“Just as Dangerous” – Child Passenger Safety Booster Seat PSA

November 5, 2019 posted by

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3 Replies to ““Just as Dangerous” – Child Passenger Safety Booster Seat PSA”

  1. boneheaders says:

    The only thing I dislike about this video is that they say "for kids under 8". Even if a child is 8 and over and does NOT fit the seat belt, they should be in a booster because they can still get stomach injuries and spinal injuries if the seat belt does not fit. There is no excuse for not using a booster- seriously, they cost $20 for no back ones. How lazy are you?

  2. sangeliastorck says:

    Thing is, that makes many of us wonder as in how did we survive before the nanny state came about? 
    Was no car seat, nor booster. Along with other things. I'm half expecting the nanny state to make it where even if the kid is safely in one of those seats. That the nanny state would make it illegal for the kid if they were not wearing padding like a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads while in the seats.

  3. Marco Macias says:

    I'm just glad they put the 'do not attempt' label before the video started

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