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An airstrike by the Unites States military
has killed a high-profile commander of Iran’s secretive Quds Force. The U.S Department of Defense said in a statement
announcing the death of Qassim Suleimani, “At the direction of the President, the U.S.
military has taken decisive defensive action to protect U.S. personnel abroad,” Suleimani was an iconic military commander
of Iran’s military forces in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and throughout the Middle East. This move could escalate already simmering
tensions between the U.S & Iran and lead to an all-out war. In this video, Defense Updates analyzes why
Iran won’t be able to sustain a war against the United States ?
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20 million players from all over the world! Iranian Navy has about 400 vessels. Though the quantity may not seem bad, the
quality leaves a lot to be desired. Iranian Navy is considered a brown water navy
and operates mainly within the 50 km or 31 miles exclusion zone. A large percent of the fleet is made up of
small patrol vessels apart from which there is a small submarines force, some frigates
and few corvettes. Most of these are designed to block the Strait
of Hormuz. The Strait of Hormuz is a strait between the
Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. It provides the only sea passage from the
Persian Gulf to the open ocean. It is one of the world’s most strategically
important sea routes – around 33% of the world’s liquefied natural gas and almost 20% of total
global oil production passes through it At its narrowest, the strait has a width of
only 21 nautical miles or 39 km. Because of its narrow width, it is kind of
a choke point. The most potent submarine in the fleet is
the Russian Diesel-electric Kilo class which displaces around 2325 tons. Iran has 3 of these. The other submarines are much smaller than
these and none of these submarines are nuclear powered. This submarine force is nowhere close to what
the U.S brings to the table. It has 17 Virginia class, 32 Los Angeles-class
submarine, 3 Sea Seawolf class attack subs in active service apart from 18 Ohio class
Ballistic missile Submarines. All of these are nuclear powered and have
a displacement in upwards of 6000 tonnes and technologically far superior. Iran neither has a destroyer nor an aircraft
carrier. There are 6 frigates & 3 corvettes. The most powerful of these is the Sahand class
that displaces around 2,000 tons. These are no match to the advanced U.S surface
combatants. American has 66 Arleigh Burke class destroyers
and 22 Ticonderoga class cruisers in active service. These displace more than 8000 tones and are
multi-role warships capable of Anti Aircraft Warfare (AAW), Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW),
Anti Surface Warfare (ASuW) and Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD). Though Iran could harass commercial vessels
in the Strait of Hormuz, confronting a U.S Navy flotilla is beyond its capacity. U.S Navy is expected to dominate and should
be able to impose a naval blockade. On paper, the Iranian Air force possesses
more than 300 combat capable aircraft, but all of them are either 3rd generation or 4th
generation once. There are around 190 fighter aircraft such
as US-made Northrop F5s, F-4 Phantom II, Grumman F-14 and Russian made Sukhoi Su-22, Sukhoi
Su-24, and MiG-29 The MiG-29 is the most modern fighter and
Iran operates approximately only 25 of these. The air-to-air missiles equipping fighters
are far older in technology compared to what the U.S possesses. F 22 Raptor & F 35 Joint Strike Fighter are
a generation ahead of Mig 29 and are stealthy. In this scenario, the Iranian pilots will
find it very difficult to detect and target them. Iran has several types of air defense systems
that include indigenous once as well as once of foreign origin. It has recently showcased homegrown Khordad
15 which is thought to be far more advanced than the previous Khordad 3. Apart from these, Iran also has several batteries
of Russian made S-300. But as proven by Israel airstrikes in Syria,
the air defenses could be evaded especially when you have stealth fighters like F22 & F
35 and bombers like B2 Spirit. Once these air defenses are taken out, even
the U.S carrier-based F/A-18 Super Hornets are more than enough for the Iranian Air Force. The U.S with far sophisticated fighters, coupled
with way better pilot training and aerial strategy, is expected to quickly get air superiority
over Iranian skies. Iran has a 525,000 active personnel and around
350,000 in reserves. Iran’s military reportedly has 1,600 tanks. This includes some 100 locally produced Zulfiqar,
about 100 very old British-made Chieftain and 200 US-made M60 Patton as well as around
1000 T 72 tanks of different variants. Technical, T 72 is the best of the lot. Viewers may note that in 1991 Gulf War & in
2003 during the Invasion of Iraq, the T 72s were quickly swept aside by American M1 Abrams
and British Challenger 2. Tehran also is thought to possess around 2300
armored fighting vehicles, around 550 self-propelled artillery, around 2150 towed artillery pieces
and approximately 2000 rocket projectors. While the equipment is available in decent
numbers, almost all of these are technically far less competent when compared to American
counterparts. A ground invasion will be bloody but American
forces will be able to make quick inroads. Iran has approximately 1,000 strategic missiles
that are controlled by the Revolutionary Guard. It consists of 300 short-range ballistic missiles,
including Iranian-made Shahab-1 (Scud-B), Shahab-2 (Scud-C), as well as Tondar-69 (CSS-8). It also has domestically produced Shahab-3
strategic intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBM), with a reported range of up to 1,000
km or 620 miles, the Ghadr-1 with an estimated 1,600 km or 995 miles range and a Shahab-3
variant known as Sajjil-2 with a reported range of up to 2,400 km or 1490 miles. These can’t reach the American mainland
but these do represent a significant threat for American allies like Israel. But the reliability of these missiles are
suspect, none have nuclear warhead and all of them are land-based, which makes them inherently
vulnerable to a preemptive strike. A diverse array of Surface to Air missiles
are deployed to protect these sites, but none have the capability to detect, track and engage
American stealth aircraft like B2 Spirit & F 22 Raptor. The U.S is expected to quickly neutralize
these sites with air & sea-launched precision strikes. Iran nuclear deal involved the United Kingdom,
Russia, France, China, Germany, and the European Union apart from the U.S & Iran. None of these stakeholders have favored the
unilateral withdrawal of the U.S from the deal. But if the U.S pursues any military action
against Iran there won’t be major pushback apart from diplomatic saber rattling. If we look from Iran’s perspective, it is
most likely that these stakeholders will be bystanders at the very best or even support
the U.S in the worst case. It has also been seen that NATO as a whole
has been able to keep aside the differences in the past and there is no possibility of
it actively opposing the U.S. In this situation, it can be said that Iran
will not find any ally which will genuinely support it in case a conflict gets started. Furthermore, it may have to face aggressive
maneuvers from Israel & Saudi Arabia. Iran & Israel has been a long tie rivals and
several incidents during the current Syrian Civil War has strained the relations further. Iran & Saudi Arabia have no diplomatic relations
since an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran in January 2016 and their relations have deteriorated
further after the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil company Aramco. A war effort requires massive reserves not
only in men but also in material. American annual military budget is around
50 times that of Iran. Napoleon is known to have said, “An army
marches on its stomach”. In August 2018, the Trump administration slapped
sanctions on Iran which has adversely affected its economy. The sanctions have been expanded to include
a ban on Iran’s oil exports which is its major source of foreign revenue inflow. More than 150 foreign corporations have stopped
doing business with Iran and many countries like India and Japan have reduced oil imports
and may eventually stop buying completely. The financial squeeze has resulted in a severe
crunch and the economy shrank by as much as 3.9 % in 2017-18. Recently President Hassan Rohani stated that
U.S. sanctions have cost the country $200 Billion. Keeping this in view, it will not be possible
for Iran to fight a sustained war against the most well-funded & technology advanced
military in the world.



