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[beep] – Hey, you still got a visual
of that suspect running? – Behind the apartment complex,
behind the apartment complex. – Right now, apparently, one
officer was checking status on two individuals currently. One stayed still. And the other one
took off running. While running, he ended
up tossing a handgun. [yelling] Hey, hey, hey, stand back. Relax. [yelling] Relax, relax, relax, relax. Watch it.
– Hey, watch it. – Relax, relax, relax, relax.
– I’m good, bro. Hey, bro, I got some–
I don’t– I– I got some pepper spray on–
– That’s OK. – Let’s see. – This one over here. – This is– – – Are you bleeding anywhere? All right, relax, relax,
relax, relax, relax, relax. Do a quick pat down. You OK?
– I’m good. I’m good.
– Catch your breath. Catch your breath.
– I’m good. I’m good.
– Hold on, roll up the windows. – Well, can I get
some attention, too? – Hold on, hold on, hold on. We’re gonna check you
real quick, all right? You don’t have any
weapons on you? – I’m good.
I’m good, man. I promise, man.
– Hold on, hold on. – I promise, my man.
– We’re going to take you out. We’re gonna make sure you’re
not hurt, you’re not beating, anything.
Let me see. – Sorry.
Sorry about that, boss. Sorry.
I– – You’re not
bleeding, or anything? – I don’t know, boss.
– He’s got a couple scratches. – OK. That’s fine. You checked his back, his waist?
– Yeah. – Yeah.
I’m good, sir. – All right, get him in. We’ll get you some water,
cleaned up right now. – Yeah. – Yeah. – OK. Well, be careful, man. – Yeah, can you guys stand–
– Obviously. – –over there, please? – There’s no safety
on it, nothing? – No. All right, just secure it then. And do at the- at ID tech room. All right. – It’s just really rusty. – Actually– – Hey. – Try the unit. – Yo! [police radio chatter] – 601, go ahead. – Pepper spray. Ah, you don’t [bleep] care. Pepper spray?
– 0219. – Oh, he’s using a– – I’m telling you, I just want–
– Hey. – –water. That’s all I want, sir. – Hey. We’re gonna get you some water.
– OK. That’s all I want.
– Listen– – That’s all I want.
– Listen up. The more you mess up–
– Sir, they– – The more you mess around–
– Pepper spray? Mace?
– Let them take you. They’re going to wash you off.
That’s where they’re going. – I just want a water bottle.
– Do not bang on the window. – I just want a water bottle. – The more you bang– the
more you bang, the more you’re gonna stay here. – They could give me a
water bottle here, sir. – They have stuff
to take it off. – But I don’t want that. I just want water, sir. – They’re gonna get
you out of here. – Por favor, sir. – Hey, where’s he at? – OK, sir? – At this point,
he’s still been, uh, fighting with officers in the– in the unit. Right now, we’re just gonna
escort him to the station where we’re going to go
out and extract him and put him inside one
of our jail cells as safely as possible. – That’s gonna be a– – Hold on, hold on, hold
on, hold on, hold on. [police radio chatter] – He’s good.
He’s good. – I’m good.
I’m good. I’m good.
– He’s good. – All right.
– He’s good. – No, we’ll get him right now.
We’ll get him right now. Don’t worry about it.
Don’t worry. Go ahead.
– I’m good. I’m going. – All right, all right, relax.


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  1. Eviktion says:

    Probably hid that gun in the desert

  2. DabTime says:

    Looks like a Polish PPK clone

  3. vsboy 25 says:

    Pepper spray makes people very fearful it’s normal to panic

  4. Aj Powell says:

    Surely someone has a water bottle

  5. n pearson says:

    Im here really baked watching this, i wanted to have a ham and cheese as well, so got up, made a sandwich sat down here now im eating a piece of ham wrapped bread, then opening the american cheese out of the wrapper and eating it

  6. Ch33f says:


  7. George Vasquez says:

    5 cops drive to the station to escort one guy… pathetic.

