Indigenous leader killed while protecting rainforest land

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100 Replies to “Indigenous leader killed while protecting rainforest land”

  1. Richie Tattersall says:

    That fool is taking lessons from Donald Trump, he lies for a living.

  2. Justin Norton says:

    Balsonaro and Trump have direct ties to the logger's.

  3. Pitbulls are Great Babysitters says:

    They pay these guys to get drunk and poach.

  4. Heyitsmichie_d says:

    Maybe Mother Nature will avenge him.

  5. khan Baye tv says: subscrib may cahnail and share

  6. Natasha Lee says:

    You would first have to be human to understand the importance of air, water and land.

  7. Joshua Rivers says:

    Rather die protecting the world than destroying it, the Brazilian president is alot like Hitler and that's a problem.

  8. Malcolm Tem says:

    Why aren't more indigenous people in government???

  9. Jeremy Parker says:

    Very sad 😢

  10. SUNBELYN says:

    Many places of the earth is made hell due to greed of money…

  11. Wayne Robinson says:

    Climent change is a myth. The cycle we are going through is a normal cycle of the planet. Trust true science true was know as gobal warming. Now it climent change. 10 years from now it would be a different term

  12. Trid says:

    Man, its so clear the narrative the foreigner media is trying to push.

  13. Marius Thefaker says:

    BOLSONARO: "The American President lies all the time… why can't I?
    WORLD: "Because we have satellites, dumbass…"

  14. Miz 35 says:

    I'm so tired of all the violence in the world today! SMH

  15. Starsurfer74 says:

    That's what happens when you elect a Nazi for president… 🙁

  16. Jonny Begood says:

    Yay the indigenous TERRORIST is dead.

  17. Tommy James says:

    This actually makes me sick

  18. Person McPerson says:

    There needs to be justice. This is an outrage!!!! These loggers are killing our environment AND the people who are guardians of our PLANET!!! The COMPANIES who EMPLOY these MEN SHOULD ALSO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!!!!!!! 98% of Amazon deforestation is because of ANIMAL agriculture!!! They are raising crops to FEED all the ANIMALS and for them to graze!!! #GOVEGANNOW to make a difference. We could all stop this if we STOPPED the demand for ANIMALS and their secretions. #RIPGUAJAJAR

  19. John Doe says:

    The Amazon rainforest belongs to all Brazilians, not just the indigenous peoples. The loggers had families that needed to be supported. 😐😐😐😐😐

  20. Yan Lauris says:

    You Must be kidding! 5000 Indigenous people want the area 5 times the city of sao paulo, and for a long time already belongs to the regional farmer. Indigenous "want to save" their lands with the help of kakakakaka NGOs love this kakakakakakak iphone communism dressy globalism kakakakakakakak

  21. Sherry says:

    Many rainforests are being destroyed, spells disaster for the whole world. It is a shame these places aren’t protected vigorously by their government leaders

  22. Rachel Richter says:


  23. Fizzy Fluff says:

    If only we could all stop pointing fingers long enough to prevent these tragedies…

  24. Ibp Support says:

    Time to EXPEL Putin's Puppet AKA Donald J. TRUMP – USA's one and only FAKE racist fascist president !


    The situation of the Brazilian Indians is precarious and I wonder how this is the situation of the "Native Americans" under the current US President and it comes to mind the "Native American" leader Leonard Peltier imprisoned under suspicious circumstances for many years and I don't know if is alive or dead or is free and the American press seems to forget that the Amazon is also Colombian, Peruvian, Bolivian, Venezuelan, French …

  26. Little Guy Noir says:

    this makes me sick. I am so sorry about this

  27. Luis Gonzalez says:

    Please keep on protecting the FOREST

  28. DOCBAR says:

    TRUMP 2020! Landslide victory coming!

  29. Rylicia Cannon says:

    We our the earth the earth is us. We are destroying ourselves.

  30. DOCBAR says:

    Let's send all the parasitic Democrat nutcases down there to protect the Amazon. Problem solved!

  31. Fake News Maggots says:

    Fake News

  32. Bird Man says:

    Your "unbiased" reporting is white washed Trash. You could not care less about him, the people he was protecting and the reasons that drove them. You do not call any American to action which we all should or you are a craven coward.

  33. Underground Show tv says:

    Smh who just die over a land

  34. Big Red says:


  35. Teresa Young, Zombie Whisperer says:

    Shoot the loggers out of respect for the land. It would be the right thing to do.