  1. Willi Go says:

    We iran we will crach amircan troops on the middlesat

  2. Willi Go says:

    We will crach amircan tropps on the pexific and the homeland of us

  3. Willi Go says:

    Iran have
    The best of the best weapons 500000 rockte or more millons are waiting to destroy with cwside bomber the us navy on the gulf of hormus.

  4. Sayed Akbari says:

    Now here is the real deal..
    You think, All of those American toys that you mentioned were better and more then wath Iran has.
    But do you think that America will be able to go on war with Iran with full force???
    Leaving Russia China North Korea and all other of its enemies open to attack USA while America is in war with Iran???

  5. Willi Go says:

    Amrca will suffer heavy casulties because amirca domt have the keybttleity to kill or harm the middle eat puplation piont 01 ..haixklih701 will crach on all of seryia and iraq and mapbe or howvet sayed hassan nasrlla will about mescre sunday 5th.

  6. Hans Price says:

    I think you are wrong on your narration. Because you would definitely be surprised to watch destructions of the us naval fleets. First of all stealth is just bolony

  7. Hans Price says:

    This is propoganda

  8. chin ankh says:

    ….so bravveeee….why a little country doesn't stand a chance against a big one. Be real, Iran is just a proxy, the real aim is China or Russia….so, pointing out the obvious only shows your little penis insecurity…let them nuts hang…I want 6 reason CHINA OR RUSSIA would not stand a chance against America…. how you going to BE a bully, but condemn it at home

  9. Jared Rockman says:

    It hardly gets mentioned, but Trump and Netanyahu have actually created an Arab /Jewish alliance. That's really incredible!

