30 Replies to “Lou Dobbs Drops BOMB On EVERY Politician Who Is AGAINST Secure Borders”

  1. The Next News Network says:

    Because YouTube changed their algorithm, hit this link http://nnn.is/Sub-to-N3 to subscribe to our YouTube channel, then tap the bell to turn on notifications for more reports like this!

  2. vision works says:

    Nancy is running the whole thing

  3. Fred Hoffman says:

    CNN got rid of Lou because he wouldnt lie to us like they told him to do.

  4. The Great White Hope says:

    Lou Dobbs speaking the truth and very well spoken!!! True American Patriot right there!!! He's right the Democrats are on board with all the drug cartels and child trafficking the pedophilia it goes all the way to the Catholic diocese that's how corrupt this is people the deep state is bad!!! God bless mr. Dobbs and God bless America!

  5. Mike M says:

    Sorry Gary for the long speeches didn't mean to blow up you comment section but this needed to be said all of it …

  6. Mike M says:

    Democrat leaders don't care why because they have sold they're souls they know they are going to hell anyone in they're right mind would stop and 5ake the olive branches trump has offered but nope they serve openly the devil fact. God said it would be better for you to tie a millstone around your neck and cast yourselfs into the deeps of the sea then it would be for you to hurt one of my little ones . We democrat leaders rape and are pedophile and sell kids and murder them and drink they're blood and traffic drugs and allow kids to be killed and men and woman well understand this we are all gods little ones if you hurt one of us you hurt all of us . Getting the picture now. Every word I have spoken here today is 100 % truth and fact. Already proven beyond a reasonable doubt for decades and decades and decades and decades. Democrat leaders are all evil they will not ever change watch and see .

  7. Mike M says:

    One last thing why do you think trump say yup I don't pay federal tax because I'm smart right to Clintons face . I will tell u way because they're is no law for man or woman to pay taxes that's a fact it's all voluntary that's a fact only corporations. So why does trump pay state tax because he has business. Let me help you people all taxes go from the people to federal then federal funds state . But we also have state taxes on company's and products. This was said by a irs agent to congress in front of the world so anyone who try to call me liar is full of shit . That irs agent was under oath in front of congress when he made that statement in real time and in front of the world. Every word I have spoken here today is 100 % truth and fact. All you people hear trumps word but don't understand what the hell he is saying fact wake the hell up . Trump is exposing everything and telling you all and you just don't get it . You have your options witch are like assholes everyone has one it's meaningless so your brains are the problem nothing else now wake up your brains that have been in a coma for decades and decades and decades and decades and start using it got it good . Truth hurts good it's meant to .

  8. C N9 says:

    If Barry Soetoro was still president, Dobbs would be unemployed for this

  9. C N9 says:

    and they’d go running back to whenst they came!

  10. C N9 says:


  11. Larue77 says:

    I oppose jay walking. Should I spend fifty billion dollars on barriers jaywalkers will just walk around? Obama increased spending on border security and used the money intelligently. As a result the number of illegals living in the US declined every year he was president. By the end of his term the number crossing illegally from the south declined to 500,000 per year, 75% below what it had been in 2000. We can do border security dumb or do it smart. Trump opts for dumb. Crossings are way way up, and the wall if built will cost 50 billion according to engineers, not 25 billion.

  12. Dave says:

    I trust the Mexican Government as much as I do North Korea's leader. WTF

  13. Rascal Flatts Fanatic says:

    Why should anyone have to 'drop a bomb' on any of them? It should be their primary objective. DemLibs think that collecting a check is the extent of their duties.

    Trump 2020!

  14. Olaf Olaf says:

    What do you call a Mexican with 3 eyes?

    Eye eye eye!

  15. MelIssa G says:

    Trump is genius if he can't make Congress act he will make Mexico do the work he's so smart!
    Trump 2020
    Save America 🇺🇸
    Save The World 🌎

  16. La Tess45 says:

    One of the drug cartel made a video & he said America is their best customer & also Mexicans keep mentioning senate, Congress, demon.rats & mayors regarding corruption. We need to be sure to get rid of corrupt officials when we vote, sooner if we can somehow, how can we fire them??

  17. Tamala Coughlin says:

    It's time to take out the deep state.

  18. Spyderhead says:

    We are witnessing the suicide of the democrat party (and its RINO extension). Slouched in a tub of hot water, its wrists already slit, its blood filling the tub. It can no longer feel, hear, or see. The temptation is to shove its head under the water and drown it. But, wait. I, for one, am comfortably enjoying watching it bleed out and die. Democrat/RINO death will be total and permanent. Thank God.

  19. Bill Mixon says:

    Who ever is taking these pictures should have a weapon and turn them around and tell them to get the hell out of the country

  20. Jim Brewer says:

    Shoot every invader that crosses our border. Wake up to this invasion! MAGA

  21. Tom Pavoggi says:

    Build the wall congress.. Americans will not stop until the wall is built.. We will only support the congressman and woman who supports building the wall.. So if you think you will be in congress for the next 30-40 years.. Do your job and put Americans first..by building the wall..

  22. C. A. J. says:

    Love Lou Dobbs. Class act, die hard patriot. Cheers Lou


  23. Adele Rountree says:

    NZ Māori girl says the people who are building the wall just got screwed wtf

  24. John Harrison says:

    Way to go Lou!

  25. SandyQuinn50 says:

    Just saw that the border wall door had to remain open..

  26. Elizabeth Sisney says:

    They are being PAID BY THE CARTELS!!! That is why they do not want Border Security.

  27. Caterina Cenaro says:

    I can't stand the pelosi bitch

  28. Carl Reed says:

    If you have YouTube look up John Donne show

  29. Carl Reed says:

    Do you know the board gates are wide open and they're are locked with a chain and lock

  30. Jenariel Illenia says:

    I am thoroughly disgusted too, Lou Dobbs. That's why I watch N3. Thank you for your integrity and courage to speak out. The Democrats and rinos are a disgusting disgrace.

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