Kuva Lich Trading, Duplicate Protection & Requiem Mods (Warframe)

November 12, 2019 posted by

DE released a developer workshop earlier today
on the kuva lich system and upcoming changes that will be coming soon. your generated kuva lich will no longer have
the same weapon twice in a row. Four defiled requiem mods can be transmuted
into a fully charged random requiem mod and we’ll be able to trade our converted kuva
lich to another player and apparently both the weapon and the ephemera will be transferred
if the ephemera is tied to it when converted. This system will be coming soon including
the use of a brand new dojo room, inspired by the early war room design from the king
pin system. they also finished the post by saying we are
looking at other ways in which we can make the kuva lich system more rewarding and unique,
although there is still a lot of internal discussion surrounding the hows, while maintaining
the design intent. more on this as it is finalized. That’s the the devloper workshop on the upcoming
kuva lich changes, no exact dates were given for these changes. that’s all we have in regards to their plan.


23 Replies to “Kuva Lich Trading, Duplicate Protection & Requiem Mods (Warframe)”

  1. Benjerman Kulandaisamy says:

    I'm glad that they're trying to stop the duplicates that seems to be one of the major issue with this system and thanks once again for keeping us informed

  2. ezekiel osi says:

    Hopefully Converted Kuva liches will be useful….

  3. Skye Morningstar says:

    Aaaaaaah thank goodness

  4. The Void Arkhangel says:

    Twice in a row…. now will be like Quartakk, Seer, Quartakk, Seer…

  5. Iwoply says:

    My Quick Thoughts:
    Hopefully the trading will be Lich for Lich & not Lich for Plat (Rivens 2.0 yadadada).

    Then again this trading system seems wack, since you need to convert before you can trade. It doesn't really help you if you have another duplicate w/ lower stats or a weapon w/ low stats that no one wants.
    You still have to put effort into clearing or converting a lich for a weapon that won't be rewarding.

    4 Defiled Requiem Mod's for 1 RM is good?

    If it remains RNG for RNG that decays after 3 uses, can Relics just be removed and mods be the rewarded w/ decay or keep the relics and make the mods permanent. I think that will go a long way.

    As for "you can't get the same weapon straight after" how about on every third?

    I'm really liking Frozenballz suggestion after reading the dev workshop as it would help with the duplicates & the feeling that players are having.

    "A solution for the kuva situation- There are 13 weapons. Make it so that the first 13 drops from kuva liches are guaranteed unique weapon drops in a random order and still affected by RNG for the bonus% stat they get. this way, people get the weapons for collection and then after the 13th weapon, people can then do the grind to minmax and get their perfect rolled weapon. This way you cater to the casuals as well as minmaxers, and everyone can get all the weapons." – https://twitter.com/Frozenbawz/status/1193573532929843210

    My tweeeeet

  6. Garrumx says:

    "Yeah guys, you can trade your lich if it's one you don't want…after you invest the exact same amount of resources and time needed to kill it."

  7. SaMyVI says:

    Lich selling on the way lmao i'm 100% sure the new meta gonna be the best lich name to sell aqua "FASHIONAME"

  8. Péter Niczinger says:

    Ye okay , so l the kuva lich system becomes a riven 2.0 . Thanks , after i killed 23 lich to get all the weapons it will mean nothing because everyone can buy them for fkn plat. My time has come to leave this game after 7 k hours .

  9. Danang M. Fauzan says:

    wait you need to convert it?wtf i though the intent is trade the lich that you dont want to deal with

    i rather just kill the dipshit and initiate another one rather than convert it and look for someone that might want mine

  10. kyroo1052 says:

    Meanwhile, on console… 3 months with no Arbitration Changes and a weak ass Gauss… Thanks for neglecting a huge part of your audience DE

  11. Your Average Guy says:

    Kuva liches should be able to spam their AoE abilities to make a cover for players

  12. Damian Cook says:

    Hey i know this is unrelated but…

    Remember when DE said they were gonna release rail jack and the new war before the year ends?
    Must've been my imagination

  13. Mate397 says:

    Haven't had a duplicate gun as of yet, but I would prefer not having doubles

  14. Elon Of The Musk says:

    DE to console players who are still waiting for the damn update:
    “This… is requiem.
    You will never reach the truth.”

  15. Mokuto Media says:

    Thank you, now I can have some input because I know!

