IKO Blueprint for Roofing Part 6 – Drip Edges, Eave Protection and Underlayment

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metal or plastic drip material nailed every 12 inches may be applied to protect wooden edges from damage and to facilitate water runoff into the eavestrough note that Aiko's pro for roofing system recommends that along with eco shingles accessory items be utilized to ensure the roof performs to its maximum capacity eave protection and underlayment are recommended components to the multi-layered system apply Aiko's gold shield premium ice and water protector armor guard ice and water protector or storm shield standard ice and water protector as ice dam protection along the eaves for ideal protection ice and water protector should extend up the roof 24 inches from the inside face of the exterior wall and over the drip edging however it is recommended to check your local building codes as it may require the ice and water protector to extend further up the roof ice dams form when melted snow runs down the roof to the eaves and freezes again which forces water back up underneath the shingles eave protection carries any water which backs up through the shingle to the gutter to apply storm shield and armor guard ice and water protectors cut the membrane into 10-foot to 15-foot lengths unroll and a line with the lower edge of the roof and tack the top edge with four equally spaced temporary fasteners lift the lower half and remove the lower release film exposing the adhesive surface carefully reposition the membrane down on to the deck and press firmly in place avoid wrinkles remove temporary fasteners fold the top half down and remove the release film carefully reposition the membrane up on to the deck and press firmly in place to apply gold shield ice and water protector cut the membrane into 10-foot to 15-foot lengths and re-roll carefully slit the release paper on a 45 degree angle fold back to release paper exposing the adhesive backing this corner will be used to hold the material in place as you begin installation unroll the next piece of material ensuring that there is an overlap of 3.5 inches do not remove release film at this time unroll three to six feet of the membrane carefully slit the release paper at the top of the roll do not cut through the membrane peel back approximately six inches of the release paper to expose the adhesive peel the release paper in the opposite direction that you are applying the membrane pull the release paper in the direction that you are applying the membrane applying pressure to the membrane as you proceed the membrane will adhere to the deck once you have finished laying the membrane go back to the beginning of the roll and pull off the release paper at bat end next install the underlayment overlapping the ice and water protector by four inches please note that a felt or synthetic underlayment or equivalent is strongly recommended beneath fiberglass shingles applied to slopes below 612 please refer to the ICO asphalt shingle limited warranty or the bundle wrappers for further details underlayment comes in rolls it must be unrolled cut to convenient length and laid out flat until completely relaxed before shingles are applied over it use only enough nails or staples to hold each run in place overlapping the course below by approximately 2 inches 4 inches for roof guard SB or cool gray and ends by 4 inches never use a piece less than 6 feet in length underlayment should overlap hips and ridges by 6 inches and approximately 4 inch extensions should be left at the chimney and any vertical projection from the roof surface apply metal drip edges over the underlayment at the rake edges for slopes between 2 12 and 4 12 that is between two inches of rise to 12 inches of run and four inches of rise to 12 inches of run shingles may be applied however in order to validate the asphalt shingle limited warranty a full layer of an ice and water protector or two layers of number 15 plain felt cemented together to 24 inches beyond the interior wall line and then nailed for the rest of the roof must be applied to roots of these slopes for shingled roof slopes between 2 12 and 3 12 we offer a 12 year limited warranty regardless of the shingle applied if the same application procedure is followed for roof slopes between 312 and 412 a full limited material warranty will be offered do not apply crown slate on a slope for 12 or less please note that Aiko's ice and water protectors are vapor retarders the space under the roof deck must be properly ventilated to avoid moisture condensation you


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  2. Eamon Augustine says:

    Why would u put drip edge on raw wood.
    Ice and water goes onn first

  3. Gabriel Gonzales says:

    work construccion

  4. alep salleh says:

    can i just install it without underlayment? what is the functionality of the underlayment?

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