LSPDFR Sheriff Narco / Gang Unit Enforcement Patrol – Partner Brings A Wild Weapon…

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all right it was going on guys and wool today when we run in the blackout Dodge Durango just one car down the hood I'm doing the state he will be acting as County unit five additional products and coverage high crime neighborhood we're looking to do a lot of the Terry stop post on those terrible high OH any indication that's weapon bold stance gate operation pretty much be indicated for care of you I'll give you good stop-and-frisk area extra leverage and I think it's going to be a good time get out there and explain how some of this gang suppression activities stuff works we probably will be respondent is any high in the Falls for service we're not gonna be going through a lot if we get bombarded by it we're gonna go and turn off the blooms a little bit light during the day I'm gonna have to make that adjustment we've got a nice evening kind of control as getting dark we did lock in the time this all right try find a better angle but we're gonna be rolling this one if we can't the windows out which I kind of would like to do we lose a lot of the lighting light basically disappeared sometime killing the lights so the backlight farm so the vehicles not done the best it could be for Els all right we're just now kind of getting into the area like somebody looked at me large acne drug activity gang activity we're gonna be out here trying to suppress that block attach an all-units a possible burglary we don't want to go to a burglary call the partners with the plainclothes unit that I really really add a complexity to the situation in a Harvey those better for us to try to find a single down individual like this guy over here he's definitely gonna be a gang members he'll probably look the right try to park up somewhere ha ha it's nice getting out of the car and like not out far if I like pressing something eat a lot frightening to set our competition here he's got a radical here I see some form of identification please what's that he's got no gun Department we're gonna work a pat-down a wallet and a binocular will run him real quick and then be on the way get out of his hair he's got no act like that he's like a little bit intoxicated I'm worried about that buta let's go back around and snooping around a block move on to the next now it's just kind of how the we're going to check them from that stop assistance needed on Jamestown Street I don't like how the supposedly intelligent radio how do you like this place 0 8 Frank Tom with caution that can't be standard issued Rose this ship from the house okay we gotta fill do this I hope you right I don't know what he's doing that's right now we're just detained until the ID the car came back is somebody that had a had a warrant so it's kind of put bracelets on hell I can't believe dude oh I can't believe dude had a good tale don't feel shocked I got a ticket loadout like these knees next stop that's it get him over here this one we're gonna start trying to work ID on him all right hello oh all right Jonathan crap I just had to teleport to get away target vehicle license plate 0-8 Frank Tom Adam nine four three we have assistance required in Rancho Oh all right I mean I guess it's good he showed up we got a warrant out of the street flatbed backup required in Rancho all right so that's summarize to have I mean we go with one person for forgery of I've you've got thanks for going all right yeah we're gonna hop back in the car and pull it to the next call I'm gonna see if I can apartments gonna link wishes double-barrel shotgun citizen's report all units respond code 99 emergency gang attack it's like some beats though we've been following this when he's kind of circling around the blocks we're gonna run a plate check suspects license plate to to Ida 1:9 a warrant with caution we're gonna try to get a felony stop Valon a local assistance required in Rancho there on the way just because there's two of us here and I only saw one happen the car this is two units right behind us so it tells us when we grab them lastly because that's just how some of the that's just how some of it is a little shit we don't hate anybody else you got him in custody I wanna I didn't get to see if my partner had alright we'll let him go he's got points for style or to a pat-down on this D I don't know what it's more oh well we have to see if we can official police partner thing cuz he if we get into this gift he's gonna act Wow it'll Ollie pop a bag of marijuana and had a gun alright wonder what is the we got to start writing that down I can't remember the evidence key stand by one looking at the silliest of solid arrests the st. if I have buff all right so we just looked it up I need to we've got this recording of civilian and Needham assistance in strawberry yeah I know I had a bag of weed but has to be like verbatim not I gotta go attention all units we've got a mission Savannah's vehicle will pick that up last night now we're gonna get a unit to transport him we're gonna be on our way to that Rancho double-barrel shiny but he gonna go check out some Rancho oh damn that was quick all right he's got the car on there he's working on figuring out life getting over the suspect that one's cranking I already making verbal threats so we're gonna go over here and fuck with these guys cuz this sounds like a good idea was if we can get idea from all three of them with gosh innocence reporting at assembly Bank height and tell us he'll say if we gotta be happy got ID Thanks he's wanted holy yep he's taking off come on got them stuffs out of range come on we're gonna get we're gonna get hit we're gonna get hit assistance needed in Davis oh shit I don't mean a recipe partner wait yes mr. gun away put the double-barrel wait oh man fuck too real medical team ambulance assistance needed and gave us shit yo me out you back at the car bro go means go meet me back at the car bro just get out of here man just go just go make me back in the car make sure it's a GERD Jesus cries so I guess I you know I held them too hard or thought hey guys for you Thank You Man it's not a very good spot at least we got multiple backup here now I think the medical professionals are gonna be good requests a supervisor just where it's happening I think we just had a death as a result of a foot chase I don't know where the medical team is but they are taking their sweet time here well they're Watson now I think I'm gonna potentially backtrack a little bit see if I can locate anything you might have dropped I don't know if we just throw anything running but he had a warrant that's what he ran from ran from us for the medical professionals right back here the de-rate they responded we're gonna probably go ahead and I know you guys are cops hey guys what's up damn so the medical teams right here I think they're having an issue was fun and where he went down at there we go now the AMS growing on scene you could do it you can do it response time not the greatest response time not the greatest hey guys yeah and I you read my lips locked out and stopped breathing from that good chase check for a pulse right I'm saying there ain't no way he's like yeah and had an oxygen for like six minutes himself hoping he would decide and Davis no way no way he lived all right so he's gonna be going back to the and last what we're gonna do at this point in time it will be run with them guys we gotta push this bestest player he's never gonna figure out life watch out gentlemen watch out gentlemen he's gonna be escorting him all my partner should be pulling up in the car we're gonna follow him to the hospital he would actually get bracelets right now he wouldn't be free walking like he is he have been searched for nothing however I cannot enter up this this way I cannot enter up what's happening right now this script will continuously of course this dude in the back but try to stop him I'm gonna cause a crash get him down to the hospital get him cleared medically get him over to booking and we'll all be good from there go team go wait back to it gentlemen back to it that's always thinking guys watching I hope you guys like the street crime Sheriff ugh gang and drug interdiction patrol I plan to do more of these Ike's gonna have a lot of fun we did have a nice foot chaser at the end until next time you


