Looking for Cybersecurity Solutions at Dreamforce 2019

November 23, 2019 posted by

– Hey, this is David Spark, I am at the Dreamforce conference, that’s a Salesforce conference. And this is mostly marketing
and sales-type conference. It is not a cybersecurity conference, as I am slowly realizing, because there’s very little
about cybersecurity here. I’ve only found three
vendors, there may be more, but that’s all I found, that
sort of isolated cybersecurity, and the ones out there that
I know do cybersecurity, the bigger ones, don’t have
any cybersecurity reps. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t security around Salesforce. There very much is. They have their Shield
product, which has been around for about five years, and
that seems to fill up the meat of what is needed by most people. But, let me mention a few
vendors that I ran into. One was OwnBackup, and they essentially backup continuously your Salesforce data, and really, why do you lose Salesforce data? Good old-fashioned stupidity, that’s why. ‘Cause people just
accidentally delete things, and they’re backing up all your data, even your meta data, which is great, and it’s doing it continuously, rather than the weekly backups
that SalesForce may happen. So, you can recover stuff after you stupidly delete
something in Salesforce. They also have a cool
developer sandbox environment, which anonymizes your data, so if you’re working with
third-party developers, and you want them working with your data, but not knowing what your data is, it can be anonymized in that sandbox. Pretty darn cool. Another company called Fair Warning offers a audit platform, which
I thought was interesting, where all the data that’s
coming into Salesforce, they’re tracking it, they
create a baseline of it, and then give you alerts
if there’s any anomalies in the behavior, like
someone who might be leaving might want to copy and paste all the data from their account. And then what was the last
company I was looking at? Oh, Security Access Manager. Now this is just a company
that creates secure profiles for different groups within your company, which, I was kind of shocked,
doesn’t already exist in Salesforce or Shield, or
some other related product. But it doesn’t, and so
more my concern would be they’re gonna be sort of
marginalized pretty soon, because I wouldn’t be
surprised if Salesforce adds this very, very soon. Look, I spoke to somebody at Salesforce, and they just said “Look,
this is not a security event, RSA, you go there, you’re gonna
run into many, many players that do security for Salesforce.” But regardless, he believes
there’s lots and lots of opportunities for security placed within the Salesforce ecosystem. So, if you’re not already playing, which many of you are,
because you know how big this darn ecosystem is, get on it! This is David Spark
reporting from Dreamforce.

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