INDIA to Invest $150 Billion in Military Defence Systems

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India to Invest $150 Billion in Military Defence
Systems AHMEDABAD: Distinguished scientist and Director
General of BrahMos missile system division of the DRDO, Dr Sudhir Mishra, today said
the country would require various military equipment worth USD 150 billion in the next
10 years. Inviting private players to grab the opportunity
by entering the defence equipment manufacturing, Mishra said the Defence Research and Development
Organization (DRDO) is ready to share its technology with the manufacturers. Mishra, who is also the CEO and Managing Director
of ‘BrahMos Aerospace’, an India-Russia joint venture of the Ministry of Defence, was speaking
at an interactive session on defence manufacturing organised by the Gujarat chapter of CII here. “In the next 10 years, there is a requirement
of around USD 150 billion of military equipment. This is a realistic and quite a moderate figure. This is a big opportunity for the entrepreneurs,”
he said. According to him, USD 150 billion would be
spent on manufacturing or upgrading aircraft, tanks, guns and various other equipment. “There are many items, which we are going
to manufacture or procure. Many of them have already become a reality,
such as upgradation of MiG-29 and Mirage aircrafts. We are also going to procure around 500 more
T-90 battle tanks in a short time,” he said. Expressing concern over the overall manufacturing
scenario in the country, he invited private players to consider taking up production of
defence equipment. “In our country, contribution of manufacturing
sector in the GDP is 18 per cent for the last seven to eight years, while the contribution
of service sector is 65 per cent. This is an anomaly. Manufacturing should be around 35 to 40 per
cent and service sector has to be 15 to 25 per cent,” he said. “At present, we own 6 to 7 per cent of the
global software market. But now, we cannot grow beyond this, as we
mostly carry out outsourcing and low-end software jobs. That is why, the new government at the Centre
came up with ‘Make In India’. Now, we are trying to catch up,” said Mishra. “DRDO is ready to share the technology, as
we alone cannot do it. Private players can take that technology from
us and develop it for the market. You can approach us and start manufacturing,”
he added while addressing budding entrepreneurs from this sector. NEW DELHI: Swedish defence firm Saab and Adani
Group have announced a collaboration plan entailing billions of dollars for the development
and manufacture of Gripen fighter jets and other hightech products in India. Saab AB CEO Håkan Buskhe said in New Delhi
on Friday that plans were afoot to create a defence ecosystem in India, which will involve
partners, vendors and suppliers. “The collaboration is meant for Gripen fighter
jets. We also have other projects such as niche
sensors for instance ground penetrating radar and other R&D,” he said. The collaboration comes at a time when the
IAF is about to initiate the selection of a single engine fighter aircraft to replace
Russian MIG-21s and MIG-27s. Whether the IAF procures Gripen will depend
on whether Saab and Adani qualify and win the contract. When asked about this, Buskhe said, “we
have a strong belief that we can qualify for the needs of the IAF. We recognise some work needs to be done, but
we would not have taken the step if we didn’t believe we would be successful.” US defence firm Lockheed Martin will be a
major competitor for Saab. Adani Group chairman Gautam Adani said that
a roadmap of selfreliance and indigenisation has been created in collaboration with Saab. The first focus will be on technology of critically
important equipment such as fighters, unmanned aerial systems, carbon composites and radar
technology. Besides ensuring transfer of technology, there
will also be “focus on capabilities critical for true indigenisation, including design,
system integration, maintenance and upgrade for Gripen in India,” said Adani. He added that Gripen will be offered to India
as the best single engine fighter aircraft under the strategic partnership model. Saab is willing to bring its technology in
India and foresee exporting the Gripen to other countries. “What we offer is total source codes. One of our unique things is that the Gripen
is designed to meet the requirements of the next 50 to 60 years,” a top Saab official
said. Buskhe said “we will not extend our capacity
in Sweden, so India will be a partner in the global chain. We will definitely export from India to other
countries if the Indian government thinks it is a good idea. There is billions of US dollars of investment
in such capability. This is not a question of production, but
to create the capability from design to control of supply chain and developing the next aircraft
in India. We are talking of full capability.” Buskhe added that the basic design of a naval
version of the Gripen has also been made in Sweden. In relation, the Indian Navy wants to procure
57 multirole carrier borne fighters. So what do you think of India boosting its
Military with $150 Billion for its defence systems. Post your Comments below
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16 Replies to “INDIA to Invest $150 Billion in Military Defence Systems”

  1. Abhinav Bansal says:

    150 bn Dollars is less we need minimum 400 bn Dollars to completely modernise all the three services

  2. laksha Chibber says:

    Man your bye is super good

  3. Shantanukumar Maity says:

    They are looking for their benefit on product export.. Only India will get Jobs. I can't see the Defence revolution will come. Our Engineers will work for them.

