way I'm in route over and then the other girl was like yeah I'm in route – Roger that we're on them you guys can see the video I'll post the video I just wanted to go live in case you know you never know you never know what's up nose Baker's you never know that the cops showed up but look the cops have nothing but respect for us out here guys they're learning yeah I got I got um I got to tell you guys that uh I got an appointment tomorrow with the investigator I don't know if you guys seem that that our video from burning the one that said I think the title was something like sir there was no battery or something like that there was no battery look up SUV news first there was no battery you're gonna see a video in the city of Vernon the detective called me and he wants to sit down and talk about that they're gonna they're doing an investigation on the officers that wouldn't take my my report but you guys watch the video and tell me what you think about it if you haven't seen it yet you know it was it was a pretty crazy situation the two of the guys from the facility that Flo serve came out one of them straight on my camera and they called the cops on me when the cops showed up I wanted to make a citizen's arrest and make the report or a criminal report whatever they wanted to do at that point and they wouldn't take the report they said there was no battery so and that was the supervisors supposedly that showed up I asked for a supervisor so interesting story there guys and we're gonna get an update pretty soon on what the detective says and yeah follow through guys always follow through you know we got it we got to stay on top of these reports especially when they're against the police and and and make sure that they hit the file make sure that it hits their file hard you know and also I got a letter from the City of Industry Sheriff's Department that another report I made on another officer or deputy actually it was a cop watch I was standing on the corner and the guy tried to come out and tell me to get out of here and to not disturb them and whatnot he was gonna put me under arrest and and because he didn't want to give me his name and badge number I went to the station and filed a complaint on him so they said that they couldn't really pin him for much you know because it was just a verbal altercation between us but they said that it was it was still going to go in this file so there it is guys there it is things are happening and and happening in the background I just want you guys to know about that stuff because I try to stay on top of it on the coming up next week know the week after next I have another a sit-down with the DA for the guy at the Air Force Base grabbed my he grabbed my rig and pulled it down because he wanted to get a picture on my face and and they set the it's just a hearing I guess between me the the accused and and the DA and they're gonna make a decision then if they're gonna file charges on this guy so I feel I feel bad for this guy because you know even though he did act a little wacky that day he I don't think he deserves you know what's coming to him but you know what you come out here even like these guards if they would have came on you know and put hands on me they don't deserve to be in a position of any type of authority you know security police whatever they don't they don't deserve that shit because they don't know how to control themselves but here today was not that situation so I kind of think them for that but they still went ahead and made the crybaby call for a man to come handle their man business and then commander showed up just took off so there it is guys they got schooled they got schooled the black lady came out from the booth well apparently my my lawyers I guess assistant will call him said that they they filed against the guard service so I'm just waiting to find out the outcome of that but that's also in the process the lady did actually she did get convicted of the crime of battery so she got slapped with that that charge and now the next step is to to go you know try to find justice through the security company knows she worked for because obviously they have you know they're the ones that represent their guards you know so that's still the process to but everything takes time guys nothing's over night everything's anywhere from six months to a year to two years so we're just dealing with one situation at a time as it comes but believe me guys that we're not all here to try to make all kinds of trouble or try to get lawsuits and pile them up no that's not what it's about we just want people to learn we want policy to change we want Ally Universal to fucking to to train their guards so that they don't have to make so many calls this guy made a call to the supervisor he made a call to nine one one he's calling everybody because he's so uneducated he can't make his own decision you know he you know somebody that's not independent is not reliable and that goes for any job that you have if people have to be telling you what to do or give you instructions you know you're maybe that's not the best position for you when you're in a good position and you know your job you can make decisions on your own so we want policy change we want guards to learn they're there you know learn about the First Amendment let's just put it like that if we want guards to learn about the first and you know that people have rights out here so they don't make that dumb mistake and come out and tell us we have to leave so that's what it is guys so grappling thank you for the support yeah guys that's where we're at so I don't want you guys to think we're just out here to catch you know catch a case and and blah blah blah people have a misconception about that so I really want to clear that up because we're not trying to make a case about everything we want to change policy we want people to learn and especially if these people do it you know often you know I mean there's people that get battered and don't say anything they just walk away you know but at least if we can do a report make a report next and that person gets aggressive there'll be a history you know so yep there it is there it is and these guys are still here watching me and watching me while we're watching them the girl came out and told me I didn't give consent for me to film her but they walked up to my camera they walked straight up to me and now they want to tell me that they don't give consent I don't think so you keep consent the moment you walk to a camera you're giving me consent you know that I'm filming hahaha bill more would take you those are my guys right there I don't care what anybody says about them those are my guys right there west coast digital AV watchman those those are my guys I don't care what anybody says but there it is guys are gonna put up the news now California's my guy for sure I don't care what anybody says about them people people can paint all they want on all the people that I associate with but it doesn't matter to me because United was stronger you you that are out there creating the hate you won't last long you're gonna dissipate that's for damn sure the hate the hate does not last a v-sit hate San Joaquin it doesn't matter might their problems are not my problems guys you guys gotta understand that anybody's probably if you have three friends and if two of them don't get along with each other you know well are you gonna choose sides no if you like both of the people you're gonna get along with whoever you want you know you might have to go out on Monday with one and Tuesday with the other but don't make people other people's problems your problem you know make that decision to have a problem you know yourself you know don't don't make somebody else's issue your issue that's the Coward way out just because