Iran Nuclear Tensions: US wants coalition to guard shipping in Gulf

July 12, 2019 posted by

the u.s. is trying to drum up support to safeguard shipping around Iran and Yemen it's proposed a military coalition of nations to help patrol the Gulf and regional straits through which one-fifth of the world's oil passes we're engaging now over the number of countries to see that see if we can put together a coalition that would ensure freedom of navigation both in the Straits of Hormuz and a Bob lemon dot the US may find allies after blaming Iran for recent attacks against oil tankers in Gulf waters and Iran admitted shooting down a US surveillance drone near the Straits the US wants to station command ships in the region and lead surveillance as allies patrol the waters and escort commercial vehicles Iran has previously threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz if Washington prevented it from exporting oil there's also a war of words that's being waged a commander in Iran's Revolutionary Guard reportedly warned that US bases are within range of its missiles then America's ally Israel fired back with a similar threat Iran recently has been threatening Israel's destruction it should remember that these planes can reach anywhere in the Middle East including Iran and certainly Syria Iran this week breached its limits of enriched uranium beyond that set in the 2015 nuclear deal meaning it could now take less than a year to stockpile enough material for an atomic weapon europe's only response has been to urge around to stop France has sent President macrons top advisor to Tehran to work out if Iran is interested in salvaging the deal while unpredictability in how Washington and Tehran react is raising fears that a miscalculation could explode into open conflict Liz Maddock TRT world you


42 Replies to “Iran Nuclear Tensions: US wants coalition to guard shipping in Gulf”

  1. Shak shakir says:

    There should be distraction of Zionist Israel

  2. Shak shakir says:

    US UK are lies propaganda to start war

  3. Tim Edmonds says:

    This IRAN has 88,000 trigger pullers in IRAQ & SYRIA. // GET IT to pull its men and equipment away from the JEWS or face ww III // Separate Church from State its the 21st century not 6ad.

    Have one CLERIC calling the shots is not wise.

  4. Jason Cyr says:

    A country that arrested 13 yr old girl for posting u tube video of herself dancing, a country where a 90 yr old man can marry a 10 yr old girl as long as she has had her period. Lmfao yep lets prop up a bunch of child rapist ,i wonder if thats where epstein had his secret island i did hear about all the Iranian imams going to his island and the ayatollah

  5. Didi Faster says:

    what's the matter no invasion or war with Iran? the rabid dogs turning into guard dogs?

  6. Socialist Cancer, Islamic Ebola says:

    The only thing more dangerous than uranium enrichment is cultural enrichment.

  7. Anonymous One says:

    Iran is cowardly attacking unarmed commercial vessels. What country attacks unarmed vessel transport ships? What a rogue nation.. iran won’t attack a warship though which would be a more of a fair fight. Iran thinks it owns international waters and are nothing more than the pathetic sea pirates of Yemen. I guess in Iran’s eyes that suppose to scare the world that they attack unarmed vessels in International waters. How stupid can a country be. They will poke the bear one too many times soon. That will be their biggest mistake ever for that rogue regime. You would think these rogue nations like Iran would learn from the past to know how to behave today. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc… all regime change for being stupid. Ignorance is one thing but you can’t fix stupid.

  8. Twig says:

    Oh bug off, USA. You can't keep picking fines only to turn around and ask allies for help.

  9. antifapers says:

    the biggest threat to shipping is US/British pirates.

  10. hasan zafar says:

    Its not gulf! Its PERSIAN GULF

  11. mohammed ali says:

    soon yemen will get enough fire power to stop anything passing bab al-mandab , after the closer of strait of hormuz nothing will pass bab al-mandab

  12. Muirton66 says:

    Bolton won't rest until the bombs are flying, the man is a dangerous individual.

  13. Mo Sh says:

    Why using all those funky languages just simply should be said: US has cowaredly asked for help to get what they want.
    Even they are not honest with their own allies they would bullied them to get their company. If it was not of these sort of tyranny even their best allies would not followed them

  14. United we Stand says:

    Trump is brilliant!
    Everyone should guard their own ships.

  15. RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman says:

    WE MUST ask Japan to pay the bulk of share, n whoever importing lots of from Gulf oil countries? We must demand VERY strongly to Japan send their dam several destroyers n even those big bragging about 27k Isumu class amphibious so call destroyer or but really Isumor class destroyers are small size aircraft carrier, far smaller than US Aircraft carrier; yet, big enough deter Iran terrorist army called Revolutionary guards asols so call speed boats, should blow with rail guns n lasers… ANY n ALL nations importing oil MUST send their fkin naval ship to guard their own fkin ships WHY we waste all that money to guard that we do NOT importing from that region! In fact, all those nations importing oil from that region MUST pay US Naval ship(s) operating costs indeed! Demand to them NOW!

  16. Computerworks says:

    So, in addition to boxing in Iran with US military bases in Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, we need to complete the encirclement with warships in the Persian Gulf. Who is threatening who? Make no mistake. We are in the early stages of yet another US-backed coup attempt in Iran.

  17. Roozbeh Kasila says:

    Strait of Hormuz is Iranian national waters, not international, you have no say in who comes and goes Iran does.

  18. Surush S. says:

    US wants to make a coalition, trigger a war and drag their dumb slave allies with them

  19. Harmin S says:

    Wait for Iran to build nukes that they will use on us or attack?

  20. David Reynoso says:

    Iran is playing with Fire 🔥 Go Trump..

  21. Darkseid Lord Of Apokolips says:

    Israel will be the only winner, if this war is to happen.

  22. David D says:

    Why is macron meddling in everything

  23. Tenac 300 says:

    iran will nuke the hell out of saytanyahus pig state

  24. Evil White Men says:

    Dam Natzis its all their fault that Isarel is here now causing chaos …….or is it ?? Lol

  25. gholamabbas gholami says:

    US do not want start war with Iran lonely.

  26. abukamoon says:

    To guard shipping from what? Israeli false flag attacks?

  27. Moe Oo says:

    Some people like US doesn't want new world order. The old one was petrol dollar and still Is not for long . If racist America change it's behavior it might have a chance

  28. Amadou bojang says:

    God bless Iranian long live IRGC Hezbollah
    All this Evil USA Israel will be destroy one day

  29. Freeman says:

    Iran have right to nuclear promram .
    Shame on America

  30. Emma von says:

    This is "PERSIAN GULF"
    GO home yankee

  31. Dr.Masroor Hassan says:

    It will be graveyard for US. U r welcome we are desperately waiting for you.

  32. artbiz says:

    Coalition of Jackals against the lions have always failed

  33. Byrd Gang says:

    This dunford guy deserves a bat to the head …..

  34. fafar gol says:

    Trump should not end anything except her Presidency!! 
    United Snakes Government –

  35. tube3365 says:

    U.S. is the sole creator in this tension!

  36. rudy kipling says:

    The Iranians have our navy surrounded by their country! Again 🤡

  37. ASIT CICI says:

    Usa 🖕

  38. rowmio3000 says:

    Freedom of navigation only for the bully US and who ever it thinks is its allies

  39. Stikibits says:

    How about the USA stops being a global tyrant?

  40. Dr. Behzad Motevallian says:

    Freedom of Navigation is a joke!!! It is a Hypocrisy to fullest!!!What about the seizure of the Iranian Oil-Tanker, by UK, which is a piracy.

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