  4. J Lin says:

    $150 billion budget at least can build 15million toilets,Indirectly save 1million women,directly attract 10million tourists,pull up GDP>2%

  5. Rath Mam says:

    Chinese will spend trillion dollars to modernized their Armed Forces in the next 10 years.

  6. Neeraj Rughta says:

    we spend more money on our defense..we spend only 2 percent of our gdp on defense

  7. KRISH THAKKAR says:

    To.all Chinese commentators
    It is right that rarest from rare Indians haven't toilets but there aren't any cctvs or drones around them.while in China,there r Cctv cameras set by their vast & fully equpped toiletstoilets whre they can fry poops,pack poops n eat poops.all these activities r monitarised by govt.time to time pooping..if failed to poop,no another chance,pity on you my Chinese friends or foes!

  8. PTI Culture says:

    Hindus have been the slaves of others for centuries. They want to come out of this shame as soon as possible by getting a super power status. They are in hurry and doing reckless adventures that will end up in their demolition. Pakistan has nothing to lose and we'll strike a deadly blow to Hindus that they will never emerge again. It will be a suicide for us but that is worth it. Their blind enmity against Pakistan is their biggest weakness. Let's take advantage of that.
    China will support Pakistan to have a final round with Hindus because China is already present in Pakistan physically to take over after it collapses due to nuclear war. At that point India will be 80% destroyed and it will be easy for china to take over India. The dream of Hindus for getting a super power status will turn into their slavery for another century.

  9. JOYDEEP MITRA says:

    150billion dollar's is almost 9lack crore

  10. SAHIL KHAN says:

    India is investing money at every field. And now we are 4th highest military spending country in the world. And till 2020 we will 3rd highest surpassing UK. So take above.

  11. Surinder Bal says:

    bring all black money , pass strict law against corruption, improve tax system, stop reservation system then see difference the economy,, I think we can spent more than America on defence

  12. mm HH says:

    India's GDP is just 1/5 of China, India's military budget is just 1/3 of china, India government even can not afford to build toilet for their people. India is hopeless.

  13. Suyash Ghimire says:

    and die of poverty and starvation like soviets

  14. Manav Saluja says:

    Spend this money on poor kids in India.

  15. Poornakumar Das says:

    Truly India is in an arms race. However with the skilled Labour (wage) component much less compared to many other leading countries, the amount shown translates to a larger output in things produced. India has a long way to go before being priced out of the market (a worry essential to rich manufacturing countries) – for Indian products (goods & services). Its an advantage that Modi (Tamils should not use 'Modi' rhyming with Body but call him Modhi) wants to exploit by advancing his concept of 'make in India'. But he must understand that it is not "simply" making or manufacturing. if it were to be so, a Venezuela, Fiji or Zimbabwe even could've; if not Slovakia, Uruguay or Latvia that have far higher development status than India. Technology is something. India is yet to build a technology environment, ambience or base in public domain. A few factories (mostly in Public sector) do that & produce things on par with the best in the world. These are islands of excellence. This nurtured or protected ambience is yet to spread far & wide to make Modi's dream come true. That is the challenge. People (even Indians) forget that India is a land of striking contrasts – of the best as well as the worst are possible here. What makes this difference? Application & hard work in its true sense. Before girdling the loins, preparing for work one must understand what to "do" (what is there to 'work' ). I might add here one more thing. In the absence of talent to locate skills, India is awash with all kinds of 'Contractors' who get the order for work & search for someone to do the work. And that someone looks for another "someone" & so on. It is how the Telecom scam or Coal scam (without being able to produce a tonne of coal) happen. This mindset or patent irresponsibility must be replaced with unearthing & recognition of skills, before they escape to the 'original' Silicon Valley.

  16. Buddha magic says:

    India NO.1!

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