Law Enforcement at Hennepin Tech

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in elementary school and the kids wanted to be like princesses my grabs would be veterinarian I always wanted to be a professor that responsibility that you get to be able to be that person to come to somebody and say hey I got this like I'm going to help you it's okay the police are here thinking something that has to be incredibly rewarding yeah work these like you mean it I started my career back in 1980 worked from 1980 to 2009 as a licensed peace officer we tell students a lot of things and you know most of them have never experienced these things before so then when we put them into scenario-based training and today you were looking at active shooter one of the things I do teach in a training for active shooter called three echo stands for entry evaluates and evacuate move the shot moves in a shot when a lesson from Columbine is you have to stop it there we go and then the whole goal of pre echo and what we're passing on these kids is now we're going to save people fly ready to bow the whole goal of scenario training is to put stress on the students come on that'll work get the spark so they can learn how they're going to react on that stress and then bring all the things that we've been training them repeatedly see if it's stuck it was more discussing in on what our goal was is after coming into the scene knowing what to expect knowing what we have at stake and I think for us coming in as officers it was just a really good well-rounded way to train us to understand how severe and serious in scenarios situations can be your minds consul and campaign you know do something do something what is it that I need to do what is it I should be doing and what's it that I need to do moving forward follow the body follow the bodies we're going to find the bad guy they kind of start out the basic scenarios which are stressful on their own and then they start adding in wrinkles they start adding in second shooters or now you have to extract victims and you have to search rooms but many sectors work with you and they say okay like think about it like what would you do next what do you need to do how do you get to the next step how do you kind of change your checking if you need to do that you forget a lot of stuff that you were going to do so you have them always behind your back supporting you telling you reminding you what to do because realistically stuff just goes out the door ones here in that high of a stress situation whether it's the students here or officers doing in-service training with their agency or going to a school they have blue blocks which function just like their regular block but you know they get into this scenario and it's like real to them which it should be and so they're using the same tools that they would use in real life getting exposure to all these different things if nothing else it gives you a great deal of empathy for the difficulty of this job and just how much is expected of them and how they can never fail essentially they always have to win you always have to succeed and I think they try and impress that on us but giving us that new perspective of how or we can handle this how it's prepared me is giving me confidence to know that I have the right you know the right idea of what I need to do when I get in there but knowing that under stress that I could handle it that I can do it you know believing in ourselves and just bringing our best self forward and pushing yourself to really just get the job done do what we need to do with officers come in and protect people and face people

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