  10. therealfearsome says:

    they just paid for that Global Hawk

  11. Melhem Mokahal says:

    a lot of what is mentioned in this video is not accurate and/or wrong or unproven.

    6- Iran's Navy: it is true that Iran's Navy is no match for the US navy, but Iran does not have to rely on it's navy to engage the US navy, it can use it's large array of missiles against the US fleet.
    5- Iran's Air force: it's true that Iran's Air force in no match for the US, but if Iran Strike all of the US's Bases in the Middle East, it can hamper the US's Air Superiority
    4- Iran's Army: Iran army is way smaller and less equipment than the US, but doesn't really matter with the Iran's Missile focused Military Strategy. if you have advanced missile system why need advanced tanks?
    3- Exposed Missile Sites: it think this point is false as not all of Iran's site actually exposed, Iran surely many concealed missile site.
    Israel during the 2006 war had State of the Art technology and could not locate many of Hezbollah's Missile Site and bases, so i dough the us can locate all the sites.
    2- No allies: it totally not true, as China and Russia has become new Regional alliance, both China and Russia have interests in Iran.
    1- Economic Crunch: although Iran is under American Sanctions, this has barely affected Iran.

  12. Moody Dude says:

    It's not a question of who wins in a conventional war. Will sunni Iraq succumb to Tehran's Shia Revolution?

  13. Raw Power says:

    I think you are under estimating allies of Iran. They just had exercises with China and Russia

  14. Ebros says:

    There are no winners in war.

  15. rick james says:

    Well if war comes they won't have any generals left

  16. Dutch Pride says:

    TRUMP 2020

  17. Jomelie Henden says:

    Iran had secret deadly weapon,US dont know that so,what how Iran dominate US alies and US Mainland

  18. Ernesto Penaranda says:

    U. S. A. has a buch of Marvel and DC Superheroes, maybe Iran should allied with Japan….Goku can destroy them all.

  19. Hussam shakir says:

    USA can't win a war from from Afghanistan who has no navy , no aircraft and how can u win from Iran with all of these 🤔

  20. Adolf Hitler says:

    Ima be honest here people are hating trump for protecting his own people. But his own people are mad that he is protecting them?? Iran has made threats and done bad things to the US and trump has reacted/retaliated and people are showing more support of Iran.

    These Americans are crazier than me and I was pretty crazy.

  21. Tahzi Bizimungu says:

    Dang, I could ride a beach cruiser with body armor and my grandpappy's shotgun and take over Iran😂

  22. london derrry says:

    "A Marine general led a fictional Iran against US military – and won"

  23. Anil de Silva says:

    Well, of course Iran can't match the US military forces. But Iran won't fight towards the US strengths. Far more likely will be cyber warfare, terrorist attacks against civilian targets, and other such activities. But if the US states that every time a terrorist action takes place in an asymmetric fashion, the US will play to its own strengths and use its military to retaliate against Iranian military targets, perhaps this war won't happen. I have no knowledge about military affairs. But this just seems logical to me.

  24. Bernard says:

    Greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱I hope everybody is having a good year

  25. Susdey Sun says:

    You are wrong about killing iranian general, and his body guards in Iraq. Even US has got a strong military force but it is only just a paper tiger in general picture. In Iraq, US troops has failed many battles, losing many US troops, assets, and territories to Iraqi fighters there. The remaining US troops in Iraq are truly exhausted, and simply no matched Iraqi-iranian troops, and its mercenaries there. US will be forced to close its embassy in Iraq or losing Iraq permanently. In USA is not safe too, there are millions of Iranian -Americans. They can be home grown terrorists at any seconds. This increases the security risk in all US cities, more shooting, and killing in US cities are expected. One important danger is Iran has enough good reason to fight US back openly as UN will not support USA against Iran likes before. Iran can build its real nukes, and become along term, and bitter enemy of USA. Without support from Iran, USA will never win war in Middle East as all US enemies want day and night to have Iran as their main supporter, and real fighter. During Iraq war, Iran was mostly quiet, not helping any US enemies, still US cant win real war there.