somebody has an issue doesn't mean that you have to have an issue with them too and that's what I try that's what I try to that's the word I try to spread out here you know because just because I'm walking and Navy Watchmen don't get along that mean it doesn't mean that I'm not gonna talk to both of them just because I'm Joaquin in high desert or or not whoever high desert and Johnny Five oh just because they don't get along who gives a shit that's not my problem so that's the message I try to spread that nobody you know people's problems are not gonna become my problem if you hate somebody that's on you hate them I don't give a shit I'm not gonna hate them just because you hate them and that's that's the message that a lot of people put out there oh yeah you know you're hanging out with this person blah blah blah yeah yeah if you hang out with them then you know if you to all y'all good good you know because you're just showing the type of person you are DJ Ives is a clown get the fuck out of here somebody kicked DJ ABS I don't even want to hear from that clown that guy's a fucking troll straight out that guy fucking is a troll he's fake sorry DJ's you gotta go later alright guys just because I don't like DJ abs doesn't mean that you guys can't like them you guys can like them if you want to I just don't like the situation that that DJ ABS put together he's a troll guys you follow him if you want but I won't follow him but like I said don't make my problem your problem you guys choose you guys everybody has their own head on their throat on their shoulders you know so make your own decisions yeah I've been sick for a couple weeks now trying to get rid of this cough war 31:34 20 yeah I don't you know I got a cough cough is pretty nasty thank you bill yeah I mean I don't use them me out on block people or get rid of people from my channel unless they physically or verbally done something to to try to disrupt what I do try okay I I'm smarter than that you guys want to play games and not you guys but certain people like DJ ass wants to play games and try to interrupt my live feeds and keep blowing me up while I'm alive knowing damn well that I'm live you seen that he joined right now he has the alerts like I wanted to blow me up and destroy my live feed one night and make up a fake story that he was at a bar check this out guys I'm gonna tell you this story because this guy is a piece of crap tells me he's at a bar and he's caring he's carrying a weapon then he tells me that the cops took his weapon and they got him detained and then he's like oh yeah should I go live should I go live huh should I go live all fuck the cops fuck the police yeah fuck the police and then he tells me his lawyers gonna show up at 40 minutes so I'm feeling I'm actually feeling bad for the guy I'm like fuck let me help this guy out you know walk them through talk them through oh yeah yeah should I do this should I do that and long story short guys this guy is a fake piece of shit and I'll never talk to the guy again so you guys make your own decision I don't like people that want to destroy what I do so that guy can kick rocks other than that everybody else is welcome to be here man Thank You Christopher thank you for being here yeah well I mean go to headquarters what headquarters top rock whose headquarters I can go to any headquarters but what are you talking about mark in my laughs hahaha oh man that's just funny control thank you others are servants yeah hey guys the change is being made right in front of us guys you know everyday changes being made departments are being educated on on photography and filming in public and most of the time that sheriff's or the PDS are responding and not not even talking to us now that's just that's just how it's gonna roll for now on that's just how it is so we've got a we got to stay on these guards stay on these guards make sure that allied changes policy make sure that all these guard companies change their policy and educate their their own guards on on public photography and and just being in public Jen in general because if I was standing here without a camera and these guys wanted to approach me and tell me to get out of here they don't even have the right to do that you know they don't have the right to tell anybody to get out of here I'm standing in the same place when I got here same place shut up me haha hey guys but I try to support everybody so don't think because I talked to one person I'm not gonna talk to the next if if other people want to make that decision and not talk to me because I talk to somebody oh well I guess I'm just making my circle tighter and getting rid of the weak the weak do not survive so that's what it's about would just stay focused stay out here do what we got to do my channel will grow and my support will be strong and I don't have to worry about all the BS in the background because I don't get into it so so yeah you guys can stop wasting your energy because I don't care somebody sent me an e-mail today told me yeah this person is talking crap about you and it and it's true blah blah blah I told them you know what don't send me your links I'm not gonna watch the video I don't give a shit you know and and just leave that shit out of my you know just leave it out of my head cuz I won't even click on the link he sent me a link to a video I didn't even click on it I deleted the message I don't need it I don't like I don't need to see the negative shit that people put out there it's worthless we don't got time for that we ain't got time for it so Michael Maloy show give the Michael Maloy show of busy guys be a part of his panel he wants to talk to you guys oh yeah long Long Beach what's up lump OSI what's up oh yeah thank you guys appreciate you guys being here thank you we the people Thank You Xavier respect with respect to all you guys thank you guys for being here thank you for being a part of my channel and let's do it t-shirt giveaway let's do a t-shirt giveaway who's down hit me give me a one you guys are down for a t-shirt giveaway whoo whoo it's the son of the police whoo whoo whoo whoo is the son of the police all right hell yeah let's do it let's do it alright guys I'm gonna go ahead and start scrolling you guys are the best supporters ever best supporters ever you guys man I recognized so many of your names you guys are always in my feet supporting me and that's why I give my sheep t-shirts away because I support you guys for supporting me thank you guys you guys are awesome so let's go ahead and make this happen if ok this is the rule guys you got to send me an email with a screenshot of your of your YouTube channel name and your icon and I always look back at the feed and and check the icon and the name and compare it to the email make sure I'm talking to the right people email me at sgv news first spelled out fi rst I want to kind of keep everything on on that email for the free giveaways just so I don't have to be going back and forth to the other one SUV news first at gmail.com it's in the descriptions of most of my videos as TV news first f irst at gmail.com alright guys here we go here we go t-shirt giveaway t-shirt giveaway alright scrolling down now I'm scrolling back up and the winner is Carlos Amaya Carlos Amaya chingon he commented at 11:40 9:00 p.m. he has a blank icon little brown guy brown background Carlos Amaya Amaya Amaya the comments hitching go on us down you are the winner of the free t-shirt Carlos please send me an email Manimal mensaje for email STV news f irst at gmail.com Thank You Carlos the downy orderly till I mor downy manana zakaris Carlos we'll meet up tomorrow we'll meet up tomorrow if you want I'll just take your shirt send me an email Carlos mundum elements are here Concord in a size e to the i-x yoni photo – yeah address contact info