Jap spec head lights and plastic paint protection

June 7, 2019 posted by

what is up y'all welcome back to the man cave I was gonna say the garage so just picking up where I left off last I was just basically cleaning up the rest of these parts I'm still waiting on a few more bolts and stuff before I send off my bucket of bolts and brackets which is filling up nicely I'm gonna send that off to the zinc coder get some of the bigger pieces resync t' actually might hit this with a wire wheel before uh look at that just dumping rusty coolant everywhere so I might hit that with a wire I will and yeah we'll get this thing cleaned up before we send it off I just basically picked up a bunch of plastic washers and some fiber washers so that way I can replace all the old stock stuff that was messed up and then what I'm hoping to do is to at least run me the outer fender today that way it's somewhat looks like a car then what I'm gonna do I've got a polyurethane steering rack spacer on the way so that's coming as whoa it basically just keep doing like I said picking away little by little I did I did have kind of a down the rabbit-hole moment if you want to call it that so every time you kind of start modifying cars you end up going a little further than you you originally planned to now because you want to but because well it is because you want to but it's because you find things that are either broken or just need attention so my plan was to run the stock intake manifold well intake manifold and the air collector because I've seen these run up to a thousand horsepower no issue so you know I'm not gonna go too much past that and I figured if I did or if I was going to I could just replace it thing but as I was taking everything apart to get this media blasted media blasted cleaned up and blasted plus the little nipple I was gonna get that cut off and welded flush I noticed something so my throttle bodies I'm just gonna take this up bring it over here for you grab a seat so the throttle bodies all have basically this little plastic clip where the spring sits and as you can already see like it's loose and on some of them I can freely spin that all the way around yeah I like that one too what that tells me is this the I mean it probably doesn't do too much but when I had the car running there would be times where I'd have like a hunting Idol and I'd basically just have to pop a throttle a few times and it would close and I don't know if it was this or not but I mean I just don't want to put this back on the car and have an issue where I could have fixed it while I was off the car so these throttles will probably probably be going because a new set of three so six throttles is about 1,200 bucks and in my head it just doesn't make sense to pay the 1,200 do the media blasting and still be you know almost at two grand pretty much right there when that same 2 grand I could have just bought you know high between plasma man and something like that with a single body single throttle body done drive-by-wire and then be set for whatever horsepower I ever could want to do you know so yeah I don't think I don't think these bad boys are gonna stay as much as I actually would like to keep them the other option is to do a custom six throttle drive-by-wire setup but uh yeah that's not kind of something sold on the main market yet so I gotta wait for that to come around looking at you Anthony so yeah that's the throttle body and the intake manifold I've just got to make a decision there that's all I think on the weekend will have Vincent come by and drop off a couple of parts I'm not sure so don't quote me on it but and then I'll be able to put the rest of the plastic and stuff in the engine bay so just basically this cover and the rubbers here and we'll be able to put I can probably put the front lights on now actually yeah because I don't see anything else that needs to go there so yeah we'll do that tonight oh this so you remember I was saying I didn't want to put the nuts all the way down because I didn't want to dig into the paint I think I've come up with a solution this guy right here is basically just your average everyday like plastic drawer liner like a shelf liner for like you're kicking kitchen drawers or you know whatever it drawers you want to use what I'm planning to do is just basically make like a little template from it so if I take this you know cut off I don't know maybe that much and then just lay my strut brace on top of it so this is the end cap from our strut brace here so I think if I lay it on top like that make us dense a lot of it cut the holes out I should be able to use this to put in between the car and you know the strut brace so that way nothing digs into the paint and I can pretty much take it on and off without any consequence there so I might just clear off some desk space give that a shot and then we'll come back when I go to fit it on alright so my desk space is pretty limited right now so bear with me here we'll trace this thing out and then we'll do some cutting all right there we have our stencil and now we just cut it out so I know this probably doesn't look like much to some of you guys but all that's meant to do is protect the paint so I'm almost certain that that's what it's going to do so we'll just help if I take the bolts off huh all right so I might have to trim it a little bit more just jutting off this but so far if it's pretty good so let's just grab our yeah grab this bad boy huh well I got the wrong side looks like we were dead on the money look at that look at that did on the money and that does exactly what we wanted it to which is protect the pain so yeah I might just trim that trim that little bit of excess off just because there's nothing to rub there but uh I'd say that's money and then we go ahead and grab our little plastic washers here OOP OOP stick these back on and just as a test I'm just gonna go ahead and crank these memo Gemma's down you're gonna see what happens I'm either gonna look like an idiot all right so this is moment of truth I'm really wrenching on that so that's tightened all the way down you can still see the really thin layer of plastic there I didn't hear any paint crunching or scrunching up at all so now I'm just gonna go ahead and undo it and see what the damage is don't believe nothin cuz I hope probably cry if I just messed up my brand-new paint that could be the that could be the title right there I messed up my brand-new paint with some witchcraft anything yet I just so you can see the bottom of this is wrinkled like wrinkle wrinkle black you can see where even the old cage too is just just scrunched into there from being just on the paint so let's see here that's just the top stuff from the paint on the strut bar let's take this off nothing nothing at all so it didn't look like it idiot it worked and it kitchen appliance like done done and done that's really really cheap for you so I'm sure you could probably do that with plastic laying around the house as long as it's thick enough cheap easy way to protect your paint from your strut brace and then definitely the plastic washers anywhere where they you know the the bolts touch the paint I would recommend putting them there I'm probably gonna go back and like stuff like this where I've put it you know I'm the paint of the hinges I might go back but stuff like this is like a bolt with a certain length to it so I might not have the clearance to do that but I do have really thin washers over there as well so we might be good we might get away with it yeah so now that that's done I did have one question I saw something about high cos if I was gonna keep it no high kiss has been gone now for forever like I deleted it two years ago something I can show you is for all you guys that have not deleted high cos what you can do this is probably gonna be easier for me to do when we put this back in the engine bay but this is basically your front steering rack right here that returns back to the highest lines and when they say to do a loop these are the two lines that you loop so you can see I've got the rubber right there looping it back in you can also just delete this completely and put the capping nut on the power-steering pump itself but this is to me the easiest option which now that it's out of the car yeah see this is what happens you go oh well since I'm in here might as well do this like it's the worst it is the worst I'm having fun with it though like it's it's I know what the end product is in my head I can see it but I just got to get it there so I think you guys gonna like what I've got in my head and I know I'm going to you so it'll give me something that you know looks stock on the outside but when I go to a meet or you know I go to a GTR festival or something like that put the hood up and in boom you like holy crap that's not stock so yeah that's the plan let's go ahead and grab these lights all right so this was one of those things I did kind of before I was really kind of filming everything I went ahead and just taped up the lights themselves just so I wouldn't damage the lenses what is this the right side so this sign see that's why I taped it up I'll just go ahead and stick this in looks like I don't actually need to do anything just stick it in alright so there we go race car mode with the blue taped up headlight but it's in shaky as hell is this i doesn't bolt it in until I put the fender back on but wash your things back in if you haven't done so already go ahead hit that like button subscribe leave a comment let me know what you think and then if you guys have any questions or anything like that for me put them down in the comments I'll answer them basically at the end of each video so yeah leave some comments ask some questions and I'll see you next time Oh before I let you go this Sunday here in Australia about 9 o'clock in the morning I'm gonna do a live stream basically just the same thing working on the car hanging out in the garage answering questions from you guys but instead of you know waiting a day you'll be able to do it live so Sunday Australian Eastern Standard Time 9:00 a.m. we'll do a live stream I'm excited and nervous I'll uh I'll see you guys there see ya


