IMPORTANT SECURITY UPDATES PAtch Tuesday fixes many Critical and Imporant vulnerabilities June 11th

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welcome to this windows and computer channel and this is a update to the Windows updates for the security patch Tuesday today Tuesday June 11th 2019 is of course Patch Tuesday and there's a lot of updates for security and kind of very interesting once again a pretty active month with critical and important updates for this June patch or security Tuesday as Microsoft wants to call it so basically Windows 7 Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are getting updates in form of equipment of update and what do we have exactly as security updates well we've got on Windows 7 42 vulnerabilities three are rated critical 39 important so that's the first part of it so 42 flaws in Windows 7 35 vulnerabilities in Windows 8.1 3 rated critical 32 rated important the Windows 10 version 1703 which is the creator's update 41 security flaws for critical 37 important Windows 10 version 1709 the fork readers update 43 vulnerabilities for critical 39 important there's version 1803 that is the April 2018 update 45 of vulnerabilities 3 are critical 43 important 1809 which is the October 2018 update 47 vulnerabilities three critical 44 important and if you're on the main 2019 updated version 1903 42 vulnerabilities so 442 security flaws three critical and 39 are important so and of course when those server has its security updates of course there is some security flaws for Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft edge is also of course being updated in there so basically there's a lot of stuff happening of course there's updates in security for Microsoft Office if you use a products and there's a few bug fixes in there so if you had some little problems it could depending on the version you have version 1903 it fixed a Bluetooth vulnerability and version 1809 they did a update to some of the firmware for Wi-Fi devices Broadcom so there's a little few little things that they have actually fixed bugs also within the operating system so here you got it that's a lot of updates of course make sure that you go to Windows updates to see if you have the updates well you should have the updates rolling in and that means that the patch Tuesday will up your versions of your Windows 10 – if you're on the main 2019 update or the version 1903 1836 – dot 175 and if you're on the October 2018 update 1776 3.55 7 so you do have some updates there if you are on the April 2018 update position check here if I got diversion so 1803 you're at 17 1 1 3 4 . 8 to 9 and of course if you want to verify where you are simply go to the search box and windows stand type win for win for Windows version command and use you will see that your version number and your bill number and see if it actually matches for security updates so check your updates there are some important flaws in there and it's important to make sure that you are safe on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 if you enjoy our videos please subscribe give us thumbs up thank you for watching


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  1. Renato Donadio says:

    Is this resolving also the driver mismatch issue on May 2019 update? ;-D

  2. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs says:

    Lot of flaws. 🙁

  3. ET Himself says:

    Thanks for ur easy to follow vids

  4. Gary Gilbreath says:


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