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conservatives are rightly skeptical of the claim that regulation protects consumers and promotes competition frequently the opposite happens in fact regulation can entrenched bureaucracy and perpetuate large companies but the situation with online privacy is different the US has enjoyed the world's greatest internet economy because it had a single national policy from the beginning indeed our constitutional framers Madison and Hamilton advocated for a single national marketplace to protect against contradictory state laws this policy has worked well for the online economy a person could set up a website and sell anywhere in the USA but this is no longer the case California just made its own privacy law and other states are following suit threatening to fracture the US with 50 separate sets of privacy rules once again the US needs to make strong federal policy to replace the current patchwork of conflicting laws this will preserve our seamless internet economy and ensure a common privacy standard for all Americans what do you think about online privacy legislation let us know in your comments also let us know what other topics you'd like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds and be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more research and videos from AEI


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  1. sdozer1990 says:

    I agree that the federal government should create a common internet privacy law and make sure the states cannot simply make their own standard for a national and international form of commerce. However, that law should provide protections to small and large companies not only trying to make a profit but using that motive to self-regulate.

  2. biffisawshome says:

    What do I think of online privacy legislation? THERE'S NOT ENOUGH OF IT. And companies are allowed to mine data that some people have no idea they're giving up. Years in IT work makes it clear that many large companies are collecting MASSIVE amounts of highly personal data…including health data, and while they don't know exactly how to use it to increase their sales yet, they certainly will over the next decade, and you can bet with the money involved, it will be in an unethical manner.

  3. seafighter4 says:

    Video about online privacy – Continues to talk about economics.

  4. Troll With A Purpose says:

    Balkanization is good as it prevents wide spread abuse by those making the rules and by those gaming them.

  5. J S says:

    How is it an American value for ISP’s to collect and sell your personal internet footprint to marketing firms or the highest bidder?

  6. Theodore Seeber says:

    Regulation can't protect internet privacy because online privacy is a functional impossibility. You should consider the internet part of the public sphere, even if you are in your mother's basement with nobody looking at your monitor.

  7. K. Hall says:

    Not enough content

  8. SVR272 says:

    The only reason, the government wants to get involved…is because they aren't getting a cut of that sweet online revenue. I'm just being honest. This government is so petty about losing a pretty penny, they don't care what they destroy…as long as those rats in suits are making money.

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