  8. John Edward says:

    People complaining about the fake sirens while I’m too stoned to even notice😇

  9. santafenm100 says:

    Mercado: Relax relax

  10. Ricardo Bermea says:

    Porque sir

  11. Brenden Murphy says:

    He needs to relax lol

  12. kingShango Sativa says:

    Water? What you need is lube for that rusty piece son

  13. Makailaa xx says:

    I didn’t know OhGeesy got arrested

  14. Cristian says:

    This lad had a gun from WW1

  15. G V says:

    I would be bugging too I was just sitting there with pepper spray in my eyes

  16. Juice Mane says:

    Porfes sir can I have sum mo??😂

  17. aurelio munoz says:

    They had to mess him up on the way their the officer shakes da hand off

  18. grumerguy says:

    The real question is where did he get that fine firearm? I mean that gun was tight! Wearing a fine patina and I'm not sure, but it may have been clear coated to preserve the patina. A true museum piece!

  19. Tactical Ministries says:

    My dude you just got arrested, it doesnt matter what you want

  20. Jacob Brown says:

    IDK boss

  21. Bex Power says:

    I came just to hear" relax relax relax" you good

  22. A 1 says:

    Wow a convoy for that! Man cops are really getting bored nowadays

  23. UZIBOY says:

    Be humane and give the kid some water, idiots

  24. LALAKIS GT says:

    The cop its a filipino?

  25. Crash Test Dummy says:

    Should we even look for a serial or was it manufactured before that was a thing?

  26. Leon Fontius says:

    Guy getting arrested: I want a water bottle.

    Me: Don't you mean bottle of water?

  27. zs clarkson says:

    Rusty old Remington 51? Or maybe an old .32 FN pistol, hard to tell w/ the quick look.

  28. Jmb Arts says:

    Relax relax relax….. Sir sir , RELAX .

  29. Diamondz says:

    He needs to give that gun back to the museum😂😂

  30. Cloudz says:

    He has a call of duty WW2 gun😂😂

  31. Ben Urschel says:

    Yo look when they got out the car the cop shakes his hand. That dude was punching this kid on the way home.

  32. Achraf Jellal says:

    There was some bad blood between those two cops

  33. Gil Esquivel says:

    Relax relax relax relax relax relax relax

  34. The stigs Australian cousin says:

    "An officer was check on status of two individuals" gee wonder what that's code for.

  35. Cory K says:

    Why the cop get in the back seat?

  36. Its Juan says:

    0:26 most white trash noise you'll ever hear

  37. iTzArNoLd415 says:

    Relax relax relax relax relax relax…..
    relax relax relax

  38. dannyb20 vtec says:

    0:27 I love how women think that screaming at the top of their lungs somehow helps the situation. Lol

  39. it's true says:

    This clip was kind of boring.

  40. ISH GARCIA says:

    Isn't that the same guy with the black nail polish that just wanted a hug now he wants a water bottle

  41. Bob Sacamano says:

    The young guy was just on his way to the antique roadshow to get that old gun appraised.

  42. Karsh says:

    They need two cars and five police officers to escort this guy to jail. You'd think this was a mass murderer or something…

  43. Zaki zakari says:

    Cop: relax relax

  44. MoveOn says:

    I want someone to tell this cop to relax for a change. i want to watch him question his whole reality

  45. mama 79 says:

    I'd want to rinse my eyes out too.

  46. Andrea Bromma says:

    i had that gun in shadow of chernobyl

  47. Levon Avetisian says:

    is this in America or Mexico? why every single cop is latin, including the suspect and the rest.. just curious.

  48. Drano says:

    barred out

  49. •Best Commenter• says:

    Legend has It that he still hasn't got water

  50. william alderman says:

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAhAhAHAH! Gun totally harmless! Imagine getting a gun charge that won't shoot. HAHAH!

  51. Nicky Nick says:

    the cop jumping in the car with him at the end was funny as F

  52. Danny Brockman says:

    All rust no safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. TalyJimmy says:

    not Ohgeesy

  54. Gold Pager says:

    I jus wan a waaaader

  55. BluntNinJaScopE says:

    3 am
    Me: okay last one (plays like 15 more vids)

  56. Logan Wheat says:

    Home boy got punched out on the way there. See the officer shake his hand off😂😂

  57. WorldOFwarcraftLIVE says:

    cop shows up and hes putting gunpowder in a musket and getting ready to drop the bullet down the barrel

  58. Alex Garcia says:

    I wish i could not care about dips and take them going 40mph lol but stuts and shocks are expensive lol

  59. Ernesto Velazquez says:

    that officer needs a promotion

  60. Adan Perez says:

    I thought that was OhGeesy for a sec…

  61. maya summers says:

    Lmao at that cop that slid in the back seat with him. 😂

  62. allrighttobewhite says:

    How stupid are liberals?
    Who would want their country to slowly turn into Mexico?

