LUVERNE Install: 2″ Tubular Grille Guard on Chevy Silverado 1500 – 331443-331610, 341443-341610

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This is the installation video of the LUVERNE 2″ tubular grille guard on a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500. This grille guard is available in a chrome or a textured black powder coat finish. This installation will remove the
factory tow hooks and they will not be reinstalled. The grille guard bracketry has new tow hooks integrated into the design. Starting on the driver’s side, begin the installation by removing the rear most bolt on the front of the frame
that holds the tow hook in place. Next, loosen the forward-most bolts and
remove the nut. With the nut removed, push the bolt as much as you can through the frame. Notice that the bolt cannot be fully
removed at this time. It can either be cut off and removed, or follow the next steps if you wish to keep the hardware intact for possible future use. To remove the bolt without cutting, locate and remove three bolts on the back side of the bumper reinforcement bracket and one on the bent tab near the frame rail. Insert a pry bar under the bumper bracket and pull down creating a separation between the bumper bracket and the bumper tab. With caution, pull the bolt out and remove the pry bar. With the last tow hook bolt removed, reinstall the four previously removed bolts. Remove the tow hook. Repeat this on the other side. Depending on the make and year model of your truck, you will need to trim the tow hook shrouds to allow the bracket to be installed. Insert the driver’s-side bracket into the frame, and insert three M12 x 30mm hex bolts. Two on the inside of the frame rail and one on the outside. Secure each of these bolts in place with
a serrated flange hex nut. Leave loose at this time. Repeat this process on the other side. Before installing the uprights, notice that there are multiple hole locations on the bracket. Use the top holes for GMC models and the bottom holes for Chevy’s. Install the upright over the mounting bracket, aligning the holes of the upright with the holes on the mounting bracket. insert a 1/2″ carriage bolt through the mounting hole, and secure it in place with a flat washer and cap nut. Repeat this process on the other upright. Lift the ring into place taking care not to scrape the ends of the ring against the vehicle. If you are installing a chrome grill guard, place the upright cover over the ring, and fasten in place with a 7/16″ hex bolt with a flat washer into each of the mounting points. Torque these bolts to the value listed in the instruction sheet. Check that the grille guard is centered on the vehicle. Once satisfied, torque the remaining hardware starting with the uprights and finishing with the mounting brackets. This completes the installation of the
LUVERNE 2″ tubular grille guard on a Chevy Silverado. For more information on this and other great products, visit

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    Can I buy just the mounts? I bought a used one off a 2500 and I need mounts for a 2007 suburban lt

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