Knowing these Hacks could save your life

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We were supposed to see the sun, but, clouds shine in our way! And sure! *Music playing* Wengie: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wengie: Hey guys, it’s Wengie, and, 40 degree heat hug, so, it’s so, hot, guys! Wengie: Have you guys, ever, been stuck, outside, no phone, no food, and, no water, no, nothing? Literally, been, stranded, errr, I haven’t! (Noise) Wengie: These survival hacks, may, or, may not, save your life, and, without further ado, let’s get on with the video! Let’s go! *Music playing* Wengie: If you ever, find, yourself, face to face, with a hungry, crocodile, then, you’re in trouble! Wengie: Most people would turn, around, and, run away, as fast as they can, but, crocs are actually, super, quick, on their feet, running in a straight line, in spite of their short legs, this is really, surprising, because they look, like they got little, legs, and, can’t run, kinda like Mia, she got little, legs, but, she’s quick! *Music playing* Wengie: Instead, what you should do, is, run in a zig-zag pattern, crocs legs are too, short, to change directions, quickly, and, this movement, will actually, confuse them, and, might make a difference, between life, and, death! *Music playing* (Door-bell intercom ringing) Wengie: Ah, who could, that be? (Noise) Wengie: Grease fires are caused by cooking oils, that become too, hot, and, are, super, dangerous, do not try, to put these, out with water, as that may, make them, even worse! *Music playing* Wengie: Don’t try to smother it, with a tea-towel, either, because the wind will make the fire, bigger! *Music playing* Wengie: And, definitely, don’t try, to pick up the pan! *Music playing* Wengie: The first, thing, you should do, is, turn off the stove, if you can do it, so, safely, and, cover the pot, with a lid, to remove the oxygen, of the fire, and, you can, also, try, throwing baking soda, on the fire, but, keep in mind, this only, works, for smaller, fires! (Noise & movement) Wengie: If the fire spread too, much, call for help! (Noise) Wengie: If you’re out in the dark, without light, a flashlight, paired with a water jug, makes a super, bright lantern! *Angelic music playing* Wengie: Doing this, provides enough, light, around you, and, frees, up your hands, if you need, to work on something, in the dark! *Music playing* Wengie: If you’re out with friends, it can, also, substitute, as a campfire, which is great, when you’re at places, where a bonfire is not allowed! *Music playing* Wengie: Hey Wendy, can I borrow the scissors? Wendy: Sure! *Music playing* Wengie: Ahhhh, why did you do that? Wendy: Oh my gosh, are you okay? Would you pull it out, right? Wengie: No, we can’t pull it out! Wengie: Never, pull out sharp objects, if you’ve been stabbed, do not do, what people do, in the movies, the object, itself, could be the only, thing, stopping you, from bleeding out, instead, leave it in, and, call for help! Wengie: Hi, ahh, I’ve been stabbed! *Depressing music playing* (Noise) Wengie: So, this may, get a bit, much, but, bear with me, this could, save your life, one day! Wengie: If you’re taken away, and, your captor uses duct tape, to bind your wrists, this is a good, way, to get out! Wengie: If your mouth is free, then, you can chew your tape through the tape! (Noise) Wengie: But, if your mouth is also, bound, and, here’s what you need to do! First, raise both arms, above your head, and then, bring your arms, down, quickly, as you bring them down, you’ll need to pull your elbows apart, and, past your waist, each side! *Music playing* Wengie: The reason, this works, is that, duct tape is incredibly, strong, when pulled lengthways, but, it’s weak, when ripped, horizontally, the actions, of, jamming your elbows, both sides, actually, rips the duct tape, from the side, which is the weakest point, now, I know, this may kind of sound morbid, but, feel free, to practise this, at home, because you don’t know if you’ll need it, one day! (Noise & movement) *Music playing* Wengie: And, surprising, guys, I actually, got this, in my first go, I was really, doubtful, if I could, do it, and, I’m a really, weak girl, so, this is definitely, possible! (Noise & movement) Wengie: If you’re driving, away, from civilisation, and then, you get a flat tire, you might be in serious, trouble, without a spare, but, if you’re desperate, you can actually, stuff grass, inside your tire, to drive it, to a nearby, town, or, gas station, to get help, I don’t have a flat tire, I’m gonna, show you, with a balloon, by literally, stuffing, grass, inside, you’ll eventually, provide enough, resistance, to support your vehicle! *Music playing* Wengie: It won’t be pretty, but, it might save you, your life, or, hours, and, hours, of waiting, until someone comes to help! *Music playing* Wengie: If you’ve been robbed, or, attacked, don’t just, yell for help! Robber: Give me, money! Wengie: Help, thief, someone, help me! (Silent movement) Wengie: Even if people hear you, they might, feel like, it’s not their responsibility, to help you, and, many studies, have shown, that people can be ignored, even in large crowds, instead, yell at a specific person for help, like hey, you, in the blue shirt! Wengie: Help, hey you, in the blue hat, help me! Wengie: The named individual feels a sense of responsibility, and, is more, likely, to help! *Music playing* Wengie: I’m always, jealous of business-class, when I get on a plane, but, did you know, that you can actually, have a higher chance of survival in an airplane crash, if you’re sitting in the back, compared to the front! *Music playing* Wengie: Another, reassuring, stastic, whenever I fly, is that the chances of being a plane crash are way, less, than, being hit, by a bus! *Music playing* Wengie: When going, out, into the wild, it’s important, to protect your food supplies, belly-first, if you bring the rice, or, beans, you should know, that the plastic, packaging, they come in, is pretty, weak! *Music playing* Wengie: Instead, you should, first, transfer them, into plastic bottles, which are less, likely, to rip, this will keep your food, clean, and, dry! *Music playing* Wengie: You’ll thank me, when you’re hungry! *Music playing* Wengie: If you’re out, in the wild, even the smallest wound, can be fatal, if left open, leading to an infection! *Music playing* Wengie: In a pinch, you can actually, use super-glue, to seal the wound! *Music playing* Wengie: It’s not the best option, to use, but, it still, works, if you have nothing else! (Silence & movement) Wengie: Super-glue, even looks, quite, similar, to medical, and, actually, both, bought, to compare, to see what the difference was, and, yes, they were very, similar! *Music playing* Wengie: Now, hopefully, definitely, one of these things, will help, you guys, you know, survive one day, and, if you guys want to try these, hashtag me on #wengiecorns, and, I love to look at, your tags, follow me on social media, because I am there, during the week, and, until next week, I’ll miss you guys, so much, bye, love you!