  26. Andy Street says:

    Oh that's easy….the Yanks don't stop to pray 6 times a day.😁

  27. Ģäçhã Mëøw says:

    Its better not to do war?
    Yes there are bad people, but what about good ones
    What about Children, babies? We are just destroying the future! Think about those Kids that are alive finding out that their parents are dead?
    I have literally family in those 3 countries Iran, America and Saudi Arabia!!!
    I beg the Lord please give knowledge and wisdom and turn all perspectives. 😭


    Paybacks a bitch


    Still should not underestimate these mf’s and just smoke allah and all his bitches

  30. Heneral Luna says:

    An ISIS killing an ISIS so what big deal
    I bet the US will drag some European countries against Iran.
    That's the problem with US they hate free market and competitors.

  31. pranav kumar says:

    Hope peace prevail.there is no match bw IRAN &USA

  32. Mirash Sinishtaj says:

    This should be a lesson for any rouge country to think twice before they can be taken out any time of the day or night even on their sleep by a hell missile

  33. vjeran vlahovic says:

    Youve said the same for DPR Korea, PR China,Russian federation etc….
    Usa can not win a war against Iran. Btw it has too many enemies around the globe so imagine if 2 or 3 nations unite against usa…puting aside Russia and China….. The cowboy dominion is over. I will drink to that when that happens….i hate usa…the worst country in the world!

  34. Jonas YT says:

    Fuck off

  35. Jonas YT says:

    Fuck off

  36. Jonas YT says:

    Fuck off

  37. Jonas YT says:

    Fuck off

  38. Martin Morala Andrés says:

    I think you have missed the shot for a lot due to you are thinking on an convential war while it will look much more to Iraq war than a conventional war.

    The use of asimethrical force will be use for years after the air force and the navy were taking down.

    Anyway i am spectecting to see an f18 vs f14 air battle before iran's gobernment start using the common people (civilitans) as human shields and soldiers.
    But i would prefer that war don't come, Spain will be involved and i am completely against of suportting to united states on this no sense war. Peace with irán was reached with Obama, russia and all the EU but Trump didn't like the great deal was signed and now that he have failed on peacing north Korea turns to middle east to say at the eleccions that he have winned in the foreign policy.

  39. Jon Shaffer says:

    who the fuck wants a ground war in Iran? that has to be the dumbest shit i have ever heard.

  40. JAMES KYRIE Gelicame says:


  41. yunihorn says:

    Those who make videos about how many fire toys this side or that side has to talk about a potential war between countries, have never heard about Vietnam and viet congs or they think nobody else has has heard about it? If the result of a war would depend on toys, then America's claim that Suleimani or Bin Laden or Al Baghdadi were responsible for killing so many US troops is false. America had all those toys while was losing in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Irak, Ukraine, Georgia etc. Thinking is not what you are doing. That's the basic use of a calculator with pluses and minuses. Any right mind would understand that war and killing people is not good, otherwise the shooters on defenseless students and other civils in the states are right, because they have some shiny fire toy and the others are empty handed.

  42. Nima Rezaee says:

    Video: why iran has no match for the us

    ThIs ViDeO iS sPoNsOrEd By WaR tHuNdEr

  43. glenn goodhand says:


  44. がシカコまさか美 says:


  45. mark vietti says:

    now we have to spend more money we dont have… killing more goat herders.. we dont give a fuck about.. total bullshit

  46. Flying Dutchman says:

    It will not a war only US against Iran!
    Russia and China are Irans allies who wil stand besides Iran and the whole Muslim world also supporting Iran!
    We need a regime change in the US!
    Long live Iran!

  47. Luis Villafane says:

    The US can easily win a war against Iran in the conventional way but it will be in a quagmire for decades to come

  48. Martin Carter says:

    Talk of a war between Iran & the USA is overstated : if that was a war then the Iranians would have already lost

  49. Southpaw Sharpshooter says:

    It’s not so much Iran I’m worried about, as a full world war outbreak.

  50. Prague UnderWorld says:

    He looks like a very pleasant man in all photos of him.

  51. Johnny B. says:

    The problem with Americans is that they only believe in force. They only believe in war and weapons. No diplomacy. Iran will retaliate. Not in the way Americans think but it will hurt the Americans very badly. Every empire falls eventually. Even the US.

  52. Stats Redner says:

    A little baot war won't be to bad at all 4 the us navy's lol itll be just like a worm up exorcise

  53. Redbug 3 says:

    Plus we Got Starbucks cafes on several, and I mean several Navy ships Aaand Arcraft carriers!

