Joseph Prince – Positioned In His Protection – 26 Jun 16

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[Music] stay tuned for the latest message excerpt from Joseph Prince calm you know we are increasingly we are living in dangerous times in a the Apostle Paul put it this way the holy spirit speaketh expressly that in the last days perilous times shall come perilous means danger they are danger though danger peril dangerous times will happen when I look at my son just the other day I was looking at Justin during my vacation with my family I was looking at Justin I was leaning a television and uh up came some some news about the world and he was playing his with his toys and again it’s bad news you know most of our time you you know people you don’t have to wash news all day you can just watch the headlines of that it’s all repeat it’s just a repetition after there they interview this person and I’ll guarantee you for every person that says this another person has an opposite point of view don’t waste your time your time is precious amen they’re not giving any money for that but when you wash you are definitely somehow promoting that but don’t don’t don’t allow negative news to come to your spirit so when I was watching that I look at my son and what the world is coming to you know and the Bible’s saying that perilous times shall come Nellore my son he’s oblivious to all this ain’t it wonderful for us to know that we have a God who watches over us amen some snotty one k says he who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty some snotty one is in the Word of God you know when you bring something that you want you tell people that they asked me things like where do you find a God’s protection you know I tell them some study one and they look at you kind of incredulous they kind of look as if some snotty one is not in the Word of God but it is friend and it tells us we can have protection in every area of life even the times of the day whether it’s day or night is that you shouldn’t be afraid of the terror by night nor the arrow flies by day amen – are no evil happened to you amen no evil and no play no disease will come near your dwelling you know in some study want you have the names of God five times the number of grace you have he who dwells in the secret place of the Most High early on shall abide under the shadow of the almighty almighty – I die I will say the Lord Yahweh look the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress my god Elohim so your for there and got the nonstop on a four number of creation he stopped at a fight where do you find five right at the last verse with long life will i satisfy him God says I will show him my salvation shoot him the verse with long life will i satisfy him and show him my in the hebrew yeshua the name of jesus amen the name of Jesus salvation and then you have three words for dwelling or habitation you have the first one he who dwells and is a beautiful word it means sit down he who dwells yosh of your shaft means sit down relax sit down be at rest your dwelling place today in Hebrew do say which moshav are you from Masha is the noun of your chef which settlement are you from which place are you from all right more chef they call that Yasha from the word sit down yes chef sit down amen so you have the first word for dwelling then it says – oh no evil because you have made the Lord drop down because you have made the Lord who is my refuge even the most high Elyon your dwelling place now this dwelling place is the word my own the Bible tells us that isn’t this word my own dwelling place is a place of security a place of safety the Bible says that David was in the wilderness of my own and my pastors and I we have been to the wilderness of my own where David dwelt there and saw when he was hunting down David to kill him he came so close to David in the wilderness of my own in a mountain range called Sela Hamel a cot which is the rock of division now my pastors and I we climbed that mountain where you have a steep drop on one side and the other side goes into a valley now the Bible says that David was going on this side of the valley and Saul and his army all right they got wind of the fact that David was in that area and they were coming on this side which means they will finally much they’ll meet and saw is out to kill David so David unwittingly not knowing that danger was on the other side he was in the woods on my own and saw an army was coming here right before and we were on top of that mountain and I tell you this pastor mark nearly fell off he was in what you’re saying pastor Prince it’s a great shot here because right it’s a beautiful place take pictures by the way you see the mountains and wilderness of my own and he went like this he’s a pastor smart person and I couldn’t hear the rubble of the stones rolling down as day yo and I caught him just in time and he was really like going for it you know he thing is his Superman but it’s not it’s just a wonderful Chinese man that I love it was a dangerous play in fact some of us we we we we really were thinking okay what did we do climb up the mountain it was full of rubble you can just like on is it’s not a touristy place all right it’s off the beaten track so when fall came on this side David came on this side and they’re about to meet the Bible says David just praising the Lord and David says to us now because you have made the Lord who is my refuge your dwelling place you’re my own your dwelling place a place of safety right before they met a messenger came to Saul saying that there’s an attack launched by the Philistines against our people and Holland’s army left not knowing that David was on the other side Amen I’m even know that we praise God for the protection and for the deliverance that he gives us that we are aware of but many a times the Lord has protected us more than we know the Lord has delivered us more than we can tell a man just before we arrived at a danger you know we thank God when we are in trouble he delivers us out of it and we praise Him but for those troubles we never got into we don’t praise Him for it so there’s every reason to praise the Lord come on shop his praises hallelujah every reason to praise the Lord even for things you do not know yet for faith is doing behind the scene amen now the Bible says he who sits in the secret place of the Most High we begin there all right in fact the that this message came about when the Lord spoke to my heart this works if you find your position you will find your possession this excerpt is brought to you by Joseph Prince calm to get the full message visit Joseph Prince calm [Music] no one likes delay I mean we don’t like to wait so why why does God make us wait we ask the question how come the manifestation has not yet come faster Prince I see people getting their answers I see even unbelievers getting the manifestation but when it’s mine coming alright by the grace of God I want to answer that question today because I think that’s where people people live [Music] the devil will turn your times of delay a rite of non manifestation into times of questioning God now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus now what what a strange thing you know is that this guy’s dying all right and they told Jesus about it and the Bible says now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus was it so when he heard that he was sick he stayed two more days in the place where he was the reason he stayed is because he heard that now you see that so far whatever the day he’s delaying for he’s delaying because he loves Martha Mary and Lazarus because he loved he delayed [Music] so if there’s a delay somewhere God will compensate God will restore plus with Revelation that your friends who have it earlier never had we have a carbon based on the superior blood of our Lord Jesus Christ how much more can you be kept alive and well yes there’s a delay but gamma restore there with a lot of blessings added to it and revelation of the Lord like no one else we have [Music] [Music]


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  1. Raymond Haniff says:

    Love it u are a blessing bless God for u

  2. TheFluffycat5 says:

    Thank you for that uplifting blessing.

  3. Jennifer McDonald says:

    Amen, Pastor Prince!

  4. Diana Gimba says:

    God has always used you to answer my questions of life. Thank you Pastor Joseph you are a great treasure to me, your ministry of Grace is helping me a lot.

  5. Jclaud says:

    "If you find your position, you will find your possesion."

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  7. JESUS' own sithara James says:

    Praise Jesus ..our God… Our FATHER..

  8. Grace Madhu G says:

    Thank you Pastor JP..Shalom

  9. Mercy Reyes-Rubin says:

    Great message.

  10. Marvels Chiyava says:

    Beautiful revelation !! Wow! I praise you Jah for even all those things you do for me that I'm not aware of! Hallelujah

  11. Achafonben Fonben says:

    wow this is great The wisdom of God

  12. Achafonben Fonben says:

    he is aba father

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    Amen .

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