Jared Kushner laughs off question about security clearance

August 13, 2019 posted by

– Do you pose a grave
national security concern to the country, Jared Kushner? Look, I can say that in
the White House I work with some phenomenal
people and I think over the last two years
the president has done a phenomenal job
of identifying what are our
national security priorities. He’s had a great team in place
that are helping implement it and I hope I’ve played a good
part in pushing those objectives forward.
And I think because of the president’s leadership
the world is safer today. You know, Jared had
a very easy life. He was doing phenomenally
in New York and everything he touched
just turned to gold. And then one day he said:
“I want to come down and I want to have peace
in the Middle East and I want to do
criminal justice reform and I want to do all
these wonderful things.” And his life became
extremely complex. [Laughter] And he wouldn’t trade it.
I don’t think he’d trade it because what he’s doing
is incredible. And he is doing great
in the Middle East. I think you’re going to have,
someday before we’re finished, I think you’re going to have
something very important signed. And I hope so. You’re doing
a great job. Thank you. [Applause]


52 Replies to “Jared Kushner laughs off question about security clearance”

  1. Trolls Will Be Ignored says:

    "Everything he's touched has turned to gold." Does that include his pappy-in-law's hair?😂

  2. Zenmasterme says:

    The Guardians Modus Operandi Is To
    Divide & Conquer!

  3. sun dial says:

    Liberals thrashing about after any triviality after Mueller fucked them up their assholes 😨

  4. Haziq Zuhair says:

    Safer? Lol. It's only getting worse.

  5. fairmaidenvoyage87 says:

    He makes my skin crawl. Plus hes not qualified to do what he is doing.

  6. Frau Blucher says:

    Israeli illegal settlement activity has surged during the Trump era. Kushner has financial interests in these settlements.

  7. DeeWeber says:

    Is that why General Mattis quit in protest?

  8. Steve's WideAwake says:

    Lol the interviewer is actually him with a wig and makeup.

  9. Zaki Sadiqi says:

    Stay out of the middle east, Kushner

  10. lloyd petry says:

    Peace?? Hahahaha

  11. 3xtra Terrestrial says:

    Ugh… I hate liberal comment sections. Makes me sick. You people hope for failure of our country, just because you lost. Shame on you. I voted against Obama and when he won, I wished he would be the best president of all time because it would make our country better.

  12. PG says:

    He's frightening when he laughs.

  13. jaymeez says:

    What’s Up With This Guys Face?!?!

  14. OnFire4Freedom says:

    That's a stupid question to ask to anyone Laura, especially to one given security clearance, sorry to say. No individual should ever have security clearance simply because it is unconstitutional… The only valid job our government has, as permitted by our constitution, is to protect the constitution itself. The constitution is the one that protect us, the people, not "a" or" the" government. Nevertheless, has anyone the power to clear any individual or group or organization a clearance of any kind over our laws. You are all public servants chosen by the people and/or by those chosen by the people to protect our laws, not to brake them.

    Security clearance means "you are now allowed to do whatever you want and no one is to find out." Doesn't this sounds like real BS to you? Why will someone be given such a power, and why will someone thing they have the power to give such command? What is there to hide anyway! Why giving dual citizens such? Come on Trump, really? Same old same O…!!! You are starting to sound and look just like the Obamas, Clintos and the Bushs… Like another deep state marionette.

    Has the swamp got you or something? Why are we interfering in other nations' businesses still!!! Why are we still in Syria, Iraq and Afghan.??? It is OK to be friends with Israel, I love Israel!!! but real friends with christian values and morals should not support the wrongdoings of a friend but correct them… Do you really think you are acting as a real
    Cristian? Why would you not correct those who hate Jesus instead….?

    What would Jesus do in your place; would he say "attack Syria and keep their lands…" I really don't think so… I think he would keep his word intact instead… "love you neighbors and enemies as your own and do to them as you would want done unto you…."

    Stop making friends with the swamp's deep state evil puppets Trump. They are not only from the left… Be brave instead and do as Jesus would do, regardless of how dangerous this may be… Yes it is dangerous, but "You shall not fear those who got no power over death."