sent me a message you know yeah thank you guys you guys are awesome for being here let's do it irate I'm down I'm down to wear your shirt dude oh yeah a email me I Raider I need to get your contact info so we can talk man SUV news first at gmail.com appreciate it dude love to exchange words man all right let's do one more shirt I'm down hey if I don't have your shirt size guys because I do it all myself I do all the shipping I go to the shop and get them print it out and then you know I do all the whole nine yards I actually go down to buy the shirts and I pick them out individually to make sure they're not like you know defects or have holes in the sleeves and shit like that so just be patient if I don't have your size I'm waiting to get rid of the ones I have so be patient with me guys and I'll get your size and I'll get your shirt and and definitely make sure and send the email and and I'll get that shirt out to you I don't know how many shirts I shipped last week I think like twelve or fifteen shirts I shipped out from giveaways all right here we go one more time I'm swiping the screen down four times and we're going back up you guys better keep commenting there we go one two three four in the winter is mortal universe mortal universe yeah to India no mortal universe if you don't want the teacher you can give it away that I don't know how much it is to ship to India that's crazy now I'll check it out send me your info send me your contact info we're going worldwide guys we're going worldwide yeah if I can't get you your shirt I'm so sorry but shit I'm down I'll ship it I don't care if it can ship if it fits it'll ship right ha ha ha he has to go through customs last time I shipped to I think the UK and it took like 2 months where they got to get it sure I felt bad but damn it customs customs is a motherfucker yeah I have to check it out I'll have to check out the shipping to see how much it's gonna be but send me an email send me an email we'll see what we can do I'd hate to turn down a free shirt to somebody maybe if if I can't ship it out maybe you could send it to somebody that you know out here all right guys these these guys are fuckin on it today let you know they're fuckin holding it down but hey what else do they have to do right what else do they have to do guys oh yeah you guys want a free t-shirt too I got you guys security security wants a free t-shirt Nik I don't have a PayPal that I received money on no I don't I'm immortal universe I'm gonna see how much it is I really want to send you a sure but I'm gonna check out the rates send me a email mortal universe I'm seriously gonna try to get it to you I'm gonna I'll go to the post office and check the rates and all that to ship to you but I'm down I'm down I hope it's not too much you can you killing me Larry you're killing me I'm located in the SUV San Gabriel Valley right now I'm in the City of Industry yeah I'm filming from my Galaxy S ten plus so that's why qualities of a little bit better than way better than the fucking shitty ass gonna have before so [Applause] during the post office hell yeah I'm down I love the post office I got a post office video coming out with lady walking in the back door flips me off from behind she throws her hand behind her back and rips me off it was pretty funny but you know these are the people that we hired I work for the public and that's how they treat us when we're there standing up there taking some photos and stuff they want to call us homeless and bums and all kinds of shit I'm fucking great it's fucking great man I got about a mile and a half walk back to my car you guys want to walk back with me to my car you guys are welcome to stay green-eyed sent me the sin medium force I mean uh email losers losers fuck you guys for calling the cops on me you guys suck you guys suck allies Universal they suck they fucking suck they call the cops on me they tell them that I'm doing bad things they said I'm down here doing bad things alright alright oh wait did the light turn green shit oh yeah let's go 90 seconds left 90 seconds 5 4 it'll make me run guys I'm gonna start coffee see you later suckers I like universal strikes again guys what can you do about that gotta love them and one day la Universal is gonna is gonna learn a big lesson and they are going to change their policy they're gonna be forced to train everybody just like the LAPD did guys they should trickle down I was actually over here at the at the UPS thank you French rock that's awesome I appreciate that oh all right what's over here I was over here at the FedEx and I thought it was going pretty good but the sheriff's responded faster to the other place but you guys want to see something tired of being battered so I told you guys I carry my little Taser with me right check it out somebody's gonna get it one day ha ha ha hey you got to be safe when you're out here by yourself like Westco says I don't have my guardian angel with me when I'm by myself what up West Coast Digital oh well not only that guys here let me show you what else I have somebody told me that uh I should pull out my mace and and spray somebody putting their hands on me but there it is can't be too safe guys can't be too safe this will save your life hahaha this will save your life you just put your little finger in here you lift up the little tab put your finger in there and why my nose spray time hahaha it's pepper spray pepper spray handheld pocket-sized pepper spray from my protection right now three auto cam what's up Kim Casey Ernest there we go guys here we go let's get that X now that accident one earlier let's give the reading up they got mad cuz I was filming all their containers earlier these guards never approached me though never said anything see that's respect and this is all a universal – I guess it depends on how how many times your facility's been here yeah these guys started out pulling the truck sideways because I was looking through the fence and they didn't want me to see the trucks backing up to the to the doors some of the doors were open but come on how stupid is that everything's sealed in boxes Nanak I'm like oh yeah there's a PlayStation there's this there's that no everything's in the brown box looking really see so the guy the guy that transports the trailers this guy right here just got right here he came to pull the truck up right here like this and block my view so I came in I walked over to the other side and then he pulled up the truck and blocked my view again but uh seriously what can we really see look can't see nothing you can't even see anything they fucking freak out Raymond thank you I appreciate that free camera five six too long long beach yeah some somebody uh told me to come visit the facility but I've actually been here this is my third time filming out here so the second time iam westcoast came out here and the guard came out and shoved a camera in my face shove the camera in West Coast digital space kind of like the airport incident if you guys saw that Elliott Airport video just like that guard put it for her camera in both of our faces that's how this security came out once here and did that to me and West Coast but after that nothing so Sena me Allah kill mashaallah me holidays salamé Allah Allah Allah Oh we got FedEx Patrol a FedEx Patrol mad mad now there's no salami holla haha that fucking guys tripping out dude shallow me holla it's trippy I'm on the other side of the fence don't you worry don't you worry yeah I'm by myself out here by myself but uh it's all good I didn't want to travel far today so I just stayed around the SUV area today I'm in City of Industry right now borderline Whittier I guess it could be Whittier actually if that's what it is we're here but look when you're walking down the sidewalk they don't want you to look at this stuff