  63. adam clark says:

    Did that cop just ride in the back with the suspect? Wow, that can’t be good

  64. michael rayburn says:

    Juan is my favorite, he always makes it fun.

  65. Burpo Stockings says:

    Rusty gun. Thats just sick.

  66. 90'Z BABIEZ says:

    Gun lil’ rusty needa shoot more often.!!!!

  67. Legend 28 says:

    The Yellow Tent Lawrenceburg Tn = i put this so ill know what episodes Ive watched lol

  68. William Dukane says:

    The most addictive drug in the world is Live PD.

  69. Aliyah Shallerhorn says:

    Dang the way he was asking for water would make you think he was frozo

  70. Cindi Barton says:

    those other cops wanted to smack him around and the cop wouldn't let them-good for him

  71. lets argue says:

    Rick from pawn stars: You lookin to sell it?

  72. RomansAte1Too says:

    The only difference between Mission, TX and Tijuana Mexico is that they speak English in Mission

  73. gmanney06 says:


  74. B. Vaughan says:

    Don't give him too much water he might dilute his tiny brain

  75. Juan Cano says:

    Fav PD!

  76. dailylife learning says:

    I’m taking an audio clip of “relexrelaxrelaxrelaxrelax” for when my girl gets her monthly rage on !

  77. Cole Bayley says:

    Bommmiki bbmbb

  78. Rocky Kalab says:

    Cop jumps in the back with agitated purp at the scene! Gets out shaking his hand at the station with compliant purp. Old school bro! 3:00

  79. im not Milton says:

    Those ladies sounded like squacking chickens😂

  80. Hookuh Jones says:

    Why did that cops hand hurt when he jumped out of the back seat with the kid?

  81. Rian Ochoa says:

    Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax.

  82. Payola PayNoMind says:

    Notice The Cop Get In The Back Seat With Him Aggressively. Watch The Cop When They Both Get Out Of The Back Seat. He Shakes His Hand And Takes A Quick Glance At The Same Hand. You Here The Other Cop Say " He's Good!" As If He Just Got Treated. Im Pretty Sure He Got Nailed In The Face To Get Him To Stfu!

  83. tothepoint says:

    Jc CD dy inc d cindy favorite 5 investing string run

  84. christina markell says:

    relax relax relax relax relax realx relax

  85. Hosen says:

    these mexicans .. honest to god are so fing annoying. no respect… bad attitudes and disgusting amount of pride.

  86. Marz Dizzle says:

    God bless the blue stay safe out there officers thanks for all you guys and women do

  87. Chief Executive says:

    He got all spicey! 😂😂

  88. Aly Nicole says:

    They only cared to asked if he was bleeding cause they were putting him in the car

  89. Tacticool Papa says:

    MAB model C or D lol

  90. Robert Bowersock says:

    He's lucky the cops got that gun before he tried to use it. Just another dumb,lazy millennial.

  91. Calvin Alba says:

    relax relax relax relax


    relax relax relax 😂

  92. Brian Ellinger says:

    I had just paid to have the brakes professionally redone on my van the frame was completely intact these evil horrible lying putrid thieves tell lies to keep me low and this includes doing things that take my vehicle.
    It had a little bit of rust on the body fenders but no rust underneath or on the frame because it was under coated all of the seatbelts and airbags worked.
    These are lies being told to you by people who stole the money

  93. iknowyouarebutwhatami says:

    Really gotta make these like 2 or 3 min longer

  94. Bern Medrano says:

    I was there that day just watching everything 😂😂😂😂😂

  95. Allan Googe says:

    That can’t be the gun he ditched. I bet that’s a different one someone ditched ages ago.

  96. Ryan Scherbluk says:

    Notice the cop took the string out of his hoodie

  97. Dante Enriquez says:

    Nambe sirr

  98. MyEgoMyThoughts says:

    why they all talking like they are playing fortnite tactically
    everyone repeating themselves a minimum of 3 times and talking over each other

  99. Kyle Hill says:

    How come they didn't go all the way into the garage?

  100. A&E says:

    Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!

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