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    This song is my schools bell 2:52 and when i heard it i was like huh my bell im at home!

  82. Lena Wirth says:

    I'm just a kid in altrei desperate almost works

  83. funtime foxy YT says:


  84. funtime foxy YT says:

    that's not a algator but it is cute๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒโค

  85. funtime foxy YT says:

    I am scared of bloodโ˜นโ˜นโ˜น

  86. Wicca Stars says:

    ducktape just is really easy to break

  87. Febiana Rinasari says:

    Do you know mimi locks.

  88. Kayla Katy says:

    wengie:gives hug

  89. Audrey Awesome says:

    Lol max is stealing

  90. Alison Grimshaw says:

    u r the best I watch u every day : )


    Love ya vids

  92. Ebony Coffee says:

    Gets stabbed
    Calls ambulance: Hi. Yeah, i've been stabbed

  93. Cymhanee Khanthavong says:

    awww your cute cat is so little โคand wengie im a big fan

  94. awkwardly me says:

    How is 40 degrees hot ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  95. Emma Perju says:

    Hi I love u

  96. Aiden Carter says:

    you have to pich the skin together if you want to supper glue it

  97. Shahanaz Begum says:

    I love your hair and I cannot Iie

  98. Jude Yson says:

    The part where max was the robber and the rest was super cute n funny๐Ÿ˜…

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