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(slow dramatic music) – Obviously, coming from Forrester, we see a lot of folks that are
hyper focused on innovation. – We work with a lot of customers that are focused on how do they scale their real critical data
intensive work loads. One great example is a
company we're working with in Vietnam called Techcombank and we've engaged with them and then, they're using LinuxONE to take a different approach that enables them to scale with ease and freeze them to go be innovative. – When you talk about innovation, there's often the idea that you have to jump into a
Cloud-like environment in order to pull it off but Cloud isn't necessarily
a destination to you, right? – No, not at all. Cloud to me is a capability, right? And with our Platform with LinuxONE, they get that infrastructure and on top of it, we provide with IBM Cloud Private, a native environment that
builds on Kubernetes and Docker, and provides a complete
Dev Option Toolchain. We then provide another layer of security around that capability, as well as, just enterprise grade
qualities of service. – All right. And you just touched on
that critical point which is data protection and security. – Yeah. We think, from our perspective, security has to be baked-in at the start and we took that approach when we designed the latest generation of
the LinuxONE Platform. – Is this security you're talking about is innate to the Platform itself? It's ingrained, it's not tacked on. – You got it exactly right. – And you know, the
Procure announcement today is unique in one special way that's mostly for the geeks and audience. – Yeah, today we're really excited, we're announcing the newest family member of the LinuxONE family, the Rockhopper II, and it is designed to fit into
your Cloud-Ready Data Center. It just works with your
business and for your business. It just fits right in. (slow dramatic music)

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  1. Aaron Evans says:

    IBM zSeries hardware with Linux & Docker is a solid foundation for a private cloud. Sometimes you need on-premises hardware for testing at scale.

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