9 Replies to “LSPDFR Sheriff Narco / Gang Unit Enforcement Patrol – Partner Brings A Wild Weapon…”

  1. Ninja E says:

    Love your vids my dude. Stay safe out there! And thank you for all you do!

  2. Jordan Houchin says:

    Any visual mods installed? Game looks good.

  3. D'Juan Poole says:

    Dang man, itโ€™s been a minute for sure lol.

    Protecting the world in real life one city/county at a time is more important than protecting the world in a video game ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Mike Houghton says:

    what is the parameters on when you can fisk someone. It looks like you're just using lsdfr backup.

  5. Andrew Thomas says:

    Hey Finkone, on LCPDFR you used to do a Baltimore County and City themed patrols. I was wondering if you could do that with LSPDFR or do something else that represents Maryland. Also I'm a big fan and I'm glad your back on YouTube, your videos are great!!

  6. Gianpaolo Pazzini says:

    You may also try the cop partner from ultimate backup

  7. gamerbro 32 says:

    Third comment

  8. Mason H says:

    Second comment

  9. TheTimoprimo says:

    Don't know if you have this already, but this PedAnswers script adds more questions to Stop The Ped. It has questions about weapons, gun permits, CCTV, and you can ask victims if they want to press charges against a suspect. Lore-friendly search items also adds more stuff to search for.

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