  16. Andrew Singleton says:

    My thoughts so far:

    First off: None of you actually care about our feedback. Changes suggested won't be implimented, or will be done in a halfassed manner that won't make any real diffrence and the system will go on the orphaned pile like salvage, assault, universal medallions that aren't actually universal, conclave, vauban's surviveability, gunblade stances, etc…

    With all that said.

    * Give us something to do with liches that nobody will want. The liches with a 25% impact because your'e hunting that one ephemira and that one didn't have it. Nobody in your clan will want it, or if you're in a solo clan you're SOL. Give us something we can put those liches towards doing. Maybe assign them to specific rooms for tasks. Like speeding up research, or speed up construction, or if posted in the command center allow altering the odds a lich will spawn, or buffing murmur gains, or even act as minor resource boosters when assigned to the observitory (like, maybe a 10% resource gain per lich capped at 50% to avoid directly competing with boosters.) What i really want are liches that just kinda hang out in the dojo and goof off, entities that give the place a sense of life, and… frankly we could use as captura props or NPCs.

    * Allow bad sequences for the parazon to kill the lich. Have them slump over and die laughing. 'You can't kill me… I'm Imortal. Just. Like. You.' Then the levelup animation we currently have. That ties into the 'we keep killing them' idea lore keeps suggesting but we don't see.

    * Have lich levelups DO something. Level 1 they get one ability and no status resistances, then each levelup on gives them another ability and x% status resistance, til we get to what their current mechanics are. That way you get a feeling this thing gets stronger over time and you have a real sense that 'oh god i'm not figuring this out and it just keeps getting stronger.'

    * Tying into the above. As the lich levels up have the drop tables for their planets gain a set of modifiers based on the lich, its elements, and level. That way you aren't just picking a progenetor on weapon the lich gives, or ephimera, but also the potential drops. This could theoretically give us away to farm mutagen samples (NO IT IS NOT RAINING IN THE DERELICT STEVE) or other resources that might otherwise be rare or annoying.

    * Give end of mission murmur rewards. Maybe ten per mission? SOmething that lets people who just blow thorugh missions casually gain murmur.

    * Have a chance for the lich to show up outside of the territory it controls if it hits max level, but at the cost of it not having its status immunity or immunity to armor stripping, or whatever makes them so damned annoying to fight. Lich shows up with a small crowd of its thralls in random mission you're hosting and unless the other players attack, it ignores them or doesn't really leave the tile it spawns in, that way newbies aren't mauled to death. The lich being weakened when outside of its zone of control would help to balance the fact it can show anywhere.

    * I want the liches as an option for railjack crew. C'mon make it happen that'd be a good use for 'liches nobody wants.

    * Give spy missions in lich controlled territory a chance to have requiem mods in the spy vault rewards. Ditto sabotage caches. 10% chance. This 2% or worse drop rate business is insanity. Stoppit.

    * This one's harder but I'm tired of 'male lich goofball reject from borderlands.' 'Female lich blah blah blah rar look how smart and calculating i sound fear me.' I realize voice acting is expensive but we need more personality types because I'm on my fifth lich and four of them ahve been the same set of female voice lines and it's getting annoying.

    * Allow us to spawn converted liches in captura as unique background NPC dummies. pause time and click on the lich to pause its specific AI or have it cycle between a set of predefined animation loops.

    * Speaking of using the lich noncombativly. Let us use our liches to create custom articula.

  17. Damian Navarro says:

    I glad the Ally Kuva Lich are can trade
    I think you hire your Kuva Lich Hunt him or her down and help you same time
    But Your Kuva Lich Turned their ally but you was ally not helping you not anymore
    Or Your Ally Kuva Lich was Killed Cant help you anymore
    PvP can added also Kuva Lich get stuff for you Also help you
    i want I got Wrong Mods for Kuva Lich I About get KO but My Ally Kuva Lich
    Stop him or her to about kill me and stop Kuva Lich lvl up
    Like Savior thing Also sorry my grammer

  18. Zero Steel says:

    God tnx for the not getting the weap. Im at 9th lich and im losing my insanity just to get a chakkhurr

  19. Garrick Otta says:

    Looks at the 5 seers and 5 krakens. I look forward to this.

  20. YK 994 says:

    Is the weapon hate become a heavy blade?
    Saw weapon hate getting bigger

  21. Ferbsol says:

    Rivens 2

  22. OMEGA says:

    I’m glad these changes are coming but army they now adding more RNG to replace the current RNG?

  23. Eclipse says:

    Thx for the changes but i still wish for some changes in thralls killing amount

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