close your eyes guys don't look don't look stop it I got a trespass your eyes through the gate and you can't look at the FedEx stuff cuz they get mad they get mad at you start flashing your lights over here at the end they started following me they were following me with flashlights oh shit they were following me with flashlights and uh asking me what I was looking for that's pretty cool nine one three cans this oh yeah the six to six lamp Oh see hey Timmy what's up Michael Maloy so Michael Maloy so again this is Michael Maloy guys Michael Maloy so there's awesome don't forget to support irate guys my guy is doing magic shit out here stop watching making change in this community this whole community supports that guys you guys got to watch his stuff I know a lot of you are already supported supporting him but sheriff's content guys any social media outlet you could share I race contrary do it do it it's worth it do it to get the mother away hey-oh they honk at me I heard him they're getting violent getting violent with the horn I'm just gonna start singing that Beatle song the sha-la-la-la song sha la la la la what's this one called shit somebody can name that song I'll give you a t-shirt Beatles song and they sing about sha la la you guys know it you guys know it Charlotte it's called if I get it before you you don't get the shirt no that's not the name of the song it's Colin oh no baby it's you baby it's you anger first you got a t-shirt hahahaha about us for someone key news who is that got a new channel who's that did I use AA key so monkey news news network oh that's to be a fake baby it's you lalalalalala or whatever I don't know all right you got her first you know who you are send me an email and to verify I'm gonna go to the comments and make sure I give the shirt to the right person oh that's a badass on though one of my my old high school buddies had a band and they used to cover that song she was pretty tight sha-la-la-la-la salami holla well alright guys we're like I guess um I guess we're about halfway there woo thank you guys for being here baby it's you lalalalalalala and your first man you got it send me your size send me your address to get your SUV news first tee shot of me my location if I don't have your size just be patient when I read that when I read up when I read up on shirts I'll ship them out I do got some sizes I don't know exactly what sizes I have left but I do got a bunch of sizes still here sink toss they were closed they were closed for me tonight but that was a good place to visit they got a lot of trucks coming in and out and I really I really expected for this other place next door I did expect them to be bothered by my presence but they were cool so I given respect for that probably won't come visit them again and if I do it'll be not anytime soon maybe there'll be another guard there at different times so that's how it is guys I'm just out here walking in the streets trying to go up sprinkler trying to get some footage for you guys anger first got it first guys is what I saw if somebody can correct me and show me the proof then I'll correct it but um anger first shit look these people don't even have a sidewalk here they just force you onto the street but we could definitely walk on that property right there because maybe that manhole la ste and we got street lights on the same on the same path so if I need to step up there and walk they can't say I'm on their property Queen B got a ranch we be got a ranch represent and John thank you for being here I enjoy streaming for you guys Kim what's up me lon heat what's up heat I had a good friend named Pete I miss that guy I used to do a handshake with me and he used to throw his arm like like seven feet back before I came forward to slap hands together it was awesome I'm not even kidding here it was like this like like the hand went way back like like that fool was like doing the matrix and then he would come back and we would slap hands and and explode at the end you know boom it was bad but I haven't seen Pete in a long time that guy was cool you guys could check out the t-shirts on sgb news first which is SUV news and then f irst dot V cartel calm ray can I do an audit on Ralphs grocery company and Riverside hell yeah ray email me that one if you have the location if not I can look it up but yeah that sounds good we did the one in in Carson or in is that Carson or is that Harbor City but they didn't budge they had a gang of guards up there there was about five or six guards and they were just all sitting up there staring at I was like what do you do like we're filming you this guy didn't want in though he has this little golf cart ready to go right there let's check them out real quick you guys Danny check them all real quick or what and same guy for murder the light on them a hammering Unified School District I don't do schools the school district if it's nothing but offices no kids involved they're not apply to it but give him the phone all right we've set up my other camera here to go berserk oh oh he's hiding he's gone hello garden grow PD Mike I've done Garden Grove a couple times and and and really they they just don't ever interact with us Hollenbeck I did Hollenbeck with West Coast digital and when we got there I'll go back and do it because that was actually I never got to post that video because I went off on him really nasty in the parking lot and I'm sure you guys wanted to see that but yeah I miss go he's hiding he doesn't want to come out of the little box well there he is Hollenbeck let me tell you about that one like me and West Coast walked up to the gate and we're taking some so photos there was a couple of Depp or officers actually in they were in their vehicles in the parking lot and all of a sudden we had two of those big-ass lights pointing right in our faces the ones that they have on the side of their vehicle and they they shined us and we started yelling at them to get those lights out of our face and it was nasty but yeah Hollenbeck needs to revisit I actually made a report on those officers and that guy never called me yeah the district's just adults then [Applause] yeah they deserve attention but if I visit a place like that I'd like to have something to fall back on like if somebody has any information about the district you know then that's good information so we will walk in there we're not just filming we have a something to talk about but yeah you guys want me to go follow through somewhere let me know let me know tell me what's going on I'll go talk to him about it I'll go mention I'll go mention a couple names and stuff like yeah where's Tom yeah we heard tom is doing this and that the palma PD stole three pounds of coke from evidence oh hell yeah gonna visit them they're probably all coked out right here across the street we have it right here at the next building over is the County Building and then we have a DPSS a huge one that's not open right now so I won't even go over there but I definitely want to hit that one area 51 yeah that'll be fun about the Academy officers and this not furry out the other day I didn't see that one but send me the info I'll go back up furry oh yeah well you got fired from hell yeah send me the info yeah I'll go I'll go represent why the hell they firing good quality people they don't know what they're missing we're still till is uh still is I don't know I don't know where feels that actually goes on the mission yeah send me the info Jonathan s TV news first at gmail.com sgb news f irst a gmail at gmail Hollywood Presbyterian John send me an email sent me an email wonderful I'll go check it out I got all kinds of stuff for hands on people free dog what's up feed dogs how are you Raymond forever free the City of Industry yeah guys I'm right here on work men and crossroads okay