  54. Edgar Bayos says:

    Long live Trump!

  55. lone beast says:

    aight lets get drafted bois

  56. Timo Okello says:

    There is a believe that the US is such a powerful military. The US on its own might not best Iran. Let's be careful what we wish for…
    This headline is just hubris.

  57. NiagaraWarrior says:

    Normally, i really like the defense updates content. its well researched, and well done as a whole.
    Although this video is of no exception, it feels like it exist solely to benefit off of sensationalism.
    Everyone in world knows Iran stands no chance against the U.S., a video probably wasnt necessary.

    regardless, well done.

  58. Arun Kumar says:

    And the main reason why USA will never attack Iran because without Iran USA will unable to export billion $ weapons to Saudi Arabia , Bahrain , Kuwait and Oman . This US-Iran war is just another bluff to spread fera in Middle east .

  59. Shąv GrímCïtý says:

    All I heard was Iran Campaign Ribbon and a ringing in my right ear😈 fuckin send it

  60. Mohit Anand says:

    US can't even fully eradicate ISIS or taliban let alone face Iranian regime… They will always take it to streets with another decade long conflict.. This is 21st century. No one fights in the battlefield. It all ends up as door to door fighting and yes don't forget Iranian mountainous landscape. Much like tora bora ehh..??

  61. Freedom Defender says:

    Iran : We want war with America.
    America: I smell cake.

  62. Kobe Lebron says:

    Your wrong because USA sucks at gorrila warfare

  63. round about midnight says:

    Let's hope F-22, F-35 and B-2's all win without firing a shot.

  64. Mamoudou Ouedraogo says:

    What a wonderful analysis I know you must be most powerful stratege in the world what a great job we must honor you wonderful 🕳🚀🚀🚀

  65. Crazy Martinez says:

    How about Iran allies ???aren't they a big deal to U.S..???Russia and China???

  66. [Arjuna] says:

    You're talking about conventional war instead of imminent asymmetric warfare. Click baiting fools.

  67. Crazy Martinez says:

    I think ordered a F22 raptor to fire rocket towards Iran general

  68. Smart Money says:

    I feel terrible now…I laughed uncontrollably when I saw the image of the submarine.

  69. Ace Adventure says:

    Imagine I.e.ds, mujahideens,a whole nation, trillions of dollars,over stretched us army, and progressing china. After you are done you will have nothing to show and china will be no. 1.

  70. HMS Belfast says:

    Tactics and strategy would see Iran through, though. Just ask Vietnam and Afghanistan.

  71. khan desires says:

    USA is paper tiger only against Muslim country, just like a pig against north Korea, China and Russia

  72. Michael EL M says:

    America will loose in an abroad war against Iran Dumbass, America will go broke and fall apart from within as it happened to the former Soviet union, you base your assumptions on Iran Military capability solely on Media info but don't know about other secret Military capabilities as every Country has, America needs its NATO allies to bring it down it can't do it on it's own, so yes America will loose if it doesn't use it's Nuclear capabilities and if it chooses to do so the other half of the world will unite to destroy them, there goes the world in flames, Get it dickhead.

  73. jason4275 says:

    Iran cant seems to realized that the only thing the U.S. want's is their oil, the U.S don't give a damn about Hezbollah, there not attacking us, only Israel, and the U.S. would stab Israel in the back for access to that sweet Iranian oil because sooner or later Saudi Arabia will run out of their oil..

  74. centaur1a says:

    Most of the information needs to be updated. Iran is updating its submarines fleet. US captured Air Forces. The parts are duplicated and fitted with soviet missiles. Most of Iran IRBMs launch sites are buried in mountain sites. Plus. If America did go to war. The Americans have to deal with two possible countries first. Russian and maybe China. Both, which are very happy to get Iranian oil when the time canes.

  75. Jay Jung says:

    Trump should kill Kim Jong UN immediately. He is trying to sell nuke bomb to Iran. No more talks. Otherwise
    He will destroy the world.

  76. Sparky Fire says:

    its not iran im scared about it’s their allies

  77. Montgomery Burns says:

    Asymmetric warfare. That's an option for them, and they've got some pretty good hackers. I'd expect them to step up their efforts.

  78. pouria armaghani says:

    Let me tell you a bit about war crimes
    u.s. shoots down civilian airliner (Iran Air Flight 655) google it

  79. Ydu Senu says:

    Iran couldn't and can't beat even Israel. Mexico or Brazil could beat Iran.

