Iran Would Be TOAST In WAR With US? | Furious Republican LASHES OUT At Tehran

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all right guys so I got a video I want to share to you a Republican congressman has warned that Iran will be toast in a war with the United States furious Republican that's what he calling he lashes out at Iran saying that they will be toast now his name is Adam King zingers comment came after President Donald Trump to reporters there's always a chance of reward with the Islamic Republic mr. Kinzinger who represents Illinois's and serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee told Fox News mr. Trump was right to take a hard-line stance against Iran and accused Iran of trying to provoke Washington he said this is Iran's doing they're almost trying to provoke us so reaction will obviously be the answer the right answer if it happens again before I start make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell they will let you know my videos uploaded get this video thumbs up I appreciate the love and support so Iran will be toast in a war with the United States serious Republican lashes out at Iran now I I wouldn't say toast but I would say that multiple nations will be dragged in to this war if this ever a war between Washington and Tiran but it will be toast for multiple nations because number one the oil price will skyrocket number two multiple nations will be involved in this massive war and number three many nations will be affected economy will be so bad so again I wouldn't say toast I would say the world economy will be toast so the u.s. is one of the powerful military in the world so again Iran will have difficult time I mean Iran will probably not stand a chance if let's say I'm and has their allies Russia and China but that's a different story but I talked about this numerous time that China is not going to defend Iran if god forbid there's a war between u.s. and Iran Vladimir Putin has denied sending Iran the s400 so again I don't see these nation being part of this war so again I don't want people leaving comments and say what are you talking about Louis toast Ivan's gonna be toast no it's not I'm not saying that Iran is going to be toast I'm saying the economy the world's economy could be toast because again these are nation Iran is a nation that has oil and they want if one missile from the US hits us the oil prices will skyrocket okay before I start guys make sure you subscribe hit that notification bar I think I already said it but let me just say again it will let you know when my videos uploaded it's very important you get this video thumbs up it helps out a lot it truly does I appreciate the love and support so I've been will be defeated very quickly if it engaged in the military conflict with the United States a Republican congressman has warned we are seeing here guys the this is the F /a a teeny super hornet launches from the flight deck of the USS abraham lincoln in the red sea right now as i make this video they are training b-52 bombers the the hornets the super hornet everybody is out there they are training now congressman Adam Jenkins Inger's a teen Espinoza's named comments after came after President Donald Trump told reporters there's always a chance of war with the Islamic Republic mr. Kinzinger who represent illinois's and serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee told Fox News President Trump was right to take a hard-line stance against Iran an accused Iran of trying to provoke Washington he said this is Iran's doing they're almost trying to provoke us so we actually will obviously be the right answer if it happens again it goes on saying that in terms of military-to-military it will be a very one-sided conflict Iran will be pretty much toast in it quickly excuse me in a very quickly amount of time mr. Kinzinger said he did not believe Iran would cross the red line laid down by President Trump because the Iranian government does not want to be defeated tensions have been running high in a gulf for several months and were further inflamed when the White House administration deployed additional forces to the region in response to alleged threats from Iran against the United States regional interests as well as allies now this picture right here guys is an M h6 o s Sea Hawk helicopter takes off from the flight deck of USS Abraham Lincoln the latest episode in alarm excuse me the latest episode in a long-running rift between the two sides began when President Trump pulled out of the landmark 2015 joint comprehensive plan of action commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal you see what's going on guys that even though nations are trying to dialogue or talk or bring some kind of peace there is always destruction there follow and Jesus Christ said this again these are the rumors of wars and Kingdom against nation against nations Iran Persian Gulf Saudi Arabia Jerusalem Israel Syria Damascus Russia Asia all these nation they going to see the Blood Moon July 16 through the 17 and these are sign and at the same time the peace agreement treaty the international treaty which was signed by Britain France Germany Russia and China and the u.s. under the administration of former President Barack Obama gave sanctions relief and investment to Iran in exchange for reducing its nuclear capabilities President Trump branded the deal call it terrible and formally announced the u.s. withdraw from the agreements last May before we imposing harsh financial sanctions against Iran excuse me Iran the USS Abraham Lincoln battle group has been sent to the Gulf critics of Washington policy on Iran has sparked fears about an increased possibility of war many analysts and politicians have noted similarities between the Trump administration and President George W Bush government's ahead of the United States invasion of Iraq in 1991 and again this was a quick article update news the Republican excuse me mm-hmm what is his name again I truly apologize so again I know he's a congressman Adam Kinzinger comments after came after President Donald Trump told reported there's always a chance of war with the Islamic Republic so again while president Trump at the same time is saying that he does not he does not one to war he is still surrounded by a whole bunch of people that are dead our war hawks again Mike Pompeo John Bolton and multiple people so as I make this video right now you see these super hornet launches from the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln they are training they are preparing and they all talks that this USS Abraham Lincoln is not in the Persian Gulf news outlets it says that USS Abraham Lincoln is at the Persian Gulf other news are saying that it's not near the Persian Gulf so again they are not giving specific location where exactly this USS abraham lincoln is that but right now basically in the red sea so many people have their own thoughts and opinion and this person here say that iran will be toast in a war with us i say the economy will be toast many nations will be affected again a lot of nation dubai iran's oil and we're talking about multiple nations out there in some US allies also by some iranian oil so again things are still heating up over at the person gulf president rouhani and president Trump one day they might talk on the phone and try to ease things down so right now I don't think both presidents has spoken right now on the phone but it's coming to that point that President Trump is saying you know what I just wanted to talk to Iran Iran is like well I will talk to you is if you show the respect and release some of these sanctions but at the same time President Trump is keeping his eyes on Iran it does not happen he does he does not want Iran to buy any technology that could build nuclear weapons he does not want I want Iran to have a nuclear weapon because we all know if Iran has a nuclear weapon Ezreal will be wiped out and we all know that Iran once Israel completely wiped out the math and that ain't gonna happen it's not according to scriptures Azrael it's not going to be wiped out but Israel needs to change his path israel needs to change right now because starting in June 9th there will be a LGBTQ parade in Israel that that needs to stop that needs to stop again and Jesus Christ was here he will he will he will visit the LGBTQ and be in a parade but he won't be there to support the LGBTQ he will be there to save the LGBTQ than the people in there excuse me not to say the LGBTQ but say the people that are blind because remember Jesus Christ they visited the tax collector what a pharisees is like is this a son of god and he's eating with the sinners with the tax collector and jesus christ turn around and said i'm not here to save the writers the writers already know what to do i am here to say damn so jesus would go to the lgbtq parade to save them not to support them so israel that's the one thing that you need to walk away from is that LGBTQ that June 9th parade and I think it goes on through June 212 but I'm not a big supporter at LGBTQ but I have love and respect I love my brothers and sister that isn't an LGBTQ but they need to open our eyes they need to repent I truly truly truly have nothing but love and respect to all my brothers and sisters but I do not I do not support the LGBTQ I do not support Planned Parenthood that's not me I'm a christ believer I don't I set things of the world I accept Jesus Christ so right now we are seeing the rumors of wars and Kingdom against Kingdom nations against nations we are seeing people Minds just transforming we are hearing the volcanoes they are waking up earthquakes numbers are rising and ash Troy is coming 2029 we are seeing it and guess what brothers and sister Christ believer I know you guys already so when Jesus Christ come when Jesus Christ appear do not even think about going back to your house and getting something you better leave everything you wanna you run out the house forget about everything and you go and jump in the air and the angels gonna snatch you pick it save you if you see if you hear or see Jesus Christ let's see no father Jesus I'll give me a second I'm gonna go back in the house again something I want to get my phone take a picture up too late once you get out Jesus is gone so don't you ever think don't you think about trying to grab your phone and take a picture you better leave everything and go run jump in the air angel statue true believer of Jesus Christ notice thank you so much for watching guys every important that many people give their life to Christ especially in these tough times we got politicians already speaking and trying to provoke more war thank you so much for watching guys give your life to Christ and get baptized we are living in tough times too next time later peace