somebody's looking for me I'm just right here walking by myself in the street everybody sprinklers going off yeah this is a lonely area that goes better I told you my car was far I wasn't lying you guys thought I was lying when I said it was about a mile and a half away yeah queen bee we speak bomb is uh a mod here you got something to say send me an email don't put it on the chart all right guys hey what's up what's up everybody oh shit been walking for a while how to do this twice I walked over there and know how to walk back good times keeps me in life what's up what's up everybody thank you guys for being here you guys are awesome appreciate the support and I guess we'll catch you on the next one I'm about to get to my truck let's go cop watching you get my little cop watching with me let's go see if industry will pay attention to us whoo on a mission Oh better to lose my keys look up lucky days standby [Applause] I know the cops are out tonight they came to visit me think able to visit me they're out here somewhere alright we're in the City of Industry if the trolls want to call and tell the City of Industry I'm in their area definitely cruising in my four-door Chevy Silverado z71 and and it's white it's a white big truck you can't miss it up probably one of the only cars on the street right now so if he trolls do me the favor in that City of Industry molded off patrolling the streets out here they know who I am already so Tom it's sgb he's on the streets watch out for this sucker watch out for that sucker he doesn't take lightly turn to tyrants just I don't know that I'll put the cover on on the street but my windshield is dirty as shit so you guys can't even see anything I just let you guys like if I'll give the trolls video so they can make up meme about me that's just funny that's just funny when people make videos about you it is Metz it lets me know that uh that people care thank you thank you for using my my videos for memes all right food nickers – nickers I'm in the city of industry's jurisdiction white truck 4×4 door white so hairy guy Mary beard guy is driving solo metal dog driving solo today so they can try to violate my rights you don't want to pull me over and search my car and all kinds of stuff but there's a donut shop but they're not there see if I could turn the scanner on I think the battery's dead on this guy it so cool good tool to have guys scatter let's go let's hit up all the donut shop see if we find these guys you novel find them at the donut shop right and nothing coming in on the scanner what's up with that no crime in the City of Industry sheriff's are doing a good job yeah no homo guys no homo it's all good John California Guardian I'm going to the donut hole I'm a meet him at the donut hole you guys wanna stop Guardian meet him at the double he's down he was at the toner hole looking for something either said that never liked you for him and the guy never showed up so you can tell them that I'll meet him there is that doubt and when we're just driving down valley trolley trolls food niggers of Katsina adult novelties dukes I just passed Dukes if you want a net industry know I'm out here or if or if the industry if you guys are watching the Alpha Valley right now cuz I'll pull over and film you oh yeah well you can email me at SUV news first spelled out at gmail.com sgb news f irst at gmail.com now where are these piggy piggies that Oh got a live one if the nerd the donor soft they're gonna be at the strip clubs at as a matter of fact is a strip club up here coming up we're gonna check down our ugly transitions transmissions coming in nothing yeah industry sucks air raid Irie has the one invite me to San Diego so we can cop watch out there to go down I'm down guys I'm down sorry guys I can't read your comments but uh hope you guys are having a peaceful conversation with each other nope Sheriff's not even at the strip club the gentlemen's club is right there what is it sin damn little trouble s sin they have a curfew ha ha no I don't have a Flowmaster that's actually um one of my bearings going out I gotta get it fixed acquire break down and try not to drop my truck as much right now because of that but I got a move I gotta keep moving I ain't got time for repairs you guys get that address for several for real Las Palmas or something right now is that correct she does get down oh there goes sheriff Janna a trolly troll let the sheriff's mom follow no man Hacienda 474 va la palma is that correct sound like 323 he's coming after me it's coming after me Oh No control the trolls got me let's take him to the donor home maybe he wants a donut I'm gonna pull it to the donut hole see if he follows me oh he turned he fucking turn bastard trollee troll I'm on Hacienda in front of CBS from the CVS trolley so where'd he go shit like I skipped did anybody get that address I don't think I took it down right stop sign oh there he goes hell yeah looking for trouble is what he's looking for he's right in front of me guys even though you guys can see y'all because he is nice up there the red lights not the white ones you turn down here and then made a u-turn that's horrible sorry guys 4 7 3 della what hey the water now I'll just I'll stop it cleaner right now stop explaining with you that's just gonna get off street and then it doesn't clean the part where where my camera is looking out so it'll be like like half and half half green and half dirty Taran's on a mission monitor they don't like that I'm on them but down here there in the alley Oh shake this can't even see that bunch of money other side the art I just was like del val was in our del Val Oh God fucking cops where they go where they go I really want to catch mice covina covina police need a lot of attention all right gas station just came the fucking way shield will cruise will christen West Covina cos another West Covina stand by guys a trough towel ah West Covina I'm on the way white throat we're by Mordor white dude with a beard driving black hat black sweater crossroads there's no there's no crossroads all right better fuck crossroads Kaiser doesn't make sense did somebody hear that call turn right I know kaisers to the right oh no no crisis it is not to the right where's where's California Cardenas main street No heading west towards crossroads crossroads yeah buddy crossroads crossroads and/or crossroads is with there's no Kaiser there they're probably just on crossroads I didn't maybe it's like Kaiser building Kaiser office crazy permanente yeah there's a Kaiser in Baldwin Park but there's not a Kaiser on Sunset crossing or Crossroads Park we should I say change it by the ten that's it ball park that would it be city of Industry now here goes the sheriff right here that's the sheriff right there on the right side subdued sick in the head there's been a lot of shootings right here lately so the cops are cruising through all the neighborhoods around here we're gonna go down what they Avenue turns into crossroad slow let's check it out real quick guys other than that these streets are pretty quiet it's very easy to find me out here trolley trough you wanna let the sheriff's know that I'm heading down Emaar in a big white truck and can't miss it can't miss it all right I'm still tripping on that Kaiser why did they say cancer crossroads medical offices Kaiser Permanente oh I know where he's not he's he's way behind me all right we're gonna run into them if they're on crossroad those we're definitely gonna run out so right now is that drunk guy drunk guy in the white truck with the black beard in the black sweater you guys wish I was drunk and probably be funnier I was drunk nothing I'm funny already but I think I'd be laughing a lot more all right we're back on rostros this is actually where we came from slow oh shit I know where it is and where it is