25 Replies to “JEEP CHEROKEE NSS replacement Neutral Safety Switch quick! Comanche”

  1. maximus Ilive4theking says:

    Question, I read on a forum that a NSS can cause the transmission to shift funny, is this true info? It said it caused overdrive not to engage or slip off overdrive, are you aware of this?

  2. Music Islife says:

    Great video, thanks. Mine won't start in park or neutral but if I pull back on the shifter just a little in either position, it will start. I'm wondering if this is something that can be fixed with adjustment?

  3. Dan Klimach says:

    Thanks for the video; thought I'd be able to clean up the old one until the backing came off in a few pieces.

  4. Austin ingle says:

    I broke the threads on the switch trying to pry so I'm probably f***

  5. Gudaran A says:

    *AFTERMARKET SWITCH FOR 88-96: http://amzn.to/2C9cRXy is that supposed to be for 1997-2001 because the Amazon description says that instead, so not sure if this was a copy and paste error on the video…

  6. Eg hoonigan says:

    Is this the same switch for a 2007 Jeep commander ?

  7. johnnyrancher719 says:

    I ended up breaking it like you did, the part that the nut tightens onto is the only thing still on the transmission. The rest off the nss detatched from it. I can't put the nut on it now, is there anything you suggest to get the remaining pieces off? Would pliers just get it off with enough force?

  8. Frank Besek says:

    I just watched your video for future reference. You did a phenomenal job explaining the why and the wherefore for this job. Many thanks for taking the time.

  9. tesscaline says:

    Thanks so much for this video. It's far more easy to follow than the shop manual, or any of the text explanations on the forums I follow. I've been having trouble with my NSS for years, and hadn't replaced it because of the cost. Now I can do it myself and hopefully solve my reverse light problem (they don't always come on, yikes!)!

  10. motoman 714 says:

    What did you charge someone for that

  11. Billy F says:

    Ok so my cruise control wasn’t working light came on wouldn’t engage
    So after checking all vacuum lines and all other options I put it on a scan
    That showed neutral safety switch bad
    I replaced that and now I have cruise control again less the. $10.00 fix
    Thanks for all your videos
    I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0

  12. Billy F says:

    Thanks for the easy how too

  13. Chevy sucks says:

    Bro i have a 04 Cherokee and i was having to turn the key to on possession then press the brakes halfway before it would crack no other order. sometimes it would start like any other automatic and just start with no brake. But it wont start with key now. I had to take cover off the starter relay and manually move the arm and it starts right up. Does that sound like NSS ??

  14. Tim Hughes says:

    So I replaced mine and now at 15mph every time without fail is has a small hiccup like it looses power for a split second I’m gunna change out my asd relay next kinda lost on what to do

  15. Yaahkmo Raps says:

    Can you direct me to a tutorial for a 95 grand Cherokee zj I'm dying here

  16. NoNonsenseKnowHow says:

    On Amazon:
    *OEM MOPAR NSS FOR 97-01: http://amzn.to/2C7mM03
    *AFTERMARKET SWITCH FOR 97-01: http://amzn.to/2C9cRXy
    *AFTERMARKET SWITCH FOR 87-96 : https://amzn.to/2zspj6l
    *TOP SCAN TOOL/CODE READERS: https://amzn.to/2PQIrEF

  17. Evan Barron says:

    Where is the link?

  18. TheFountainhead69 says:

    Great video, anyone ever tell you you look a lot like the rapper lil’ Dicky.

  19. GrizzledGhost says:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial. The NSS on my '93 Cherokee Sport just failed. I've actually been starting the motor in neutral the last few weeks which is a sign of impending failure.

  20. 1kenworthlover says:

    This helps a lot, thank you. I’ve got two 96 Jeep Cherokee sports and I’m pretty sure the park/neutral switch is going bad. But this video helps me out so much, so again thank you.

  21. Project Dan H says:

    Thanks for the vid! I broke mine off just like you did.. guess I'm gonna have to buy a new one

  22. Angel Young says:

    Huge thanks to you and #BleepinJeep for your vids. I was able to clean/fix mine pretty quick with your vids.

  23. Kainine Eli says:

    Honestly you're the only video on here that gives the most info on how to get the darned thing off

  24. Nick Cimino says:

    I have a 96 2wd. Took nss off and tried cleaning it but had no luck starting up. Trying to order a new one but am curious if it matters if in the description of some it says its for 4wd. Would it really effect anything or does it have to be a 2wd drive nss?

  25. ReNegaDe-SpitFire says:

    Nice vid man

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