  80. Unknown MythGosu says:

    Hopefully we pray that this shit stop before many countries fought each other.

  81. Young Wolf says:

    Im half mexican and for once i support the government and the president the one and only chance

  82. Piable says:

    Iran has a military?

  83. Junior Maretti says:

    Y'all know how to exaggerate….Americans bruh they lie a lot

  84. ElTeto says:

    You know Iran is no match, but Irán can fight in USA soil. US citizens always watch the wars for tv, imagine a war in US territory, that would be the fall of the american system.

  85. Martin Carter says:

    There hasn’t been a war so asking when a war is over tangential – a War starts with General hostilities , which hasn’t happened , Nd end when one the other loses the will and capacity to continue

  86. Fearless 777 says:

    Iran and china are the main enemies of humanity and freedom in the globe.

  87. Amar 94 says:

    1:57 if you dont wana watch war thunder ad.

  88. Ramsey D. says:

    Imagine, as we already have, that the earlier stages of strife escalate to a major war. That’s already bad enough. But assume for a moment not only that the fighting takes place, but that the US does the unlikely and near impossible: It invades and overthrows the Iranian regime (which Trump’s former National Security Adviser John Bolton, at least, has openly called for in the past).

    If that happens, it’s worth keeping two things in mind.

    First, experts say upward of a million people — troops from both sides as well as Iranian men, women, and children, and American diplomats and contractors — likely will have died by that point. Cities will burn and smolder. Those who survived the conflict will mainly live in a state of economic devastation for years and some, perhaps, will pick up arms and form insurgent groups to fight the invading US force.

    Second, power abhors a vacuum. With no entrenched regime in place, multiple authority figures from Iran’s clerical and military circles, among others, will jockey for control. Those sides could split into violent factions, initiating a civil war that would bring more carnage to the country. Millions more refugees might flock out of the country, overwhelming already taxed nations nearby, and ungoverned pockets will give terrorist groups new safe havens from which to operate.

    Iran would be on the verge of being a failed state, if it wasn’t already by that point, and the US would be the main reason why. To turn the tide, America may feel compelled to help rebuild the country at the cost of billions of dollars, years of effort, and likely more dead. It could also choose to withdraw, leaving behind a gaping wound in the center of the Middle East.

    In some ways, then, what comes after the war could be worse than the war itself. It should therefore not be lost on anyone: A US-Iran war would be a bloody hell during and after the fighting. It’s a good thing neither Trump nor Iran’s leadership currently wants a conflict. But if they change their minds, only carnage follows.

    “The worst-case scenarios here are quite serious❗

  89. Akeem Freeman says:

    We(Obama) stole there money and gave it back when they agreed to not develop nukes they agreed then Trump broke the deal and made it very hard for them to survive now there developing nukes and the pull out of stupid wars president assinated the guy that has the second most military power in there country BTW its over a mercenary call him a contracter if u want ww3 will still be the same Trump ego boost

  90. The Cooke u ate says:

    Basically this guys saying Iran’s gonna get shit on

  91. George Bin Shams says:

    Iran has Electronic warfare same as America or Russia.
    America won't go for combat operations in to Iran!
    Instead; America will bomb Mecca now and blame it on Iran took revenge. And will nuke Iran by Israel! 😅😅😂

  92. Hubby Cub says:

    Iran has the best weapon against the US which is the reason they’ll win the war, the left

  93. Kajumba Yusuf says:

    America is not strong as we think, in terms of war, America it's self never won any war, from Vietnam to Afghanistan war, to win a war is something very difficult but it is easy when u r using international norms or organisations like UN,

  94. Ferdaus B Banarum says:

    Confront with USA in this 21st century…USA will invaded approach with all soficated war machine that Iran hv to face S300,Scuds or Silkworm avaiable to demolished or wipe out any USA sea and air war it a threat to USA once enter Iran soil..hope both nation cool down..PBB pls invold in!

  95. MUAY BORAN says:

    Wahaha. I-RAN is now YOU-RAN when bombed by US drone

  96. eleven0xi says:

    We need Tesla to make that space travel possible because these idiots here will destroy this world. 😔

  97. boom boom says:

    Think about that he was someone dad, grandfather and someone's son. So Why every one happy that he get killed.

  98. Michael Oliveira says:

    Its time for the U.S.A teatch iran a leason…or wait until they develop a nuclear weapon?

  99. Nicholas Brown says:


  100. Ali Ashoor says:

    This is on paper only, on the ground, this is different

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