shit or is it or is more to park there but let's go now for the sheriff's whatever don't worry guys we're only doing 45 miles per hour we're not speeding we don't do that cool three and they were already calling out less-lethal and stuff so they're ready to go hands on we're still only traveling 25 miles per hour so when you see that orange light on the side flashing a different number don't pay attention to it it's mine it's mine that's how they speed shop you around here it looks like sixteen uh you'll see the number right now when it pops up it's doing some up right now we turn on the defroster defogger whenever the porn star there we go all right the number of things coming up right here on the right you can guess the number oz my working either sit now I want a piece of junk alright crossroads is coming up right here guys and we're about to see what's gonna happen Rose Kaiser crossroads there's only one crossroads this is actually where we were just at right now at the FedEx maybe they're looking for me walking around I left already though cross Parkway here we go all right well then and got the guy on the floor when they say when they call now less lethal that means they've been having a bad day and they're ready to go hands on hey I'm gonna have to come here these guys next because they're calling the cops of people for walking around not without a camera Danielle not on this side that was of that this is south crossroads now south prosperous that was more now we're on the south all right found them guys I think we found them that's a sheriff yeah Oh and looking there's the primary security guard punk-ass security guard calling the cops on people yeah a trolly troll radio in to the cops in town I'm here Rogers out over the parking stalls Junior side so they don't fucking try to kick me out of here to fuck right here let's go get on let's go get on oh yeah now it's always a mission when I get you guys in here once I got you guys in here I don't want to let you go well we just got to find stuff oh yeah let's get the security guard first I like universal strikes again strikes again guys strikes again yep because another sheriff becomes another Sarah so big boy big boys here all right guys get ready let's go back all right all right so the sheriff's kick rocks on this one but this isn't the cars the building is it shit keep your giddiness I got the CHP out here guys always ruining somebody's life that's their daily job to pull people over kicking them put them through the system make sure that they pay money to the city that's all the CHP is good for they're good at it too they'll pull you over quick they'll pull you over if your hair flies off of your head and it goes out the window what's up man all right violations or what oh okay yep see you've got over speeding just like you man out here every night anyway you can use discretion today man you should use discretion give people a break sometimes yeah people got bills to pay man they made a mistake they should you know get a pass sometimes we should all work together God forgives man God forgives you should do is that Dell I use your life hahahaha mallanna use your liner what the echoes la Universal again let's ask him where the kaiser buildings up alright where's the kaiser building at where's the Kaiser facility is it over here I'm not going to answer that I just want to know where the kinds of places because you guys you guys call the cops on people are you the ones that you're the one that made the call I'm here to document everything that's about to transpire why not how do you know how do you know what I have my business is right in my hands look this is my business right here this is my business keeping you accountable and make sure I live Universal tell them that they need to change their policy and they need to train you guys better on public photography I don't care I don't care it's open to the public if it's open to the public I can be here you need to learn the lesson I don't think so I don't think so I don't think so you're wrong you're wrong if it's open to the public I could be here I can park here I could be here I could eat here I could do whatever I want I'm not loitering actually I'm conducting business right now yeah don't you see me yeah I'm busy too and I wanted to ask you a question you didn't answer no way I'm not gonna get off the property I'm in public I can be here if I want to you can't stop me you can't stop me nope nope no kick rocks lady shame on you shame on you you're shameful she wants to kick me out the property you guys believe that yeah I want to see her try let me tell her that's my van right there see what she does that's my man right there you see that man that one right there yeah that's my van you wanna call the cops on me get it towed yeah that's my van it's gonna stay there all night too huh the one right there oh yeah oh yeah you gonna get a toad ha ha ha hey let me ask you something though real quick before you drive away are you supposed to be watching a movie while driving a vehicle I think that might be against your policy to watch a movie and drive a vehicle that's against the law hey this lady should get ticketed for watching a movie while she's driving look at this ha ha ha ha look she turned it around that's against the law she's security and she's breaking the law you guys should check it her for that hey you should educator I'm not watching a movie while she's driving a vehicle that's what you should do yeah he's telling her that she can't kick me off the property too so see he thought he's talking to her about the First Amendment there you go there you go my guy well damn is that our fucking Fox that's a fox holy shit that's a fox guys look another uneducated allied universal guard trying to get me kicked out of get get me kicked off of public property here this is definitely open to the public and the restaurant is still open and now she's arguing with the UH with the California trooper there trooper super trooper she's arguing with the super trooper I told her that the van was mine she didn't believe me the vff a AK the restaurant has a van right there man I think we made it to the wrong place though because this is hot this is not the Kaiser the kaisers more down the street I think the sheriff's are probably fucking somebody up over there that's right by part by our window haha I'm a crop duster that's called crop dusting hey did you tell her about driving and watching movies yeah if she's on the street that's right all right so I don't typically work around here but I do know I'm pretty sure this is a little bit of private property you're more than welcome to film you're fine she's saying they have that signs posted for loitering stuff I don't personally I'm a lawyer you look I'm here will conduct your business business you feel me I know what I'm doing I'm out here every day yeah but you should also tell her not to be watching a movie and driving a vehicle at the same time so on the other hand as far as the little interaction we're having between you and her yeah if you could just do me a solid I have no problem you film I really don't care yeah you could just maybe like go up on the sidewalk and do that is it look you guys got a new being in law enforcement you know this if this parking lot is open to the public I have the right to be here no no I'm good I'll pass on the favor though but I'm not I won't bother anybody but like I said I understand you you have a job to do which I'm sure this is your job for one of your jobs right yeah all right what problem you do what you gotta do great like I said I'm only asked I'm not telling you I leave I'm just asking you to just to avoid a conversation yeah I got you I know yourself all right man thank you all right use discretion man come on let this person go they don't