Kyrie Irving Protection Move: Basketball Moves

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I get buckets….. Hi I’m coach Collin Castellaw
and this is how to use the rim to protect your shot. As a scorer one of the best things
you can do is use the rim to protect your shot from eager shot blockers. Now a lot of
the time you are going up for a normal finish you’re going to have some sort of shot blocker
in the area that is going to be maybe really really tall or can jump really really high
and is at least going to challenge your shot. What you can do as a scorer is use the rim
to protect the ball away from the shot blocker. So let’s pretend I’ve beat my man off the
dribble and I’ve got a defender right here in front of me. You can go up and straight
challenge them if you want to but if they are a good shot blocker they are probably
going to get to it. Instead what you can do is you can use some sort of move to cross
back over to the opposite side of the rim and then use it to protect the ball. Most
of the time a shot blockers hand is not going to come across through the net or through
the rim to come get a shot. So you see big time scorers always try to get to the opposite
side of the rim because it gives them an open look. Alright let’s check out how Kyrie Irving
does it. Kyrie is awesome at this move because of his great vision and ball skills. HE is
not the most athletic guy in the league and that is why this move works perfect. So as
he begins his drive he sees LeBron as the help side defender he gets LeBron to bite
by rocking the ball to the right side of the basket first. LeBron leaves his feet to block
the shot there as Kyrie switches the ball to his left. This keeps the rim between the
ball and LeBron James’ hand making it impossible to block. If you enjoyed this video hit the
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    Quick question. If you jump in the air while performing a layup like Kyrie in the video, then should you put the same effort in your legs as you would do if your dunking? James Harden does not do any type of move like this.

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