Law Enforcement Training Center @ MACC

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with over 20 years of experience ma CeCe's law enforcement training center stands ready to prepare you for the challenges of maintaining safety and providing community leadership as a licensed peace officer the latc provides instruction in every aspect of law enforcement giving graduates a firm base for a successful career in departments around the country classroom and field instruction is led by local and state law enforcement officers who share their decades of experience as they go hands-on with training like firearm safety traffic stops and defensive tactics recruits learn effective reporting and investigation techniques as well as departmental administration and offender control and treatment as a student you'll be challenged academically and physically in a disciplined environment that requires commitment to the highest moral and ethical standards our curriculum gives you 32 college credit hours and with over 600 hours of initial training we exceed moszer our class 8 peace officer standards and training certifications at the end of our 20 week program you'll be eligible to apply for Missouri post licensure exam and we're proud of our 100% annual pass rate law enforcement is definitely not an occupation for the faint of heart it's not an occupation for people that do not understand and can deal with human conflict and stress as a graduate of latc I can see that they do a fantastic job with preparing Academy recruits for the stresses of the job and the demands of the job in the career field the latc program at MACC is proud to provide the doorway for the next state trooper marshal share our municipal officer this is not a job it's a passion call today to begin your future in law enforcement

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