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hi I'm patty with Comox business systems today we're going to be taking a look at secure print what secure print allows you to do is send a job from your PC with a code to the copier and that job will not print until you go and keep that code in and release the job this eliminates people's jobs getting intermingled or eliminates are you standing there and somebody taking your job and it's also a really good security feature that way if you need to print something confidential you don't want anyone to see it will hold in that box until you go to the copier and physically release it this is also good too if you need to maybe print on tabs or you're going to do thick paper those type things that way you can set your settings on the PC send it to that secure print box and go to the copier and make your changes at the copier at that time that way you don't have to do too many steps to the copier so let me show you how you do that from the PC and then we'll take a look at how you retrieve it I'm going to show you today how to set up a little shortcut a little icon on your main screen so that when you retrieve your secure parental the process will get a little bit faster so we're going to touch our menu button we're going to go to utility we're going to go to number three where it says administrator settings now your all's code will always be 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 mine's a little bit different so just ignore what I'm keying in here ok once you get your code in you're going to touch ok you're going to go to number 1 where it says system settings ok and then up at the top or in a foreword to page 3 and we're going to go down to the bottom where it says custom display settings and we're going to set us up a little button on the main screen so we're going to go to number 1 where it says main screen default settings ok now what you're going to look for you're going to look for a key that says do not use so that means it's not in use at the time so that just happens to be number 1 so we're going to highlight that key we're going to turn it on and we're going to come over here to where it says system user box that's what the secure print works from and then we're going to select secure print and then touch ok and ok and close back to your main screen here so now when you get ready to retrieve your secure print you're going to go to menu and I have a little we just set this little shortcut button up here that says secure print and that makes the process a lot faster by having that icon already on your main screen to set up your secure print from your PC you're going to pull up your document just like you normally would we're going to do a file print you want to make sure that you choose the right Konica Minolta print driver you go to go into properties or preferences ok now at this point if I want to send some settings with my document I want to go ahead and make those selections now so maybe I want to go into layout and on this document I want to tell it to do two-sided and I'm going to go in and stable so once you've made your selections you're going to go back to your basic tab go to output method and it's always defaulted to print so you want to do your drop-down and select secure print now you'll notice this little user Settings box pops up so this is going to allow you to key in an ID and a password now I like to use just an ID but you can use an ID and a password if you prefer and here's kind of something helpful I try to use numeric that way it's a lot easier to retrieve at the copier so I'm gonna go ahead and key and my idea here and I would suggest that you do not use one two three four cuz a lot of people like to do that okay so your password if you choose to use one I would keep it the same thing as my ID that way it's easier to remember it's easier to keep but like I say I prefer not to use a password so then you're going to touch okay now just kind of keep in mind the first time that you do a secure print that little box pops up there after it does not because it stores your ID in that box and it keeps it for your next job that you do the secure print on so if you need to go back and change any of your ID or passwords you can come in under user settings and if you wanted to delete that out just highlight it delete it keying your new ID or if you wanted to add a password or change it you would do it right here select okay okay and print you should be good to go your document should be at the copier for you to retrieve with your ID and/or password now just remember that secure print is not unique to just one job it remembers and stores those IDs and passwords into every job that you do that you use the secure print method 1 okay you'll notice once the job gets the copier you'll see your little blue data lights flashing and as soon as it has received all the information you're going to hear a slight beep and that tells you that the information has totally been received now to retrieve your document you're going to touch your menu button you're going to select secure print and you're to type in the ID that you gave it at the PC touch ok ok so now you'll notice I have three documents out here so what I can do I can highlight each one of them if I want to or I can touch select all and they'll all print at the same time now in this case I'm just going to select one because I want you to know once you touch print I want you to know that you can change your settings down here at the bottom of the screen if you decided that you wanted to do it go back a single-sided or if you want to staple or not staple usually you send your settings with the job to the copier but if you've forgotten to do something or you want to change some settings you can go down here and make your choices or your selections here and then all you're going to do is touch your Start button and you're good to go now the beauty of this is once that document is printed it automatically deletes so you don't have to manually go back in there and delete your document hi I'm patty with Comox business systems I would like to thank you for joining us today we've put together a series of videos hoping that will help you operate your business and a little bit better if you have trouble you're always welcome to call us at our toll free number eight eight eight four eight three seven four four zero or you can go to our website at www.uvu.edu/library you

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