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September 13, 2019 posted by

The cloud is the new
standard for small businesses everywhere. Software as a service,
called SaaS applications like Office 365 and G
Suite, live in the cloud and give your business
tools that are affordable, easy to use, enable
collaboration on documents in real time,
and allow your employees to work from anywhere. But what does in the
cloud actually mean? When your application
live in the cloud, it simply means
that your data is stored in Microsoft
or Google’s servers rather than your own IT closet. You don’t have to pay for the
applications to be available all the time or for software
or hardware upgrades, but you do need to
protect the data you and your employees create in
the form of emails, files, and internal sites. Today, one in three
users have experienced data loss in the cloud. The most common
cause of data loss comes right from
inside your business. Your employees, or third
party applications, have the power to delete
data from cloud apps, whether it’s on
purpose or by accident. Just because your data is
living in someone else’s server doesn’t mean it’s immune
to malicious attacks. Take ransomware. This form of malware can
hold your data hostage unless you pay a ransom, and
ransomware attacks in the cloud are on the rise. The benefits of moving to
the cloud outweigh the risks, but could your company survive
if all of your data was lost? What would you do without your
emails, calendar appointments, contacts, files? As a business owner you need to
reduce the risk of losing data so you can focus on
growing your business, but the recovery options
in your SaaS applications are incomplete, cumbersome
to use, time consuming, or just plain unavailable. There’s an easy way to
protect your cloud data. Introducing SaaS Protection. SaaS protection is your
fail safe in the cloud. If an employee deletes an
important email accidentally or maliciously, your
IT expert can simply restore the latest version
right to you or another user, all without ever stepping
foot in your office. If you get hit with
ransomware, your IT provider can restore emails,
files, and sites in the state they were
in before the infection. Not only that, but by saving
your data automatically in SaaS protection you
simply pay for the backup, not the entire SaaS
license fee when an employee leaves the company. Rest easy in your
move to the cloud and focus on your business
with the cloud backup expert. SaaS Protection is comprehensive
data protection in the cloud. Ask your IT provider
to try it today to insure your business against
data loss no matter what.

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