8 Replies to “Jap spec head lights and plastic paint protection”

  1. Benji Standing says:

    Another great vid,
    What is the benefit of the polyurethane steering spacer? Amd powersteering wise are u still using the 32 or did u upgrade to a 33 or astra pump when u deleted hicas?

  2. ShadowWarrior_69 says:

    Haven't watch your vids in a while but every time i do i want an R32 even more 😀

  3. tangles01 says:

    Those hat bolts should be 2 ugga's 1 dugga mate, always torque to spec.
    If you do run out of space for your thin washers even, make some small ones of those clear plastic sheet things.
    The old "while you're there"

  4. NeatSix says:

    I'm somewhat local to you man, who do you use for zinc plating? Also I know the feeling of giving everything in/on attention, I blame tommyfyeah for my OEM obsession.

  5. TheMick26 says:

    Hey Cardo. Making templates out of that plastic shelf liner to protect the paint was genius!👌 Very cool idea (and it works like a charm). I'm pretty busy this Saturday, but I will try to tune in for a bit and say hello on your livestream. One last thing… I just read the comments before posting mine and congratulations, Poppi!🙌 I didn't know you and your wife have another baby coming soon. That's awesome, buddy.👍 Cheers!

  6. Tiger 131 says:

    Do you plan to increase even more the horsepower ?

  7. Rambling R1 says:

    Do you think you’ll make gtr festival this year?

  8. 1970PMD says:

    Great vid man, is the coating inside of the throttle bodies still intact? I was told without that coating the adjustment to idle is almost impossible as it does not seal properly. Maybe it also impacts the idle going up and down? Not sure, I really like the triple set up but a single throttle body I am sure works much better as technology catches up with these RB's. Thumbs up dude.

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