Law enforcement impostors knock on doors in Robstown

June 14, 2019 posted by

in other news some people living in the Robstown area are nervous tonight after a group of men were caught on camera posing as law enforcement officers they claimed the men knocked on doors and even flashed badges surveillance footage shows a car with no police markings or license plates outside the home as two men knock on a door the men reportedly told a woman living in the home there were law enforcement officers but they would not specify which agency they were with these are professionals this is their job so their job is just to go around and if they have to have some hold someone hostage for money or for valuables you know they'll do it that's I think they're here for a mission and their mission is to make sure that they don't walk away empty-handed at all cost the Noyce's County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incidents but if you believe someone is posing as a law enforcement officer you should call 911 immediately another person has died following last

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