Light Bandolier for Cyber Tank Girl Costume

June 14, 2019 posted by

My Halloween costume this year is a cyberpunk
take on comic icon Tank Girl. We already updated the iconic goggles and
studded choker with NeoPixels in previous tutorials, and today we’re building a 3D
printed bandolier of light using NeoPixel strip and white NinjaFlex filament. To build this project, we’ll be using some
60 pixel-per-meter NeoPixel strip, fabric, sewing supplies, GEMMA or Trinket microcontroller,
and battery pack. Download and print the free file from our
complete tutorial– the link is in the description. The piece is designed to tile into a long
belt or bandolier– use as many as you need to achieve your desired length. Sandwich the NeoPixel strip between the NinjaFlex
pieces and fabric and sew them together. Use our sample code, then mod it up to display
your own custom color patterns. You could even extend it to add a sensor and
have your LEDs react to motion, sound, or temperature. The battery pack can be tucked into a pocket
or attached to your belt, just make sure to provide adequate strain relief to the wires
in case they get tugged. To wire up your circuit and learn more about
the other elements of this costume, head over to the Adafruit Learning System, where you
can find plenty of other 3D printing and wearable electronics to inspire your own Halloween
costumes. Let us know what you’re working on in the
comments and on our weekly show and tell hangout on Google+. Have a happy Halloween and subscribe for more
wearable electronics from Adafruit.


9 Replies to “Light Bandolier for Cyber Tank Girl Costume”

  1. PRIVATE EYE says:

    That' gonna be my goal. To make something cool. Last year for I was first runner up. My costume cost me $5K . The winner won $30K. It was the allen costume. Well. better luck next time.

  2. Bandolier of Light with GEMMA- Bullets of pure love #Wearables   #GEMMA

    Build a fun and flexible light-up accessory for your Halloween costume this year using 3D printing, DIY electronics, and a little bit of sewing.

  3. MyWillyboi says:

    Man I love becky she is awesome! The puppy's 2-liter Bottle Rockets are wicked rad too!

  4. Durrpadil says:

    So much win.. love ya'll

  5. When designing 3D printable stuff to put LEDs into, what tips would you give to get the best glow of the item?  

  6. VegaDeftwing says:

    She's very pretty and the project is killer

  7. Bandolier of Light #WearableWednesday #ElectronicHalloween

    Build a fun and flexible light-up bandolier accessory for your Halloween costume this year using 3D printing, DIY electronics, and a little bit of sewing.

    Wear this bandolier with your cyber Tank Girl costume or any military-inspired look. You can easily wear it as a belt instead of a shoulder sash, and the modular design lets you customize the length that’s just right for you.

    Read more

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