Keanu Reeves Reveals Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date At E3 2019

June 12, 2019 posted by

please welcome Chiara leaves [Applause] how's it going all right good to see you thank you alright I gotta talk to you about something I'm talking about something [Applause] CD Projekt RED cyberpunk 2077 all right a while back the guys from CD Projekt RED approached me and asked me to be a part of their new project cyberpunk 2077 they were going on and on about how they'd create this vast open world with a branching storyline how you'd be able to customize your character through in-game choices and it's not something I knew before but I was excited by and I'm always drawn to fascinating stories cyberpunk is said in a metropolis of the future where body modification has become an obsession you play as an outlaw and enhanced mercenary working in the sleazy underbelly of this city yeah okay let me tell you the feeling of of being there of walking the streets of the future is really going to be breathtaking alright so I guess I got to finish this so tell me do you guys want to know when there's one of the release date yeah all right then check this out [Applause] whoa way easy mr. Hansen am i right for the job okay I need few have gone through to the other side let's do this


43 Replies to “Keanu Reeves Reveals Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date At E3 2019”

  1. karl9xd says:

    2:17 Is the Highlight of this video.

  2. Bread and games indeed

  3. MrTingles says:

    Keanu: "You wanna know the release date?"
    Crowd: "YAAAEEEHHH!"
    Keanu: "Well, it's November 2077, so…"
    Crowd: "We don't care, you're cool and breathtaking!!"

  4. wtfuredead says:

    Is this a new cult?..

  5. Valkyron says:


  6. Caleb Imrie says:

    Bringing out a new major character in a game less than a year out, after 6 years in development. Shakey development team and the Glassdoor reviews are looking more and more correct.

    I am fully expecting a thoroughly broken launch or a delay.

  7. See that’s how a game company should be. When you’re In touch with your players community , that’s how you’re game will be received. Not Like EA!

  8. Ayy L'mayo says:

    I am a grown man with a wife and a daughter why am I squealing when I see keanu

  9. Mr Banana says:

    Yay. I just have to wait all 16 months of 2020

  10. Gene Eric II says:

    Who's Keanu Reeves?
    I thought this was John Wick from fortnight.

  11. Chiara leaves. Tank you Google translate

  12. mpdg11 says:

    lol auto-caption called Keanu "Chiara Leaves"

  13. Pyrophallus says:

    Be excellent to each other.

  14. man I wish im cool as Keanu

  15. Dead MouzeS says:



  16. I feel like we all love this man lol

  17. Dead MouzeS says:

    he is the real immortal man.

  18. Mr.Think Lap says:

    So,this is the guy from fortnite.

    Me:keep your ass shut,motherfucker.

  19. G T says:

    This probably going to be the best game in the world since gta 5

  20. Enzo Reed says:

    hope the game doesnt suck

  21. TRAV3L3R says:

    Steve jobs is jealous of Keanu.

  22. ziploz says:

    Keanu: h

  23. The Vague says:

    Fuck the game, I'll buy keanu.

  24. Trevsfan1 says:

    I can’t wait for John Wick for PS4

  25. Sam Coll says:

    The audience reaction to Keanu Reeves , reminds me of Spongebob at the Krusty Krabs talent show moppng the floors and everyone going crazy haha

  26. Harold Gomez says:

    I love Keanu but you gotta admit Xbox tryharding on that game with their gay as console

  27. Chalyrb says:

    could have had the dope ass release day 4.20.2020

  28. F1r1um xd says:

    Can someone Photoshop this and make a PlayStation version of this trailer 😀

  29. This guy one pumped me so many times it’s fucking stupid.

  30. gotta say when eidos montreal makes there next deus ex game they are going to have to put some high energy effort in. the world of deus ex has a ton of potential so its not like it cant be amazing but the last entry mankind divided felt like it was a bit too stationary for most the game. all in all it was average even though it felt more like a deus ex game then human revolution it somehow wasnt as good. i personally think the world of deus ex has much more potential then cyberpunk but its up to the team.

  31. M H says:

    How much will you pay me?

    100,000 dollars a minute

    Will I have script?

    You betcha!

    Let me think about it…

  32. zlash roses says:

    Ho else thinks Keanu Reeves is fucking awsome

  33. Daddy slap me with your pencil plz

  34. So Keanu reeves reveals release date of probably game of the year
    It's such nice miracle ;_;

  35. ripqhy says:

    i think those Cyberpunk 2077 dev guys were cheating on us.. they know we will love anything with Keanu in it.. even if the game suck.. people would still like this.

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