    I am praying for you president Trump. Confront the wrong doings, don't add to it. As a great man once said; "an error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it." Remember also, president Trump, that Jesus's kingdom "is not of this world." To him a single human soul is infinitely more valuable than all the land in this world and everything in it. Talk about real love!!! Jesus represents what real love is…

    He also said; "… and in three days I shall rebuild the temple." This represents his death and resurrection. He is the 3rd temple. No something build by humans in a small peace of land somewhere in this world. How could the creator of the universe make us fight one another over land in this tiny spot in the universe? That's not the God I know.

    Brake away from evil doers and correct your friends. As dangerous as this may be it is the correct thing to do.

    Praise be to God… in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit I pray for your clarity and protection president Trump, and for you reading this… I pray for you to be a real weapon of God's true meaning and love… For this I pray, Amen.

  15. Guardian News says:

    Jared Kushner using WhatsApp to speak to foreign contacts, top Democrat says ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/mar/21/jared-kushner-whatsapp-house-oversight-information

  16. Rowe Productions says:

    I can hear the Trumpflakes coming now 🙂 Some of them think light shines out of their asses just from the way they talk about him and his family.

  17. Danny Burton says:

    The standard for giving security clearance should remain at the highest level.

  18. Rocky Bluez says:

    He is no threat, believe me my "fellow whites" 🔯🔯

  19. Finthefish 1701 says:

    Entitled self serving scum

  20. peter mckenzie says:

    What a crock

  21. Red Baran says:


  22. T- Dawg says:

    Didn’t he send Russia polling results

  23. Cleroyster 2 says:

    when your address was 666 Fifth Ave. in New York….you don't concern yourself with the media.

  24. Bradley says:

    Some day I think you will see Jared Kushner become President of the United States and this COUNTRY

  25. slthlrdz says:

    Never said no.

  26. Chip says:

    He has fettering voice.

  27. viola F. Link says:

    Laura you need to go to You tube and pull up creepy Joe, and see if you think he ins't creepy or nice.

  28. viola F. Link says:

    Things in Israel is a lot better since Trump got in office.

  29. Ed Holm says:

    Total Douche Bag, & this Cluster Fu.. Administration 🖕Him

  30. Michael DAntonio says:


  31. Fionnuala Kelly says:

    Ken has come to life….and he is more vacuous than any 11 year old girl thought…

  32. Norm Haletty says:

    I hope he can bring an end to the large Saudi Sunni coalitions hideously brutal war in Yemen that has already cost up to 80 thousand civilian and combatants lives, not to mention looming mass starvation.

  33. Kvarks says:

    I have no idea what they want to sign but that might be the worst thing ever for this planet.

  34. J.L. Whitehouse says:

    The title of this video is off. They ask him wether or not he poses a national security threat, they didn't ask him about security clearance.

  35. Soulster Girlie says:

    i would love to slap that grin off his face

  36. raz ram says:

    I doesn't thick the Palestinians trust a Zionist

  37. Jason Muga says:

    Who cares!

  38. Neepa Foster says:

    This is a robotoid antichrist

  39. Mahjabin Afsar says:

    Crooks!! wasn’t it Jared, who was giving Russia a direct line to the White House!! Biggest cover up in US history!! Besty’s with Murdoch like crooks, criminals and extremist leaders in Saudi and Israel!! Lock him up!!

  40. Just mr says:

    With that smile it's hard to believe that he is the antichrist… It's so tender

  41. FELLER says:

    Anti cristo

  42. Norma Castillo says:

    I believe he is AI.

  43. Julz Verde says:

    didnt answer the question

  44. Arkham Knight says:

    He definitely looks like the devil. Much more sinister looking than Trump.

  45. Lynn Soquel says:

    What uber creepy people! They make my skin crawl.

  46. owiz9212 says:

    Jared Kushner is Exhibit A, B and C for why we have nepotism laws.

    The guy is so unqualified it's painful. This clown is going to solve the MIddle East crisis? Here's a tip, genius: maybe you should actually talk to the Palestinians.

  47. Sammy Noyb says:

    I'm sorry but this guys looks evil. I can't ….nope!

  48. Pf Zheng says:

    Is he Trump's shadow?

  49. Paolo Lucatello says:

    He is the new gay icona!

  50. Madame Clark says:

    Remove his security clearance he doesn’t pass the smell test. He will fail in the Middle East

  51. Filha Do Altíssimo says:

    Kushner ((( ANTICRISTO )))

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