need a ticket they got bills to pay how do I know because we all live in the same world and we all have bills to pay man you got bills to pay too if somebody took 300 bucks out of your pocket that would hurt you know you know that thanks man now I'm independent yeah so if something happened to us how the story whoa there he is yeah he went that way towards the kaiser building get him see I told you the sheriff's are working on something else the sheriff's got something else going on over there what do you guys think huh wow man a couple years yep I've been I've been filming like interactions for a couple of years but I've been filming in general for a long time yeah it gets good sometimes I mean okay no I'm just by myself yeah yeah you can find me on youtube on SUV news sgb news yeah all right guys use discretion I'm gonna go check out the sheriff's have a good one we got a good look – she's over there running plates she's always running plate trying to see if I she could find my vehicle yeah ask you for a favor Queen be asking for a favor don't do favors push goes you see if we meet her on the other side over here ah there she is hey turn your movie off turn your movie off it'll be driving and watching movies that's against the law let me get a good picture of you hold on stay right there don't let me zoom in put on hold on hold on top oh yeah hold on hold on toque oh yeah hold on hold on hold on don't go yet don't go yet all right camera head I'm gonna call you nickname aka camera head now look now you're driving with a cell phone driving handless driving without any hands with a cell phone I'm gonna report this to your company I'm definitely gonna report to see a company you're breaking all the laws here you are breaking all the laws you should learn the law a little bit better you want to come out here in the forest bye-bye alright guys let's get out of here she really wants to get my plates which I don't even care I can care enough so she gets my plates to be honest she trying to follow me [Laughter] yeah I checked all the guys they saw me earlier where's this guy so I could tell him to get out of here oh yeah I wonder if I get out of this start walking around if they're gonna harass me what do you guys think let's go find out they might just want to harass me which I doubt they already saw me at the other place hold on guys standby shit I should have brought the scanner with me oh wow I doubt though if they see me I don't think they're gonna approach me but there's the security guard he's the one to call the cops yeah they're gone they booked it you have it god the alright well I guess the guy didn't get that's lethal he didn't even get to meet the sheriff so that's good that he got out of here Department of Public Health we're gonna have to come visit them another day now that I know they call the cops on people for walking you have to come visit these guards on another day see if we can find them in violation of of driving wit while watching a movie alright guys so this is a guy right here it's the same right here wait you call the cops on people man well why are you calling the cops on people huh why is that cuz what you did it oh you didn't call all right but all they just showed up dang well I heard the call in the radio they said somebody called about some dude that was walking in the property that wasn't you uh all right so right on that so this guy's claims that he didn't call the cops on anyone at first I thought he said he calls the cops on anyone but he said he didn't call the cops on anybody oh no Caitlin's better later maybe it was this guy right here they called the cops mr. hi beats mr. high-beams called the cops is what it was hahaha [Laughter] yeah yeah those cops came in hot they were probably high blood pressure and everything oh she's the one that call the cops he's the one calling the cops on people no man you guys must have had a shift change huh the guys that call the cops left the cops don't get 9-1-1 calls by a ghost I don't think anyways let me give you guys some better eyes there you go ghost of Elvis mm people people deserve to go to jail for walking people walking and talking shouldn't go to jail charlatan emanuelle say what I did work oh hell no securty all right guys let's get out of here well all good things must come to an end don't glad you guys were here with me free Padilla hell yeah that's right thank you guys for being with me oh shit two hours Wow thank you guys for the thumbs up that is awesome 300 thumbs up you guys are badass that's too early it's still early all right let's go see if we can find industry real quick and then we get on out of here guys I got to go to work tomorrow I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning and and be at the B in Los Angeles by 7:00 so you guys know if you guys know LA traffic you know how busy it is in the morning so I'll Carolina Wow that's a mission it's only 1:21 in the morning oh yeah subcontractor gas monkey you know how we do it hard workers always put it into work yeah 3:30 in the morning pouring concrete hell yeah fuckface thank you cam Thank You fuckface for being here for me tonight I know it's late I gave a couple more wrenches out to to keep the peace in the chat guys so please respect the chat when you're here it got pretty crazy the other night but it is what it is what can we do about that you can only you can only just deflect the hate the hate will always be there all we can do is deflect it you know say yeah whatever hater hater hey Don oh yeah Washington right on TV right on gotcha gasps pokey yeah I just you know it's a funny the funniest the funniest shit about this right now guys is that we just walked from way the hell over there came over here we walked down this road and my truck is parked over here past the tracks right that's where I was parked the first time when you guys join me originally we took off went down cross roads down workmen mill and then we went up all the way down valley then we went north down haciendas and then we went back west down Aymar and then we came back down this way and then around little crossroads right went through crossroads and then we turned right here right and then we parked in the same place where I was earlier we should have just stayed here we should have just stayed here oh wow whatever thank you guys for being here get a moped hahaha oh yeah let's do it again down alright guys I'm gonna go ahead and end this feed I'd love to be here and take you guys for a ride we'll do it again let's go cop watching again together maybe tomorrow next day day after whenever we get a chance guys I'll go live you guys can go cop watching with me we'll do it all the way live and keep the streets as calm as we came out here hopefully that lady didn't get her car towed or anything like that I'm just hoping her license and registration was cool maybe she just got caught for speeding you know this cops could use discretion out here I've had it done to me a couple of times so they could definitely give people a chance really depends on the officer though alright guys until the next one you guys are awesome and tomorrow we'll do another live and I'll give a couple more shirts away I appreciate your support and that's the only reason I give shirts away guys because you guys are here for me so I want to give back to you guys as well and thank you guys for being a part of the movement and what we're about here keeping the streets on check and I'm putting people in the right place hopefully we can change the policy Wednesday guys so you guys be safe out there some of the police trying to get interactions and put them out there for the world to see now with these large companies and departments can see what's happening with the when the band's not looking you guys have a good night he saves yourself


