Install 3M Scotchgard Pro Paint Protection Film on Honda Odyssey 2019

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hello viewers this doubt too fast here in today's video I'll be installing a 3m Scotch part Pro Series paint protection film on this 2019 Honda Odyssey this one I'll be installing is a computer cut kit specifically for this Honda Odyssey and it includes protection for the bumper the hood part of the fender the side mirrors and the headlight now I bought this kit on eBay for two hundred and eighty-eight dollars you can also get a piece cut just for the bumper as about 180 now before I show you what this protective film look like I want to mention I had a similar product installed on my last vehicle which was the 2008 Honda Odyssey and here's a picture of it this picture you're looking at is 10 years after having this film installed as you can see the film does a really good job protecting the front bumper there are no paint chips or cracks if you're interested in seeing how this product is installed stay tuned the entire kit is shipped to you in this tube right here and inside it comes with a squeegee and here we have two rows of the 3m Scotchgard protection film before installation make sure you clean the vehicle very well if your vehicle's older I recommend you use a clay bar for this vehicle it's already been washed and cleaned this piece I just rolled out as the hood and also the two headlights now I know it's hard to see but this bigger piece I just rolled out is the front bumper the side mirror the small trim piece for the lower part of the bumper and at the top we have two pieces for the fender you need to make a spray solution using 24 ounce distilled water 8 ounce isopropyl alcohol and 2 milliliter of baby shampoo and that's why I happened here right now now with the squeegees I use for installation I don't prefer this 5-inch one that comes with the kit it's rather hard and it's hard to use I prefer these two yellow ones this is a four inch one this is a two inch one and you have a nice grip at the end over here and the edge it's a little bit softer it's not too soft it's perfect to contour around the bumper spray the vehicle down with your solution [Applause] so you need to move this around and position it to where you want it then make sure all the corners match up so do this before you do any squeegeeing you also need to stretch this bottom piece here did you see some of the just lifting up you can use a heat gun help dry it up a little faster now use your finger and work it around the edges one thing I want to point out is on both sides you do have to stretch this film for it to fit otherwise you might think is an inch or two inch short but it's not that's how you get it to wrap and follow the contour of the bumper there's a separate piece that go on the bottom of the bumper right here and that's while installed right now the front bumper is done now you can barely see the film that's installed here I'll be installing the piece for the driver side fender nut for the mirror there are actually two pieces one that covers the front side and another piece going on top right now I'm installing the piece that goes on the front side here I'll only be installing the piece on the front and not the one on the top and here's a piece for the headlight now finish installing the clear protective film last night let me give you a closer look everything on the front side of the bumper is now protected with this 3m pro series film it is self-healing so if you have some fine scratches all you need to do is apply some heat to it and the scratches will go away here's a piece for the fender and goes right up to here the bumper piece covers all the way to the side right here let me show you the edge of where the film is right along here and the bottom lip is also covered let's take a look at the mirror also the headlights covered so protected from any scratches dings or rock chips now before in the video I want to give you some pointers on installing this type of protective film on your bumper first off this is a great investment if you have never used this type of product you might be a bit skeptical in the beginning but I had it installed on my 2008 Honda Odyssey and it really saves a bumper from scratches and rock chips even after ten years the car still looks great for those of you who might be interested in installing a product like this on your own after watching this video if you have never installed this type of product before on a scale of one to ten ten being most difficult I would rate this at about eight or nine the reason for that is because you do have to understand how that film material behaves when you stretch it around the bumper so you can get it to conform to the shape that you need now if you have work with similar products then the difficulty is probably around five out of ten the front bumper piece will always be the most difficult to install only because is a very large piece it's awkward to work with and it's best you have someone to help you so you don't risk dropping the material onto the ground and picking up all kind of dirt and debris so here are some pointers I can give you for installing the front bumper piece first you want to line up this piece onto the bumper and Center it so you have equal material on the left side and right side then you want to tack down the center area so you can stretch the material to the left and to the right as I showed you in the video if you don't stretch it you're gonna find that the left side or right sides may short to three inches and the computer cut design is designed so that when you stretch it the film will conform to the shape of the bumper so that's done on purpose now the adhesive that's behind the film is water activated and after you get a wet it does take about five minutes for it to tack on and not slide around if you try to stretch a material right away after you squeegee some of the water out you'll find that the film will just slide around left and right so what you want to do squeegee down the center area give it a minute or two and then you start working on one side and pull the film and stretch it over the contour of the bumper when you stretch the material make sure all the corners here here and down here all match up and the edge should come right up to the edge of the bumper right here if you find that you have too much material or too little material pull the film back spray some solution and then reposition it and continue working your way around all the way to the side and again the side edge also have to line up with the edge of the bumper now if you're installing this film in a very cold temperature you may want to get a heat gun and just warm up the material a little bit that will help with conforming the film onto the bumper now this clear film it's not like window tint where you apply heat and he'll shrink it does not do that you can apply a bit of heat just a little bit to warm it up and it'll help you contour the material around the bumper when you're done with the install you can also apply some heat to the edge of the film and go around it and press it down just to make sure the edge does not lift up now one more thing that's very important I want to mention to you is if you buy a kit like this on eBay and you install it and you screw it up don't think you can contact the seller and get a refund unless there's a defect on the film or the seller made a mistake somehow the responsibility of properly installing this product is on you if you have never used any type of protective film or clear bra on your vehicle I hope this video will give you an idea what's involved in installing a product like this by no means am i an expert on installing this product but I have done a few installs on my own vehicles so everything I share with you in this video is strictly coming from a DIY perspective I hope you enjoy watching this video thank you for watching and remember to click on thumbs up and subscribe to my channel thank you you