26 Replies to “Iran Would Be TOAST In WAR With US? | Furious Republican LASHES OUT At Tehran”

  1. h mc says:

    Iran cleared U.S regime's embassy in 1979, U.S regime tried to rescue but grilled in desert of Iran

  2. yahawadah yacob says:

    A stubborn fly will end up dead in the grave , these ppl living in Israel today are not the original Hebrew Israelites these ppl are Europeans the real hebrews Israelites are still in captivity, they are black ppl, stop deceiving the ppl there's nobody called jesus christ last 2000 years ago, the most high yahawah has waken the real Israelites up , to preach the good news of the kingdom then the end will come , alot of ppl are going to be destroyed because they have been deceived, they hope to see the white jesus christ which never existed, the real hebrews are preaching on the streets YouTube everywhere around the world but only few will listen to them . Save yourself and go do your research about how history is related to the bible these ppl and America and Europeans are the one ruling the world now , the bible says the devil was loose and was given only a shot time to rule yet ppl can't see and understand who the devil is by his works, the thinks devil is an invisible being with hun , everything is hidden only the once with the knowledge of the creator will understand and find it

  3. ∵§ain†♣∀₦₲ξℜ∴ says:

    Lol no selfies with Jesus

  4. Alexandria Roland says:

    I do believe that China and Russia would help Iran

  5. Crisis Cast says:

    We let everyone into America. You and I and nobody else knows what sleeper cells or lone wolf's are already here. They buy large ranches here in America. The Iranians could very well have many nukes already here that are just waiting to be distributed to cities all over America. I do not think we are going to just smash Iran and that be the end of it. If This gets started its going to get real. Hell, they dont even mind blowing themselves up. We have let many of them into our trucking industry. They know where and how to deliver bombs. For sure.