  36. Moon says:

    It's hard to keep caring about a planet that no one else seems to care about.

    I like a challenge, but this is getting ridiculous.

  37. Cuchillo says:

    It’s all a distraction in my opinion.. while the planet falls apart.. we stare at our phones .. it’s sad .. like the POTUS..

  38. reggie byron says:

    Lula libre

  39. Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Money matters.
    People and the Earth don't.

  40. vickytjaden says:


  41. Open Your eyes says:

    Cnn using the word killed as opposed to murder is very telling

  42. Hildebeast Clinton says:

    Actual story: CIA operative found dead

  43. Sweetness and Light says:

    Humans must come before the forestry profits. It is not just a crime it is a sin to kill these indigenous people who have been in the Amazon Forest since before the time of Moses.

  44. Bela W says:

    Murder to commit murder. Where is the international community?

  45. The Hunter says:

    Can't even defend himself and he wanna be guardian? Stfu

  46. Troy Müller says:

    It’s called a democracy, Brazil. #backwards brazil

  47. Nexus Six says:

    There’s a rainforest left?

  48. XXXDeathByFartsXXX says:

    They world will not last much longer. There are to many people and to much greed.

  49. younes jorge says:

    WTF! Are we in ISIS territory? How this is allowed to happen in the 21th century.

  50. Leslie Fisk says:

    kill still and destroy is evil !!!!!!! the loggers should be held accountable #Shameless #disgraceful #lawless

  51. Thiessen Yang says:

    Murdered by rich politicians and governments who want to take these lands for money.

  52. Sally Portillo says:

    I want the Brazilian president castrated.

  53. Demetrius Evans says:

    Ignore these two right-wing trolls: "Trib" and Jacob Klein. They are not here to offer ANYTHING of substance, just childish insults and Alex Jones -style conspiracy theories.

  54. Sally Portillo says:

    Did you hear me, I want the Brazilian president CASTRATED! NO ONE KILLS INDIGENOUS TRIBES AND TAKE AWAY THEIR LAND!

  55. Emma Burgess says:

    Saving the planet is not what corporations care about neither do governments!! God bless our children .. the children of the earth! My heart hurts for the indigenous people ..

  56. Tierra Lloyd says:

    😡😡😡😡 see, those loggers are the ones thanos can snap away.

  57. Ka Ra says:

    My heart is bleeding…… im so sorry for your country because this will never end

  58. Johnny Tek says:

    Brazil's rainforest sustains a significant amount of breathing air for the whole world. Something needs to be done about the loggers and miners by the international community. Things are likely to get more and more violent if diplomacy fails.

  59. Who's got the time? says:

    These people wearing suits have no Idea how easy life can be if you are just content with simple things in life.

  60. Alex leBlanc says:

    Same as chico mendez.

  61. Cheryl Adams says:

    May ALL the powerful fall

  62. suzi perret says:

    Sad to lose this hero of the rain forest. People must protect nature.

  63. Ryan Gollings says:

    Always listen to the local people. They know more than national leaders.

  64. Damon Ford says:

    Why does caucasian man destroy natural beauty? Why do they have to take n destroy others environments for personal gain. Why can't they log in thier own countries? Why do they look at brown skin n see something not human? All your actions are taking me back to a place in my heart n spirit that I worked hard to get through. Ya make it hard to love when all you seem to do is hate n destroy. When you get called out, ya always get bailed out. I personally can no longer forgive you as a whole. We are < to you. When in reality we are = to you

  65. 肉红烧 says:

    Why don't you love civilization anyway…

  66. bernarr parker says:

    The Devil comes to steal ,kill and destroy !

  67. Poo Poo says:

    Brazilian Trump is a bitch

  68. Roy Tallow says:

    Loggers & miners killing Brazil’s rain forest ! The World gets air from the Rainforest !

  69. Crank Cranker says:

    Yes yes yes nobody cares

  70. Alex Oborne says:

    Politicians just want to kill this planet

  71. Millennial Growth says:

    This is just terrible.

  72. Ross Hoyt says:

    Rest In Peace. Thank you for protecting the forest and the earth, we all owe a debt to these people. #SaveAmazon

  73. Ritapita73 says:

    Bolsonaro is committed to genocide if indigenous people don't meet his demands. I hope someone removes him soon.