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    First, the rat in Huntington Park, and now this one @4:41. You are the Rat Patrol. lolol.

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    Hell I need a job watching tv too. Must be nice.

  4. Uncledoug says:

    I phoned Allied today, at 1-951-343-5817 and thanked them for the many hours of entertainment that see on the Interweb. They said "no problem" and thanked me for the call. They were very kind.

  5. mark simmons says:

    chp will show up in court everytime ! dont fight a chp ticket its a losing battle !

  6. Constitution Prevails says:

    Like always great job
    El Barbón

  7. velocity800 says:

    You are causing public disturbance!!! And you’re trying to be above the law!!!

  8. velocity800 says:

    This guy must be on dope

  9. velocity800 says:

    You are loitering!!!

  10. velocity800 says:

    You filming for 2hours till midnight exercising your first ammendment right in the middle of the night? Boy you must be getting a lot of money from youtube!! Bahaha!!

  11. Auto bahner83 says:

    How can a security guard run license plates. How do they have access to the database?

  12. Daniel Dominguez says:

    Another graduate from SGV college! Nice video bro!

  13. Major Peterson says:

    Nice coverage ! SGV ON THE CASE ! 😊😊🍺🍺

  14. Carlos Balli says:

    "Dont make somebodys issue, your issue" Great advice from SGV. 👍✌

  15. Big Daddy 1964 says:

    If I ever come to CA I would love to go on audits with you SGV …much respect on another great video Bro Shallamehalla peace out

  16. jerry bushman says:

    What? Her watching movies is not his problem because it is private property but he can get in your business with no problem?

  17. V Mc says:

    Allied Univ. is the most frustrated "Wanna-be-cop" agency in the world !

  18. Ken Fosdick says:

    The California crime of battery—also known as “simple battery”—consists of any willful and unlawful use of force or violence on someone else.1

    For many people, the term “battery” conjures up images of severe beatings. But, in fact, you can be guilty of California battery, under California Penal Code 242, even if you didn't cause the “victim” pain or injury of any kind. All that matters is that you touched him/her in an offensive way.

    California Penal Code 242 PC simple battery is a misdemeanor in California law.5

    The penalties for California battery in most cases include a fine of up to two thousand dollars ($2,000) and/or up to six (6) months in county jail.

    The legal definition of battery in California is as follows:

    1 You touched someone else,

    2 It was done Willfully

    3 In a harmful or offensive manner.

  19. Ken Fosdick says:

    You know, it's always Allied Universal that is uneducated and tries to stop you from filming.. Allied is just a business.. why don't you all sue their asses for civil rights violations? Being a business, a few good law suits would really hurt their pockets and they would educate themselves.

  20. Liz Lofton says:

    God I love SGV u are so damn awesome. SGV the only one i will never follow or respect or support is nnh he is a rapist and no one should ever follow him.

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    "Baby It's You" that is a cover The Beatles did original group is The Shirelles, however I think the Beatles did a much better version
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    Right on, man! The best audit or cop watch is one that is uneventful. That's the ultimate goal for the movement!
    People will slowly become educated, step by step. Our teachers certainly don't teach nuances of B of Rights!
    Auditors must all focus on the prize of extending We the People's Constitutional rights to their fullest~
    . . . Leave personal problems at home. Save it for after the "battle's won." . . .

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    Allied Universal you're idiots.
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    Be careful out there! I am sure you know that any malicious person can get your personal information including home address from running your vehicle plates. Don't underestimate the wickedness of some people. Don't' become complacent, always move with back-up especially at night, go out with two or three people with you. Be safe man.

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    33 Security Guards from Allied Universal din't like this video 😂

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