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The F-PACE combines smart features with cleverly paced versatile storage. The vast 650 liter boot space is class-leading and designed to maximize usable space. With a convenient wide opening and a useful reversible floor and the flexible rear seating easily accommodates whatever you’re carrying making it a practical choice as well. The F-PACE also has an impressive towing capacity of up to 2,400 kg. Electric reclining rear seats and four zone climate control at a luxurious business class touch. InControl Touch Pro is Jaguar’s ultimate Infotainment system. It’s accessed through the intuitive customizable 10.2 inch touchscreen in the center console and combines with a 12.3 inch virtual
instrument panel display. Meanwhile, InControl Connect Pro provides seamless connectivity both in and out of your vehicle. From planning and sending door-to-door routes from your smartphone to sharing updates on your estimated time of arrival or even to learning your best route to work. The new Activity Key is an innovative wearable technology. A convenient and easy to use waterproof
key fob for your wrist allowing you to be unencumbered by keys when engaged in active pursuits. By locking and unlocking the F-PACE while your regular key fob is safely disabled inside your vehicle. The Lane Departure Warning feature
detects lane drift and alerts the driver. If the drift continues the Lane Keep Assist feature gently steers the F-PACE back into the lane. Driver Condition Monitor detects when the driver shows signs of fatigue flashing an alert on the instrument panel and applying gentle vibration to the steering wheel. Head-up Display uses laser technology to clearly project key information onto the windscreen, minimizing distraction. Traffic Sign Recognition technology scans road signs to show key information on the instrument panel and when activated the intelligent speed limiter keeps you within the speed limit. Autonomous emergency braking including pedestrian sensing can detect a potential collision ahead first alerting the driver and then applying the brakes if required. Park Assist can detect suitable parking spaces and safely steers the F-PACE through
parallel and bay parking maneuvers. Blind Spot Monitor alerts you to vehicles in the driver’s blind spot while closing vehicle sensing will additionally inform the driver of rapidly approaching vehicles in the adjacent lanes. Reverse Traffic Detection alerts the driver of approaching vehicles giving ample time to brake taking the stress from reversing out of parking bays. Adaptive Cruise Control can be activated to monitor traffic ahead adjusting speed automatically to maintain a safe distance resuming a preset speed once the road is clear. Should the car in front stop in traffic Queue Assist brings the F-PACE to a smooth halt. The all-new Jaguar F-PACE has the
capability for every mode and the capacity for every day.

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