  6. Laurie Stratton says:

    Iran doesn't want war. They're just shooting off there mouths and act tough. Just like North Korea.

  7. Tom Krueger says:

    well iran have lots of proxys in saudi arabia palestine afghanistan iraq yemen qatar kuwait and also have lots of diffrent type of missiles! the US army will win but it also cost mony american soldiers lifes. 8 years ago pentagon simulated iran war and lost 20000 american soldiers. as long as there is high soldiers lose the US army will not attack.

  8. Arash Karimi says:

    You still don’t have no idea how Iranian military is. They are preparing for 30 years. Iran is not Vietnam, is not Iraq, and it’s not Afghanistan. I believe they have the most powerful defense strategy in the region. And I don’t understand why the American government being Israel’s puppet. Zionist they are the master mind. They created ww1 to move the Jewish people to Palestine. They created ww2 to move more Jewish people into that land and to form a Israeli government. Think about it they want to create ww3 to form the great Israel simple as that. So Iran doesn’t even care about the American government, their first and only enemy is Israel the Zionist.
    Ye the Zionist are all scared, and it’s such a shame that American government following their lead. And to let you know if iran and America go to war, America will lose this war, but this war will not happen. I hope American people understand what they dealing with, don’t trust the Zionist. They just want Americans soldiers to save the Israeli land.

  9. Duby Redburn says:

    Thanks Luis. I appreciate you so much. There will be a war. One like ppl on earth have never seen. Believers won't be here to see it.

  10. Phylip Green says:

    Zechariah 12:3
    King James Bible
    And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

  11. PATRICIA AKA PUNKEN Heidel says:


  12. Earlene M says:

    Louis God bless you so much for giving us the truth keep it up God love you you are a true soldier of God

  13. synco pated says:

    how about looking for a job? reading the bible, collecting welfare ain't no job, warmongering mother fcker

  14. irredeemable deplorable says:

    He's right, no question about it.

  15. synco pated says:

    why don't you shut your fcking warmongering ass up mother fcker. you're the only one left talking shit. we all know you'll use your fcking handicap trying to evade draft, you good for nothing cuk sucker

  16. Lori Eakin says:

    Saber rattling. SMH.

  17. J p says:

    Actually US Oil Prices Won't Go Up To Much Because We Have Massive Stores Of Oil + We Produce Oil. The Only Ones That Will Suffer Will Be The Middle East. Now The US Will Take A Financial Hit But War Always Makes More Money Than It Looses. Russia Already Said They Won't Get Involved. The Only True Threat Would Be That China Would Try To Annex Taiwan. When We Go To War With Iran. So We Would Half To Fight A Two Tier War @ The Same Time With China. To Protect Our Allies In, & Around Taiwan.


    Keep thinking that grand supreme I support you but I do not agree that China and Russia will not help Iran these countries want to see the United States out the way and I do believe that America is Babylon the Great and she will be destroyed in one hour

  19. Niko Koppenberg says:

    The problem is the Shadow Government known as the Illuminati – they fund all these wars and control all our governments.
    That is why its all planned in advanced… after the American Civil War, Albert Pike planned the 3 World Wars – 2 of them has come to past – 1914 and 1939.

  20. Delmar Case says:

    You know when David came up against Goliath; he was supposed to have been toast. Guess the toaster must have malfunctioned in that episode.😖

  21. Amanda Aultman says:

    Right on LGBTQ does need to stop people need to turn to Christ

  22. Amanda Aultman says:

    POTUS laid a redline they’d better watch it and not cross this is not Obummer it will not be crossed run on trampled on without consequences

  23. fawn999 says:

    Iran knows they will b toast that's why all their doing is running their pieholes….thanks Louis!!!!

  24. Peripatetic Proletariat says:

    These politicians better proceed with caution and stop boasting.

  25. Greg Maier says:

    Not if Russia & China support Iran!

  26. Gord W. says:

    Iran is making threats at this hour.

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