24 Replies to “Install 3M Scotchgard Pro Paint Protection Film on Honda Odyssey 2019”

  1. Hang Nguyen says:

    Nice video. May I ask how long it took you to do this? I'm planning on doing this to my 19 Honda Pilot either at the shop or at home.

  2. Elliott Spencer says:

    Please tell me is easy install a new bottom lip on the front number and it’s not part of the whole front bumber

    I’ve already got to dings on mine

  3. Delfino Moreno says:

    Awesome job. Considering doing it to my vehicle. 2 questions..1.will it leave a glue residue on your paint if ever it needs to come off? 2. Will it leave air pockets from existing chips on paint?

  4. Thomas Armour says:

    I considered doing this, but it really does look like its a bitch to do. Good job man!!!

  5. W. David says:

    I really respect these folks ..

  6. yan zeng says:

    how to mix the water?

  7. Joe Tintin says:

    Make sure your car still has ventilation so it does not overheat.

  8. M M says:

    I'm buying a roll of 3m paint protection film. I will apply it in sections to areas I believe are exposed to the most damage. What is the brand of the window rain guards? Rotate tires.

  9. dwight tsanchez says:

    Great video

  10. 2A556FMJ says:

    Very helpful video. I just did my doorsills and it was so much easier than vinyl wrapping I want to try my bumper

  11. Chue Vang says:

    Nice install, once you understand the stretching every install gets easier

  12. Elliott Spencer says:

    What r your thoughts on the steering in this van

    Seems to stiffen up the faster I’m going

  13. Elliott Spencer says:

    We just bought 2019 odyssey
    Do I need wait a while before installing this? Does the paint need a while to breath?

    Thank you
    Very detailed video!

  14. Elliott Spencer says:

    Also would you recommend a bug guard for the hood as well? I noticed you don’t have one on your van

    Thank you

  15. Elliott Spencer says:

    How should you wait after applying the material to drive your vehicle, should you let the car sit over night?

  16. Michael Mowery says:

    Very nice 👍

  17. jewllake says:

    great patience and skill! I'd never event attempt to do this on my own.

  18. Travis Davis says:

    Only thing that sucks about that it will turn color after a couple years …

  19. Trieu Huynh says:

    Wow. Amazing. I didn't know such product exists. Thanks for showing us how you applied them on.

  20. Apollo Andratti says:

    PPF install is such a skill dependent job that takes years to develop. How many hours to complete the whole job and what did you save in labor as a DYI?

  21. lexusfan100 says:

    What about car wash..hand or automatic car wash. Will it damage the film..

  22. AdonisTonga says:

    Great job, as always.

  23. Eddie Arcega says:

    Wouldn't s drive thru car wash rip these off?

  24. Roberto Mendez says:

    You should look into something like this for your Odyssey, it would really clean it up a lot. I know it says its for a Honda Civic, but it looks the same shape and size as your Odyssey:

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