  74. TOMY TB says:

    el gobierno y las empresas madereras y petroleras son los asesinos 🙁

  75. KatieCabo says:

    Just sad. Our World is going to crap with people like Bolsonaro (and Trump) running things. What happened to preserving and protecting our environment?! People don’t get it! Once we have destroyed our planet, it will be gone FOREVER! If we kill our rainforest and wildlife we cannot bring it back to life.

    Nature is beautiful and precious yet people take it for granted or don’t give a crap. It’s all about money and greed. Our children and their children after will have nothing .. no clean air or water, no beautiful animals to admire, nothing but a dying planet .. and they can thank US for doing little to nothing to stop, change or fix our problem. If you think climate change is fake, go look and watch any wildlife documentary taken anywhere in the World (Atlantic Puffins, Eagles, whales, fish, seabirds, etc)!

  76. Eric J says:

    I think this story is backwardsm. He was being paid by foreigners to bully locals into leaving the forrest. This story is spun

  77. Gage Lazare says:

    R.I.P ✊

  78. Divanice Nascar says:

    The planet is falling apart for the beasts, is taking over the world.
    We can stop the evils, it to much evil in this world, no more take the rights from our people please

    It's sad that white collars corruption are devastating our planet in general.

    What future will we give our children.
    Wake up my people together we can stop the evildoers..
    We have to act now before it's too late for all of us.

    The world is collapsing into inhumane sadness.
    Collapse in corruption and evil, inhumane character with our
    people in general etc. No more collapse to our future enough is enough we want dignity health love prosperity for all please.

    Since there is no justice to read, in this old world, so much injustice in this world.
    We want a better world for all, God is slow but not failing He will do justice.

  79. Meymeygwis says:

    Trump and Bolsonaro: both lying authoritarians who put profit before people with no respect for human rights. These murders are direct outcomes of Bolsonaro's government and the long-term genocidal agenda of industrial consumer society…it doesn't have to be this way, but that's how it seems to have been set up.

  80. Dr. Jones says:

    This and the rise of populism will destroy human rights.

  81. SuperUbermensch says:

    Greed and ignorance are the virtue, here.

  82. Tony Williams says:

    R.I.P TO him. Hes fight will keep on going. WE THE PEOPLE!

  83. Dking Strok says:

    You go destroy expensive equipment, you might just get shot. Understand?

  84. Joseph Mewett says:

    Lol cjnt deserves it

  85. Michael H says:

    These loggers are literally killing people to destroy the planet for money. These guys are the worst kind of scum and I sincerely hope they get what's coming to them. Indigenous people are literally going to war for their home.

  86. t zeiser says:

    I have NO doubt Trump will not mention anything about this nor does he even know where Brazil is located. I also have NO doubt President Obama would have condemned this act/murder. Our world is going insane!!!!!!!!!

  87. Ms. Moses says:

    527 years later and the same fight continues. It’s the longest standing fight ever!!! No matter how many generations come and go the insanity of these people remain and has been passed down, backed up by fairy tales of made up stories that live in a book they swear to live by 😤🙄🤬

  88. Julio Cesar Pereira says:

    As a Brazilian, I'm ashamed. That is the price we're paying for electing a fascist like Jair Bolsonaro.

  89. LW Riker says:

    RIP proud Guardian. Deforestation is sickening to the planet as well.

  90. Jan Jansen says:

    R.I.P. So sad to hear this

  91. Peter Newbranch says:

    CNN is fake news. CNN buys likes from chineese thrid party websites. This is why 421 likes are on a video that is about a horrible murder. No real human being will click LIKE on a tradegy like this.

  92. John Brown says:

    RIP Paulo

  93. Macnutz420 says:

    It is no surprise that the two companies most involved in burning the forest, are big Trump donors, who donate illegally through a corporate management company in the States.
    Corruption is ruining everything for everyone but the very wealthy.
    Eat the rich.

  94. Eazyduzit says:

    Wow big deal and gang members are getting killed fighting over turf if they don't even own too

  95. Goku Black says:

    They look like criminals well done Brazil special forces 😉

  96. Russian Bot says:

    N word propaganda

  97. Jeff Goddin says:

    Like Republicans are murdering Americans by opposing gun control and denying health care, so Brazil has its politicians (and voters) who are ultimately to blame for this. Global commitment to deny all Brazilian lumber and beef an international market would help.

  98. Sapphy Megatron says:

    Tragic. Heroes being murdered.

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