Intel Briefing: Global Terrorism Trends 2019

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    Your term "FAR RIGHT WING TERRORIST" is fundamentally false. The groups which you wrap in this blanket are all socialist and, fundamentally LEFT WING.

    The right wing in America is about unity and constitutional rights.

    Please study this.

    The reason why you are taught that neoNAZI groups are "RIGHT WING" is because the people who were in love with the likes of Adolph Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were disappointed to learn that their heroes in Hitler and Mussolini were an embarrassment to call friends after World War II shed light on their versions of left wing utopia.

  2. Sheldon Robertson says:

    Again a glaring blindspot/whitewash concerning left wing violence.

  3. Brian Jordan says:

    There is a glaring omission of left wing extremists groups/activity/attacks.
    Why is that?
    Why are anti illegal immigration protesters counted as terrorists?
    Seems pretty biased and scewed to me.
    Violent rioters like antifa are ignored and peaceful protesters with a just and logical view are terrorists?

  4. Hastati ™ says:

    And no mention of the FAR LEFT AND ANTIFA VIOLENCE???? This channel is a propaganda brought to you by the left wing globalist

  5. Wyvern F says:

    What the fuck is Eco Nihilism supposed to be? Haha, and it originated in my country? That's a new one, why does it sound like it's full of shit?

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