Kayak Safety

September 5, 2019 posted by

Man 1: Kayak? Man 2: Check! Man 1: Lifejacket? Man 2: Check! Man 1: Phone?
Man 2: In a pouch, AND I’ve got a PLB Man 1: What about the weather? Man 2: I’m all over it – current warnings,
winds, waves, tides.. I’m off! Man 1: And you know how to get back on if you fall in? Man 2: Of course! Man 1: So you’ve practised? In deep water? Man 2: No, but I saw it once on YouTube… Man 1: You can’t be serious? Don’t be lazy with water safety. Always wear a lifejacket and make sure you
can call for help. Visit wearalifejacket.vic.gov.au

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